Wednesday, May 31, 2006

award-reward day

By no means is this a brag blog but I wanted to let Mackenzi know how proud we are of her and her accomplishments.
Today was the award's assembly for third grade at Thornton for the last nine weeks of school. She was rewarded with a certificate, ribbon and pizza coupon for having perfect attendance this nine weeks of school. The only days she missed for the whole year were the days we took her out of school to go on vacation last fall. She loves school and learning and worked really hard to be there everyday. She then got an award for being on the "A" honor roll the last nine weeks. She has really made and effort to make staight a's.
Then the last AWARD-REWARD she received was for having all A's the whole year. She and one other girl in her class received this award. What an accomplishment! She got another certificate, ribbon, and coupon for a kid's meal at Chili's. She for sure takes after her Daddy in the straight A category. I had staight a's until 4th grade and then I didn't do so well.
Everything Mackenzi does makes us so proud. She is a great student, terrific friend, wonderful big sister(our little mommy), and beautiful daughter. Thank heaven for little girls! What a REWARD all three of our sweet girls are to us. We are so blessed. Mackenzi, know that we love you so much and are super proud of everything you do and all that you are.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

whew! busy day!

I am so glad this day is coming to an end. I feel like I have gone non-stop all day.
My day started by getting kids up and ready for school, then it's my week to drive everyone to school, so I did that. Then when I got home I put a load of laundry on and headed out for my walk. I came home showered picked up a little around the house then waited for the bus to come and get Maci. After she left I was off to Target to, of course return something and was so proud of myself when I didn't spend any more money while I was there. Target is a big weakness for me. I met Jenny for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings but didn't eat much just hung out and chatted. Then Greg called and wanted to meet me for lunch so I met him at Chick fil A and watched him eat since I wasn't really hungry. I came home and put Maryn down for a nap and just vegged a while and looked for flights to Salt Lake on the internet. Jenny and I are going to have a girls weekend this summer. We are both in desperate need of a break.
It wasn't long before Mackenzi and Maci were getting off the bus and so I went throught their backpacks and then got ready for my afternoon taxi run. I dumped Maci at dance at 430, then it was off to gymnastics for Mackenzi at 445, stopped at Sam's Club then was back to pick Maci up at 515. We picked Mackenzi up at 545 then the girls changed into their swimsuits in the car. We then raced off to swim team to take pictures. It seemed like it took forever for the photographer to get everyone organized but, finally he did. After about an hour of chasing Maryn around the pool we were back in the car(the girls changed again). Now we were about to make our last stop for the day. One of our friends, Tracy, was hosting a barbque for Bridget who was visiting from Nebraska. Her husband Jim was an Ortho resident here a couple of years ago. The kids played while the adults tried to eat and chat, which was almost impossible with 15 kiddos in need of food, comfort, and attention. We said our goodbyes to Bridget and her kids and rushed home to take baths and bedtime, which was about an hour late.
As you can see I had a busy day, most of which I did single handedly since Greg is working tonight to make some extra money so we can pay our bills. Now I'm at the computer blogging and about to try and finish my teacher gifts so I can give them out tomorrow. Hopefully soon I can relax and read my book in bed. WHEW what a day! I am exhausted!

Monday, May 29, 2006

workout week

After a long weekend with visitors in town and tons of eating out it is going to be a long week of two a day workouts. We hit the gym this morning even though I was feeling a bit under the weather to try and shed the extra pounds we packed on this weekend while my brother and sister in-law were in town with their kids. I haven't eaten this bad in a while so I am going to double up on exercise this week. I will walk my regular three miles with Jenny in the mornings and then do my gym workout in the afternoon. It doesn't sound fun at the moment but hopefully will be worth it after I am finished. I have never enjoyed exercising until now and I have to say I miss it when I skip a day now and then. It gets addicting, and even though some mornings I dread it, after I get started I enjoy doing it.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

my new best friend

Friday was yard day for me, so I decided to post about my new lawn mower.
After using the lawn mower we bought from the previous owner of our house four years ago I had to get a new one. It had gotten harder and harder to start and was always the loudest mower on the street. We did get our moneys worth since it only cost us 10 bucks. It was kinda sad to get rid of the old one, it was like my friend. I spend several hours a week and sometimes twice a week with the mower. It is nice to have one that starts easy and is a lot quieter.
I enjoy doing the yard myself. I grew up mowing our grass at home but with a riding mower so I have been use to doing this kind of work. Some of Greg's fellow residents and attendings give him a hard time about me mowing the lawn. He always say,"She won't let me do it". Which is right. I have a certain way I like it done and anyway it is like an extra mini workout for me. I feel like it is the least I could do (he still has to use the weed eater I haven't mastered our corner lot and all the sidewalk that has to be edged), when he gets home I don't want him to have to spend the time outside doing something I enjoy and am capable of doing, instead of spending time with us.
Anyway, here is a picture of me and my new best friend.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Practice Swim Meet

