Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike

Today was just like any other Wednesday, except it was the last day of the month and my visiting teaching still hadn't been done. I had called on Monday to set up appointments, but was only able to speak with one girl (I had to leave messages for the other two girls). I made the one appointment for this morning hoping the others would be avaiable after that. Well, the other two girls had things going on this morning so I wouldn't be able to physically see them.
After my walk, I rushed to get ready for the day and headed over to my first appointment. It was a good visit, not to long not too short. I stopped off at Sam's Club for a few things. I needed some Great Harvest bread, I picked up cookies for Mackenzi to take to activity days tomorrow, and I grabbed a bouquet of flowers to divide up for the sisters I wouldn't be visiting. I ran home made a Happiness Makers magnet for each of them, and seperated the flowers. I stopped at Jenny's to check out her baby quilt she was making(it is way cute check it out here.) and we watched American Idol from last night. I seriously think the only way to watch t.v now is by recording it. We listened to the first of each guy sing and then fast forwarded to hear what the judges thought. Jenny even fed me lunch, and am so glad because otherwise I would have not eaten and would have had a terrible headache by 3 pm. I went and delivered my goodies and felt so good that I had made an real effort to reachout to my visiting teachees, even if it was last minute.

I was prepared for an afternoon run, with Jenny, when Greg called and said he was on his way home for a few minutes. I wasn't expecting to see him today. Wednesdays are crazy for him and he has a moonlighting shift every Wed. night, and to top it off he had another meeting before he went moonlighting. Obviously I was surprised to know he was on his way home. When he got home, we both burst into laughter at what he was carrying when he walked in. A Sam's Club Diet Coke, cookies, Great Harvest bread, and a bouquet of flowers. WHAT??? My immediate response was, "Why didn't you call before you went to Sam's?" Greg says, Because I wanted to surprise you." I couldn't believe we had been at the same store just a few hours apart and picked up the exact same items(not one more or less). The flowers were a different bunch so that was nice that I ended up with a few leftover from earlier and a full bunch for a big vase from him. Greg had been feeling bad(and he hasn't even read my Happy is as happy does post) because he hasn't been home any nights this week and they called him to work another shift tomorrow night so he want be coming home tomorrow either. I know he realizes how difficult it is to be home alone alot, but I too realize how hard it is for him to work such long days and nights and to be away from us. He even made the comment tonight how he can't wait to have just ONE job!! Me either Honey! Thanks for your sacrifices and surprises!

Our identical purchases!

As I was looking through my pictures on my camera I realized I hadn't posted about a few items of good mail I have gotten the last couple of weeks. Yea, I know you can call me a slacker but hey, better late than never!

Bridget sent me fun gel pens, paper, a notepad, a heart cookie cutter, stickers and yummy M&M's. Thanks B.

I got thank you cards from Allison, Jill, and the Mom of one of my little girls I teach from primary. Annie's mom thanked me for being a great teacher(I'm not so sure I would go so far as to say that) and to let me know Annie comes home each week, and with great detail tells about the lesson I taught. So nice to get some positive feedback, from what usually is mad chaos, on Sunday. Kristi sent me her cute handmade valentine, and Amanda sent the cutest magnets and notepad. My mother in law also sent me a fun card for finishing my first ever race. She of course added a 5 dollar bill, with specific instructions to treat myself to a few Diet Cokes at Sonic. Thanks everyone. Sorry it took so long for me to aknowledge your thoughtfulness. You all made me feel so special.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self-Portrait Tuesday

My Feet!

It's Lelly's self-portrait Tuesday challenge, so I'm jumping in with both FEET. She titled it Put your best foot forward. So here are my thoughts on mine.

I remember, as a little girl running, jumping, skipping, dancing, climbing, walking, tiptoeing, splashing, wading, tapping, stomping, two-stepping, bouncing, kicking, chasing, & playing with these two feet of mine. My feet carried me through my childhood, my youth, into marriage, and my first home(apartment) away from home. They carried me through my first pregnancy, moving farther away from home, at the beginning of medical school, through my second pregnancy, and onto our very first home, a bit farther away from home. Through a third pregancy and they are preparing to carry me on to another new place.

I have always loved my feet, not so much their size(8 1/2), but the way they look. I know they aren't perfect, but are their perfect feet out there? Being someone that picks apart everything about my body, my feet are one thing I truly wouldn't change. I love them. I like how slender they are. I like that my second toe ISN'T longer than my big toe. I love getting a pedicure and a fresh coat of polish applied. I love wearing a toe ring(the same one for over 6 years) even though I may be too OLD for it. I love getting them rubbed, especially by Greg. I love the fact that my feet carry me throughout my day. From the beginning of my morning, along my 3 mile walk, an occassional run, playing with my girls, each errand I run, to the last step I take before climbing into bed each night. I love my feet, the two that sustain and carry me each day.

