Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meg's Milestone

As most of you know I didn't keep up with my blog in 2008. Just eight short days after the ringing in the new year, we were blessed with our fourth daughter. What a joy she brought to our family that day. Having had an interesting pregnancy, there were speculations amongst doctors and us that our baby may have complications. I remember how special the births of all our girls were, but this one will be etched into my mind and heart in a different way. As it came time to see our baby for the first time, I remember whispering one last prayer that everything would be perfect with our sweet baby. I also prayed that if she had problems, difficulties, or abnormalities we would be able to handle those and love her just as we love all of her sisters. I closed my eyes as she was being born, not only because it is hard to push with your eyes open, but because I was nervous to look at her. I squeezed Greg's hand, probably harder with this one, not because I needed to for pain, but I needed his reassurrance and that seemed to give me some. He, the doctor, and my mom, all saw the baby before I did, and with the gentle squeeze I felt Greg give my hand I knew she was perfect. I quickly said, "Is she okay"? My doctor counted out loud her fingers and toes, predicted her weight, and said she's great!

I held her for the first time, and fell in love. I cried tears of gratitude that she was here and she was healthy. I cried tears of happiness for having another beautiful daughter. I dreamed of having girls when I was younger. I cried tears of sadness knowing I probably wouldn't experience pregnancy, labor, and holding a newborn again. I looked into her eyes as moms do and whispered to her how much Iloved her and how much fun we were going to have together.

Me and Meg leaving the hospital Jan. 2008.

Meg 2 months old.

We have experienced many milestones during 2008. All of which were not blogged about. I jotted things in her baby book, taken hundreds of pictures, but didn't seem to get to blogging about our precious Meg. This makes me sad, but realize I can't dwell on the past. So with that being said...

Meg wanted nothing to do with her mini cake. She gagged on it when the girls put icing on her tongue.

Megan Ashley Gordon celebrates being 1 years old today. Meg has been the perfect baby. Greg and I hae both said how much we have enjoyed having her in our family. It may be that she is the fourth child and has to adjust to going with the flow, but hopefully this is her personality and she will always keep it. She smiles, laughs, babbles, crawls, pulls up, eats, drinks, claps, waves bye-bye, smiles a big smile when she sees a camera, plays peek a boo, loves her sisters, sqeals and kicks her legs when Daddy comes home. I could go on and on and on.

I don't care too much for the fact that time seems to be speeding up. I feel like 2008 and my baby came and went. I know, she is still a baby, but there is something about her turning one that makes me weep. I did just that several times today. I caught myself holding Meg and then tears would just stream down my face. After I gave her a bath, we were just having our normal Mommy and Meg time in her room when I began to sob. Greg couldn't believe I was so upset. I think when he walked in he must have thought something bad had happened. Our baby is growing way too fast. He chuckled and his quick response was she isn't 12! (which we will be experiencing with Mackenzi in 2009!) What is it with men, don't they feel a little tug on the heart strings when babies grow up? I know she is still our baby, but there is something with having her grow up that pulls at my heart strings. I understand she is the baby and will always be, (unless someone sees otherwise) so I shouldn't be upset when she reaches milestones. All babies grow up and I guess mine have to, too. I'm just not sure I'm ready, just yet!!

Meg & Mommy are the best of friends!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Meg. We adore you. Your sky blue eyes, smile, giggle, and uh-oh's melt our heart. Remember we love you (BIG like the world) and you will ALWAYS be our baby girl.