Today we had a practice swim meet for the girls. They both did pretty well. Maci is in the 6 and under group and was given the option to either swim just the length of the deep end(which isn't that far,I could probably jump half way across) or swim the full length , 25 meters. She opted for the latter. I was a bit concerned since last year she only swam the full length once and that was stopping and holding on to the side a few times. As you can see she made it and was very proud of herself, as were we.
Mackenzi is in the 8 and under group and she swims two events, the backstroke and freestyle and then she is in the freestyle relay. I got to see her swim the backstroke and she was first in her heat. I left before she swam the freestyle. (I went to dinner with some friends because Bridget, a friend that lived here for her husbands residency came back to visit. They now live in Nebraska and her husband is in practice there). Anyway back to swim, Greg said Mackenzi did really well in the freestyle and the relay. She really loves to swim and is good at it. I know I am biased but I think she has found her nitch. I love watching them participate and seeing them so proud of themselves. Go Stingrays!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Mail

My sister in-law Ashley(Greg's youngest sister) sent me a little package today for Mother's Day/Birthday. I was surprised to get mail for myself today,let alone good mail. I opened the Happy Birthday envelope to find a sweet card and the book "All Moms Go To Heaven". I have considered ordering this from Deseret Book for myself but just never have. It looks like something all moms and maybe dads need to read.
Well known LatterDay Saint writer Dean Hughes describes in this book the summer he spent taking care of the kids while his wife worked on her master's degree. He says, " After a few weeks of drying tears(sometimes his own), changing diapers, and watching Sesame Street, he came to understand what mothers really do and why they're so important".
Thanks Ash. I love it and can't start looking at this book. Give Hunter hugs and kisses from us.

i wAnt tO sCreAm!

I sat at my computer for over three hours last night trying to change things on my template. I have been trying to put my picture on my "About Me" with no success. Again today I have been sitting here for almost two hours and finally got my picture to come up by my profile BUT of course since I couldn't figure our the RIGHT way to do it, it doesn't come up when I write a comment.
Now my kids are going to get off the bus any second and still have piles of laundry waiting, and I just remembered I prepped my bathrooms with cleaner over two hours ago and it is still waiting for me.

Is there anyone out there as dumb as me when it comes to computer? HELP!!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"I've Been Weaned"

Is this sad or what? For those who don't know me or about my breastfeeding challenges I will fill you in. With my first daughter I breastfed her but she was a VERY fussy baby and seemed to never quit nursing. She would be latched on for an hour at a time and then an hour or two later she would want to eat again. So I started supplementing formula but continued to breastfeed. I never could figure out what was wrong so I just continued to do this until she was nine and a half months old when she weaned herself.

Then our second daughter came along almost four weeks early and even though she weighed over six pounds she was tiny. She seemed to have a difficult time latching on and feeding for very long. She didn't gain much weight the first few weeks so I decided to buy one of the expensive Medela breastpumps so I could see how much milk she was actually getting. To my amazement my milk did not come out very well. (I'm sorry this is graphic). I had to turn the pump suction on as hard and fast as it would go and then squeeze myself and still it seemed to only fill the bottle one drip at a time. It got a little easier over time and I continued to do this for eight months. I knew there was no way she would ever be able to nurse enough to get full and grow. This is when I finally realized my first daughter had been starving even though she stayed latched on, she nursed for an hour because that is how long it took her to get enough to satisfy her.

After our third daughter came along I again attempted to nurse and she seemed to do okay with it but I just felt better pumping and then bottle feeding so I could visually see how much she was taking in. My milk supply was the best this last time and I had enough milk to get about a month supply ahead. I continued to pump for over a year(I know this sounds crazy but I liked having the extra calorie burning) and finally "weaned" the pump last summer.

Sadly, I was cleaning out our extra freezer in the garage this morning for some friends in our ward who are moving, to store some of their stuff and found a bag full of my supply. It was dated last May. I couldn't believe I had let this precious stuff that took lots of time to get, go to waste. I wonder if I could have made some $ off of it? Just kidding. It was hard to part with it(I don't really know why it's not like I was going to use it) but I snapped a couple of pictures and put it out in the trash before the garbage truck came this morning. It was like throwing away a part of me and my memories with my almost two year old.