For my self portrait of my feet, I decided to model one flip flop and one tennis shoe. Why you might ask? Well, I love my flip flops and have been looking forward to the day it was again warm enough to wear them. That happened this weekend. So I have been sporting my flip flops for the past few days and probalby will continue wearing them for the next 8 months or so. I had to have my tennis shoe on because I feel they have become like a very close friend, over the past few years. I put them on each morning to get myself kick started with a morning walk. I sometimes hit the gym not long after going for my walk. I also started running the past few months or so, several afternoons a week. They have carried me through over 200 miles of exercise already in 2007! Wow! When I added that up I was shocked and had to readd it to make sure. Both my flip flops and tennis shoes help me to be a healthier, happier me.

I hope that even as I age, my feet will carry me as if I was still a little girl. Running, jumping, skipping, dancing, climbing, walking, tiptoeing, splashing, wading, tapping, stomping, two-stepping, bouncing, kicking, chasing, & playing ~Things I love to do with the feet I love!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Is As Happy Does

Happiness has little to do with what we have; everything with what we think.
No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.
Barbara De Angelis

Throughout my life, it seems, I have had to try extra hard to find happiness within myself and my life. I'm not really sure why. Growing up I was blessed with good health, with loving parents and siblings, with our needs, and a lot of our wants, being met, the gospel in our home, great friends, and many, many other happiness makers. So I have always been a bit confused at why I have a hard time with "natural happiness", so to speak. Has a stranger ever walked up to you and asked, "Is it that bad?" Well I have, and it feels awful to know not only do you feel unhappy, but you look it, too. It is embarrassing to think everyone around me must think I'm so unhappy because of the way I speak, the way I look, and the way I act. There have been many days spent since, faking happiness. Putting on a clown smile and heading out the door to fool the world into thinking all is well and grand, when inside my heart is aching or crying, not fooling the person who matters most-myself!

Lately, I have experienced more than my fair share of stress and self disappointments. I feel like I'm doing most things right, but could probably do a little more, and wonder if this is why I'm not feeling 100% happy all of the time. This past week was another blah week for me. I wasn't feeling well. I had all intentions of getting my spring cleaning started and my home dejunked and organized while Maryn was at my parents house, but I was feeling too yucky to tackle very much. As my week began, I could feel it was going to be one of those weeks that needed to be given the title of "Kicked while you are down". It was obvious to me that I was going to have to really work at finding happiness, in very much, if anything this week.

Now that the week is over and I can look back and see there are many things that brought happiness to me without me having to try at all. I wonder if I try to hard to find things to make me happy instead of just living life and letting everyday things make me happy.

Here are a few of the things that put a smile on a my face and a skip in my step this week and it didn;t take much trying at all.

*Greg came home from San Diego. Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing Greg's smile, especially after a week without it.

*Seeing the girls had made Greg a welcome home sign when we came home from the airport.

*Parents that are very supportive and envolved in our lives no matter how little or big the event. For being free babysitters when they are in town and then taking our kids home with them and giving us alone time.

*My friend Tara called Monday morning, and said she was driving down to SA to return something and wanted to see me.

*I got part of my house cleaned and all of the sheets changed.

*Greg and I looked for new furniture for our next house. I love looking for new things that I may have ONE day.
*Went to the Temple with Jenny. I have been wanting to go for a while and since Maryn was not home this week I knew I couldn't pass up the chance. Of course, I felt the worst I felt all week on Wednesday while I was at the temple, but felt I was blessed for being there.

*A spontaneous trip to Chuy's.
*Being reunitied with Maryn.

*Booked our family's Disney Cruise. My parents are taking my, my brother's, and my sister's families on a cruise for THEIR 40th wedding anniversary this summer.

*Went to a baby shower and came home to find my husband mowing my oh-so weedy and needy yard.
*Gave Greg's cousin our Saturn. He lost his job and was in need of a car.

*Did a little spring shopping for the girls.

*Went to a college basketball game Greg had to work at, as a family.

*Went to Stake Conference that was broadcast to 68 stakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico and was inspired to live my life better and be a better example. They are broadcasting some now because the church has grown so much that it is hard for them to send general authorities to all of the stake conferences that are held.

*Read my scriptures for an hour and a half. I haven't done that in a long time.

*Took a little cat nap.

*Being reminded of how blessed I am to a have a husband that works hard and long for us. He has had a rough on call weekend.

