Saturday, May 17, 2008

36 Years Young

In honor of my friends birthday here are 36 things I love and know about Angie.....

1. Her ability to handle 4 girls. She does it like a pro!

Meg's Blessing

2. Going off of sugar for 2 weeks. (I still don't know how she did this)

3. She takes great care of her skin and applies cream every night. (I need this habit)

She had Meg 1 day after we got home!

4. Her willingness to watch my children while Doug and I left for the weekend. Did I mention she was 9 months pregnant???!

5. She has a great since of style and her girls always match and look cute.

our first MAC makeover

6. She motivates me to exercise, even though she doesn't live close anymore.

7. We have gone through 2 pregnancies each together.

I wish I looked this good!

8. She drove over to my house at 9pm so I would have furniture to sell my home.

Our new room thanks to Angie decor

9. She has a nitch for decorating (even though she says she doesn't.

10. I can count on her at anytime.

We WILL do another girls trip like this one!
Angie, Jenny, and Steph
Park City, UT

11. She has saved me more times than I can ever thank her for.

12. She treats my kids as if they were her own family. (see #4)

13. She loves to shop and finds great buys.

Angie, Jenny, and Heidi

14. If I am craving something sweet you can bet I will find it in her pantry.

15. We have been through hell and back together (aka ortho residency.)

Angie, Jenny, Bridget, and Tracey

16. I talk to her several times during the day about various things.

17. She has a great stash of shoes even though most of the time she wears flip flops.

18. She is an awesome primary teacher and has been for over 4 years.

19. She makes me laugh A LOT!

20. She enjoys making homemade milkshakes each night with Greg.

This photo still cracks me up.
Doug looks like he has two wives.

21. She is shy, but I am glad she is outgoing to me.

22. She is very compassionate.

23. She managed to name all of her kids with the initials MAG.

24. We survived 2 weeks together with 7 kids and no husbands!

25. She loves the temple.

Jenny, Alberto, and Angie

26. She goes with me to Chuy's at least once a week. We are addicts together!

27. We started a girls night together. Why didn't we do this sooner?

Favorite Things Party
Dec. 2007

28. She has a great sense of direction. Half the time I need to go somewhere or get lost I call her.

29. She has a heart of gold.

30. I love that our families get along so great.

31. We drive the same car. Luckily she now has a pink flip flop sticker on hers.

32. Her home is very warm and inviting. I love hanging out over there!

The last photo before they moved out.
So sad!

33. When I met Angie 6 years ago we immediately connected.

34. Still to this day despite she has 4 girls and I have 3 boys. People mix us up or confuse our children.

35. We have gotten good at taking SP's together. So funny.

36. I secretly wish I could take her and her family to Arizona with us. I will miss her immensely!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Angie!
Love you dear friend and hope you have a great day!