Monday, May 22, 2006

We Jinxed The Spurs!

Parker, Duncan, & Ginobili
Greg and Angie
Greg making some NOISE!
Tim Duncan after the game.
Tony Parker after the game.

David Robinson(former Spurs player)

Tonight Greg and I were given tickets to the Spurs vs Mavericks game 7 by the team doctor for the Spurs. I didn't know, but Greg had asked him for tickets for game 5 which was on my birthday but someone had already claimed those. He told Greg if there was a game 7 the tickets were his. I was so excited to go but, nervous at the same time. I can hardly stand the nervousness and stress of these games.
The Spurs didn't look to great in the first half and were down by 20 points at one time. At half time Dr. Schmidt came and told us Greg needed to leave because every time he goes to a game the Spurs play like crap(but he used a different word). He was only kidding and said he was glad we were there and enjoying the game. He felt confident, as did we, that if they played hard and the fans didn't give up on them we could win. They came back and almost won but the Mavs tied it up with only a few seconds left. Overtime was too much time for the Mavs and they just continued to dominate shooting. The Spurs lost 119-111(I think, I actually forgot to look at the score before we left.)
Now we have to wait until next season to see if they can pull off one more championship while we are still in town. Hopefully they can. GO SPURS GO!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sick Sunday

Last night Maryn got sick with a high fever and throwing up! Sorry if that grosses anyone out. She was up until midnight but thankfully slept through the night until 800. I decided I would stay home from church with her and let Greg take on my rambunctious CTR 5-6 year-olds. We had an okay day she seemed to feel alot better. Greg brought Mackenzi and Maci home from church and then had to go in and round on a few patients. We took our Sunday naps and then had dinner and just hung out as a family. It was a quiet and peaceful Sunday for the most part.

I couldn't resist putting this picture that I took of Maryn yesterday. I had already gotten her dressed for the day but while I was folding a putting away laundry she decided she wanted to wear two more tank tops, both of which were Maci's and then she had to get a pair of Maci's shoes on. I can't believe her independence and fashion sense is already kicking into gear. What was I ever thinking when I wished for all girls? Ha! Ha!

Friday, May 19, 2006

sPurS fOrcE gaMe 7!

I have always been a huge sports fan, especially NBA basketball when the Spurs are on a winning streak. We decided to show our Spurs Spirit and wear our Spurs attire for game 6. What a nailbiting series this has been. I get so nervous as if I were the one actually playing the game, the one the ball is being passed to with only seconds left in the game and a win is in your hands.
I played basketball in junior high and high school and can remember the feelings of getting the ball and NEEDING to make a shot to win or being at the free throw line and your free throws could win or lose the game for your team. I can't even imagine being on a championship team and knowing if you screw up your team goes home until next season. Needless to say, I am a bit stressed every time they play. My heart races, I can't sit still, I bite my nails(something I never do), I literally feel as if my heart is going to pound out of my chest.
The Spurs won the game and have forced the series to go on to game 7. Boy, am I going to have a tough Monday night watching that game. It is DO or DIE for the Spurs. Go Spurs Go!

The Lion King

We took Mackenzi and Maci to see the Broadway Musical The Lion King at the Majestic Theatre downtown. The girls really enjoyed it and so did we. Our seats were on the second row and near the aisle where all of the animals march down at the beginning of the show. It felt as if we were part of the show being so close. You could see all of the characters facial expressions which I have never had the chance to do. We have always sat in the mezzanine level when we have seen a play so that was one reason I haven't seen alot of the details and not to mention my terrible vision. Even with contacts I feel I don't see perfectly. It was nice to be able to see and experience it up close with the girls. Maci however, didn't make it through all of the second act. It was a bit late for her. We are so lucky to be in a place where we can experience different kinds of events.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Perfect Attendance Reward

Mackenzi & Maci's school offered an attendance incentive for the second semester of school. Those students who didn't miss any days of school after returning to school after Christmas break were going to be awarded a special field trip. The girls were very diligent and made sure they were there everyday. I have to confess I did send Mackenzi to school sick one day and then got a call from the nurse to come and get her. Mackenzi knows you have to be there at least until 9:00 to be counted present.
They both got to go to The Children's Museum this week for their reward. They had a fun time. I am so glad they enjoy school so much. Most likely, they wouldn't have missed any days even if the reward wasn't offered.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

bIrtHdaY fUn!