*Made dinner and ate together as a family at home.

*Played games and laughed with the girls.

*Endless goodnight kisses from my three girls.


I found a few quotes on happiness and thought I would share a few of them with you.

Choose Happiness
President Gordon B. Hinckley has said: “It is very important to be happy in this work. We have a lot of gloomy people in the Church because they do not understand, I guess, that this is the gospel of happiness. It is something to be happy about, to get excited about.”

I once saw this quote on a friend's kitchen wall that reads, “Happiness is a city in the state of mind.” I keep it there to remind myself that we are in charge of our own attitudes. Emotional maturity is evidenced by a person’s willingness to take responsibility for actions and feelings. If I am having a bad day, I can’t blame others, even when I feel underappreciated. It is not someone else’s job to change so I can feel better.

The second article of faith teaches that we are responsible for our own sins [A of F 1:2]. In the same way, we are responsible for our own attitudes and our own happiness. Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has written, “At the center of our agency is our freedom to form a healthy attitude toward whatever circumstances we are placed in!” 2

If we let our happiness rest on the actions and moods of others, we will always be disappointed. If our happiness is dependent on perfect situations, it will always be a future dream forever out of reach. President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, said, “Our search for happiness largely depends on the degree of righteousness we attain, the degree of selflessness we acquire, the amount and quality of service we render, and the inner peace that we enjoy.” 3 Notice that he did not say happiness depends on thank-you cards or public praise. Each of the requirements outlined by President Faust is completely within our control.

Happiness has a price, as President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985) said: “ ‘What is the price of happiness?’ One might be surprised at the simplicity of the answer. The treasure house of happiness is unlocked to those who live the gospel of Jesus Christ in its purity and simplicity. Like a mariner without stars, like a traveler without a compass, is the person who moves along through life without a plan. The assurance of supreme happiness, the certainty of a successful life here and of exaltation and eternal life hereafter, come to those who plan to live their lives in complete harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ—and then consistently follow the course they have set” (The Miracle of Forgiveness [1969], 259).

So with this said, I have promised myself I will be a happier Me. I am going to focus on giving to others and loosing myself in service. I will not allow myself to continue to long for the happiness and glow others have radiating from them. I want to feel, the way many of you look. I want others to want to feel the way I look. I'm striving for the day someone will walk up to me and ask, "Is it that GREAT?" And I can look at them with joy bursting from within and say

Yes, it is!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Maryn

I have been listening to Maryn a lot lately. Her vocabulary and abilty to speak in sentences has drastically increased over the past couple of months. Although this is exciting to actually know what she wants or needs, it also is a bit saddening to me. It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. I just assumed she would be a boy because even though I was sick, it wasn't as bad as it was with the others. Even though I wanted a boy for Greg's sake, I quietly hope for another girl. After a couple of ultrasounds and being told it may be a boy I convinced myself, it wouldn't be that bad. The day I had my official ultrasound, was the same morning of Greg's great-grandmother's funeral. I was alone that morning, when the doctor said to me, "It looks like your daughters are going to have another sister." I was shocked but in a happy way. A house full of girls is what I always wanted, but then I was a bit sad knowing Greg wouldn't be having a son.

I can remember every moment of being in the hospital waiting for her to be born. Beauiful memories I hold close to my heart. Then she learned to hold her head up, was sitting up, crawling, and then walking before I knew it. Not long after those things happened she started oohing and aaghing more. Then came the babble stage, followed close behind with the "NO", "STOP IT", & "I DO IT" stage. We have been, and in some ways are still in the "L's" are prounounced "W's" "K's" & "C's" sound like "T's" but she has definitely become quite a chatty Kathy. Her newest thing she has started is putting the "uh" sound on the end of everything she says. "Mommy-uh", Daddy-uh, stop it-uh, milk-uh. I don't know if everyone elses kids have ever done this but all of mine have and sometimes it gets annoying. I just want to scream stop it with the UGH sounds. But then I stop myself, knowing once she stops saying it, she probably won't go back to it.

We dove head first into potty training a couple of weeks ago, since she hadn't wet her pullup in over a month. Why wait so long, you might be asking? Well, I've been a little lazy, when you start this process, that means every public palce you go in there's a 95% chance you'll be seeing the nasty bathrooms they have. Also, she is my baby, which means when I potty train her, she would be that much more of a big girl, and I have been wanting to avoid that. At first, she wasn't too keen on the panty thing. "No! pull up Mommy!" was her request for the first few days. Finally she liked the panty idea when I took her to pick out her very own at Target. Surprisingly, she chose Curious George ones. After she got her panties, things turned around and she no longer wanted to wear pullups, not even at night!! So now I've been waking her up before I go to bed and letting her go potty, and then she usually wakes up around 330 or 400 to go. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is I haven't had to change her sheets on days I'm not scheduled to. The bad thing is she won't go back to her bed after the 330 am potty break. She ends up in our bed the rest of the night. Not my idea of fun, but it's just where we are right now in the transition.

My parents came to visit this past weekend, and have been saying they wanted to take her home with them for a week or so, sometime. I wasn't prepared for this. Even though I expected them to ask to take her, I silently hoped they wouldn't. After, saying last week, how I needed to get a sitter for her during the day sometimes, I wish she was here with me now. I cried all afternoon on Sunday wanting her back with me. I walked around wanting to find a toy she had left out, so I could pick it up, I went in her room and sat in the floor looking at her stuff while tears streamed down my face. I sat there thinking, how it must feel a million times worse, for parents who lose children and go and sit in their rooms never wanting to move anything or change anything. I missed her more in a few hours than I thought was possible. I just wanted to snuggle her, kiss her, here her say mommy-uh, anything! I just wanted her.

Now that it has been a few days, I still miss her, but am gald she is able to spend time with Grammy & Poppy and her aunts and uncles, and cousins. Having been sick this week it has been nice to have time to just relax, and not have to worry about her spending too much time in front of the t.v. so I can rest.

We play this game all day long, and I'm not sure when it started. I remember playing it with my other girls, but not real sure how it came about. Whenever Greg comes home, comes over and hugs me, if the girls are watching or are at his feet, he'll say "My Mommy", and they repeat, "My Mommy" and it goes on FOREVER or until I change it to "My Daddy". Then it goes on, and, on, and on, with "My Daddy" going back and forth. The of course we make our rounds around to all of the girls. "My Mackenzi", "My Mackenzi"-"My Maci, "My Maci"- "My Maryn", "My Maryn"!! The funny thing is Maryn, Luke and Weston, play this silly "game"(if you want to call it a game with them) every morning on our walk. It gets down right ugly with them saying, "My Mommy, NO! My Mommy" for 45 minutes, until Jenny & I are ready to SCREAM!!

Without my walking buddy, I've had to get a substitute so I feel like I'm getting a workout and not just out for a SUnday stroll. Three of Greg's orthopedic books weigh about as much as Maryn so I've been pushing them on my 3 mile walk every morning. Of course I cover them up so I don't look too terrible crazy. But, looking at myself every morning, I'm sure the people that see me "smothering my baby" are really thinking I'm crazy! I am ready for my walking weight to return, she's definitely cuter and more entertaining than the fracture books.

I am happy to watch Maryn learn new things and change but also so sad that my baby, isn't that much of a baby anymore. I have told serveral people I would freeze her at this age if I could. Yes, even in the terrible two stage. I love her needing me, wanting my help, her snuggles, kisses, our one on one time during the day. I want to keep her just the way she is right now, forever. Knowing this isn't possible, I'll just continue to cherish every moment with her. Whether it be a tantrum, a kiss, a "No Mommy, I do it", an "I wuv you", a scream, a laugh...EVERYTHING, I want to hold close to my heart. A lesson I have learned is to enjoy the "nows" and don't wish them away too soon. Once their gone, they're gone.

My Maryn, I love you and miss you and can't wait to see your beautiful blue eyes, hear your sweet giggle, feel your sqeezes, and hear you say, "My Mommy My Daddy, My Tenzi, My Maci, My Maryn!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


14 Things I LOVE about my Valentine!

1. He has beautiful blue eyes and a contagious smile.

2. He is the KING of good deals, cheap deals, and sometimes free deals.

3. He wanted to be doctor at age 7. He had a goal, dove in head first, and never looked back.

4. He never meets a stranger.

5. He sacrifices much for our family and works super hard for everything we have.

6. He loves his girls and loves taking them to do daddy/daughter things.

7. He is funny and can make me smile even if I 'm sad.

8. He is a giver and is very compassionate.

9. He always worries about others before himself.

10. He is calm, cool, and collective. More patience than anyone I know.

11. Great story teller and never leaves out a single detail! hehehe

12. He loves to exercise, play games, be outdoors, camp, hike, run, spend time with family, do handy work, watch sports, bike, eat... You name it it enjoys it.

13. He has a wonderful testimony and shares it often.

14. He is my best friend, a wonderful daddy, and awesome hubby.

I hope you know how much I love you, Babe. I can't wait to see your contagious smile and sparkly eyes. Thanks for everything you do, everything you are, and the wonderful example you are to me and others. Thanks for being my Valentine today and always!!