I probably shouldn't post anything about my own birthday but, I needed something to post for the day. Once you're at my age birthdays really aren't that big of a deal. But, it was nice to have two whole days that were just for me.

Jenny took me to lunch on Tuesday to Chuy's while Doug was at home post call with Luke, Weston, & Maryn. I probably will owe him for a long time for that one. Later that night after swim team practice, Greg had gotten me a snickers ice cream cake from Cold Stone, so the Clouses came and had cake with us.

Today, I was asked to go on a perfect attendance field trip by Mackenzi's teacher so I did that this morning and Jenny had Maci and Maryn. Then when I was done, I wasn't feeling that great(I think Maryn gave me a little of her cold/flu bug) so I decided to go to the gym to see if I would feel better. That DIDN'T work. I felt worse. Jenny offered to let Maryn nap at her house so I treated myself to a pedicure and that was nice. We got a babysitter and went out to dinner to The Little Rhein Steak House on the Riverwalk. We had a fun time just being together in an atmosphere we usually are never in. Greg gave me and MP3 player to take when I'm working out. I have wanted one for a while but just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. I haven't figured it out yet but I'm sure it will make working out a lot easier with music jamming in my head!

I had a great birthday but have to say I am not glad that I turned 34! I am pushing middle age, right? ugh!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"FRIENDS"-From Near, Far, & In Between!

Jenny & Angie
Becki & Angie
Tara & Angie

How blessed I am to have so many wonderful friends in my life? From near, very near (as in 7 houses away) to far (Fort Worth) and in between (Austin). I truly have some incredible people to call my friends. Not only do I have these three awesome girlie's as friends but many others and some that are farther away than these.

Becki-I have known her the longest of these three friends. I met her at a medical school retreat right before our husbands began the long journey of becoming physicians. We have shared many laughs, tears, giggles, sobs, smiles, & frowns. It was friendship from the moment we said hello to one another. Our differences never were and issue, we just grew to learn about one another and accepted everything. There was just this comfortable feeling between us no matter if we were talking one another's ears off or if there were only a few words ever spoken. Never was there an awkward silence. It just felt good to know we had each other to go on our long journey with. It is scary how much we are alike and how different we are at the same time. We both grew up in small Texas towns about 7 hours apart. There are three years difference in our ages. One brunette and one's a blonde (or at least still trying to be a blondie!). Becki has two adorable boys and I have three beautiful girls. I cherish our friendship and the memories we have made thus far, from Taco Bell throat, sharing snickers bars, watching Survivor and ER together, a few too many ice cream treats, the kickboxing class that almost kicked my butt. I could go on and on and on. Thanks "B" for all the memories and for being there always. I love and miss you.

Jenny-I first met Jenny on the phone right after match day during my husband's first year of residency. Her husband at just matched in the Ortho program in San Antonio and was given our name by someone in the department. They traveled from New Orleans to house hunt and came over to our house and we let our kids play and we talked about all the stuff you want to know before you start this part of this long journey. Jenny and her family ended up buying a house just down the street from us and it has been a life saver. Our kids play constantly, we hang out together with and without our hubbies. We trade kid watching a lot. Some people say we are a lot alike but some say we are very different. I am not, even though I have attempted it, a clean freak! My house is no pig pen, but I can't keep up as well as Jen. We do go shopping together or seperately and end up buying alot of the same things so much that if we are going anywhere together we have to call and make sure we aren't going to match. It has been really good to have someone that understands the demands of a surgery resident, being a stay at home mommy, and all it takes to survive this. I have come to realize you need great friends and family , a ton of patience and and endless suppy of diet coke and M&M's to stay sane. Thanks for helping me through this Jenny. You have been a life saver to me during residency. Thanks for being a great friend. I treasure our friendship now and always. Thanks for great memories.

Tara-We met at church and really didn't become friends until just a few months before Tara's husband finished dental residency and moved her away to Austin. I have to say I was a bit sad after connecting so well with her. She is a great example to me of how to be a great mom, how to be a true friend, sister, and daughter, and how to get through easy and hard times. Tara is an example of service. She is always thinking of others and never herself. We too are so much alike it is freaky, but we are also very different. She's a brunette and I'm a blonde. We both love to shop, get pedicures and an occasional massage, our families are most important to us but we still enjoy an occasional get away to just be girls. When we talk there is never silence and we laugh and cry and sometimes I get off the phone not knowing what we really talked about or if is was significant, but that doesn't matter. Just sharing in each other's lives is enough. Even though Austin isn't that far way we rarely see each other but talk to one another almost daily. Tara, you are awesome and a true friend. Thanks for all you are and all you do. Thanks for making me a better person by having met you.

Monday, May 15, 2006

mOmMy dAy!

What can I say?; Except, I am so glad I am a Mommy! Having a day that revolves around just you is wonderful. The only thing I would change about it is I would change it to a different month. Mother's Day is always the week of my birthday. It is great to get showered with lots of things but I would prefer to have them more than three days apart.

Greg and the girls went all out for me. With church at 9:00 we opted for no breakfast in bed this year. We are always rushed as it is to make it on time. After church we came home and just had a snack then while the girls and daddy prepared some of dinner and dessert I had a nap! It is always nice to take Sunday afternoon naps but I am always a little groggy when I get up.
We had an awesome steak dinner and oreo pie for dessert. I think I'll have to double up on walks and going to the gym this week to work off Mother's Day and Birthday meals!

Mackenzi made me a book at school. I remember making these silhouette pictures when I was a kid and love them. Maci made me several cards and then in our Primary class on Sunday(I teach her class CTR 5-6) I made up a Mommy Quiz for the kids to answer and give to their moms. It was quite amusing to hear some of the answers they came up with. Greg bought me some new tennis shoes and then is having a leather steering wheel cover put on my car. We were going to get this when we bought the car but changed our mind about it. Greg thought since I spend a lot of time being a taxi driver he would make my already nice van even nicer.

Yes, as you can see in the pictures we were all dressed alike for church. I was so afraid to do this but thought since it was my day and we all had matching things why not? We got a few comments about it. Most were good but we got alot of stares and we didn't even have to walk in late for sacrament. Thank goodness we were on time otherwise I am sure everyone would have turned to look when the Gordons walked in!

I am so grateful for Greg and for making my dreams of being a mommy come true. Thanks for letting me stay home and be with the girls 24/7. It is very tiring but rewarding at the same time. I absolutely love my job!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day!

How do you express the love and gratefulness you have for the person who brought you into the world and has been there for you through everything, both good and bad?
Thank you many times over Mom for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you tons and tons for never giving up on me and helping me through the tough times. Thank you for who you are. I am so blessed to have you as my Mom and am so proud to call you mine. Thanks for your many examples. Your willingness to share, comfort, work, provide, and everything else you have done for our family. Thanks for teaching me to always remember who I am and to live the gospel everyday. Thanks for being a wonderful example of a wife and mother. All I ever wanted was to be a mommy and I had the best trainer for that job, hands down! I truly hope I am half of the Mother you are to us. Thanks for all of the help and support you and Dad have given to us down this long journey we have taken. It would not have been possible without you both.

I got a new little book called "Why A Daughter Needs A Mom?" 100 Reasons. I thought I would post a few of the ones I felt were important in my life.

who is never more than a phone call away.
because no one understands girls like a mom.
to tell her that beauty never fades if you look in the right places.
to teach her to love her friends, no matter what they do.
to teach her how to cook.
to teach her how to be a lady.
because there are some things a dad just can't handle.
to read to her.
to show her how to give back to others.
to help her on her wedding day.
to catch her if she falls.
to soothe the pain of a broken heart.
to remind her, on the bad days, that she is not alone.
to protect her from strangers.
to encourage her to be whatever she wants to be.
to show her how to put a little love in everything she does.
to prepare fer for becoming a wife.
to show her how to raise a family.
to show her how to love someone with all her heart.
to encourage her to be grateful.
to teach her not to wait until tomorrow to say, "I'm sorry."
to teach her that the path taken means as much as the destination.
to teach her that her body is a temple.
to instill patience in her.
to tell her that the road to happiness is not always straight.
to teach her how to care for children.
to encourage her to laugh as often as possible.
to encourage her to be grateful.
to teach her to make thankfulness a habit.
because without her she will have less than she deserves.
Happy Mom's Day! I love you. Thanks for being YOU!

How do you say thank you to the person who made it possible for you to have the family you have today?

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for wanting to have children and for raising such a wonderful son. Without you, there would have been no Greg, and then there would have be no Greg & Angie, and there would have been no Greg, Ang, & Mackenzi, and then there would have been no Greg, Ang, Mackenzi, & Maci, and there would have been no Greg, Ang, Mackenzi, Maci, & Maryn. Thanks for making my dreams of being a mommy come true.

Thanks for being who you are and for teaching your children the gospel and teaching them to work hard. Thanks for you and Dad constantly supporting us. We have been down a long road and it has been nice to have wonderful supportive parents standing by us through it.

Thanks for being YOU! Happy Mom's Day! Know we all love you!