My 3 little valentines eating breakfast this morning. I planned on pink heart shaped pancakes, I made one, and then realized I laid in bed too long this morning. Sorry girlies. Daddy is much better at breakfast than me.

Greg left each of the girls a card, and a little something. I had gotten each of them a stuffed animal that we have way too many of, but I knew they would like it. I Mackenzi & Maci each a note and book in their lunch so hopefully that was a nice surprise at lunchtime.

All of our loot from Daddy. You spoiled us. Thanks a bunch!

This was the best thing I could have seen last night while taking Mackenzi ti swim. Jenny & I rarely eat breakfast but this is one breakfast that is way yummy and free makes it that much yummier. So, this morning after our brutally cold & windy walk we rushed to get ready to take advantage of a free valentine bisquit. Sorry Greg & Doug you missed out!

Since Greg was going to be out of town, for the Dad's breakfast at school, he took the girls to get breakfast Monday morning before school. They love it when it's just them and him. I feel like chopped liver sometimes, but have to stop and remind myself, they see me so much compared to him, so fun times with him are even that much more special. Thanks honey for being a great daddy to our girls.

We took this picture Monday, right before we dropped Greg off, for Jenny to take him to the airport. I of course was a little teary and nervous about sending him off for the week. I am so grateful that he has chances like these to go to things for work but do not like to be away from him. I'm pretty needy when it comes to needing him around. Not for the everyday things, of running the girls from place to place, or for helping out at dinnertime, bathtime, and bedtime. I just need him around for companionship. No matter if we are going on a planned date to dinner & a movie, or just running to the grocery store, I love his companionship. Just having him there makes me smile.

See you soon Honey!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Recap



On Friday morning after Jenny and I ran, I quickly showered and headed up to Maci's Kinder Rodeo. This is an annual event that takes place while the Stock Show and Rodeo is in town. Due to drizzly weather they had it inside and just rotates stations in the different classrooms.
Story telling, country dancin', bean bag tossing, and riding stick horses were some of the events they participated in. It was fun to see the kids have so much fun, and it reminded me that kids love to do anything no matter what it is , or how much it costs.

I needed to get to work on my valentine package I was planning on doing for Greg for this week while he is away. I didn't realize he would be coming home early in yhe afternoon and would be home with me until he left tonight. There wasn't much free time left so after I ran a few errands I got busy making cards, and putting together his goody package.

Doug came home early on Friday, too, but before Greg came home so Jenny brought her stuff down and we had a crazy, creative hour! There wasn't much time to think about great ideas so we just put together six cards(# of days they'll be gone)rather quickly. They ended up being pretty cute even though they were somewhat thrown together. The kids came home from school about the time Greg showed up, so we just played it up to be cards for their teachers. It wasn't completely dishonest. Jenny helped the older kids make cards for their teachers while I got ready for the rodeo.

Greg got a babysitter for us to go to the rodeo on Friday night. He called me before he left for work and told ne he was taking me out for an early Valentine's Day date. We rushed around bathed the girls and Greg got a pizza when he went to pick up our sitter. We were plannin gon just goin gstraight to the rodeo, browsing the exhibits, and grabbing a bite of greasy, carnival type dinner. We called Doug & Jen and told them to drop their kids off at our house and we would meet them for dinner before we went to the rodeo.

We had two extra tickets to the rodeo. Greg had sneaked and bought two when we were there for Aly & Aj, and then the doctor he volunteers with called him and told him he found two better tickets for us. Knowing Doug isn't completely into the rodeo, country scene we were a bit hesitant to offer them the extra tickets we had, but we decided to. We called our sitter to make sure she could handle the seven kids. Mackenzi & Taylor are almost babysitters themselves, so they could help out. Ashley, the sitter, assured us she could handle it. Jenny & Doug took us up on the tickets and decided to join us, for some good ol' toe tapping country time.

We didn't plan our matching outfit, tonight! It is almost comical at how we show up places almost dressed identical. For sure we knew Greg & Doug wouldn't be dressed alike. Greg was sporting his cowboy boots and hat, and Doug probably wouldn't be caught dead in that. It was funny when we were leaving the Guys stopped to check out a Gmc truck they had sitting out, but we were too cold to stop. We kept walking and when they caught up to us they said, "no wonder people think your sisters, same hair and matching outfits tonight."

Our tickets were in the lower level, but the other tickets were in the nosebleeds. But hsve no fear, Greg weasled all four of us into the better seats with just two tickets. Thankfully no one ever came and said, "Your in my seat", so we all enjoyed the rodeo and Sugarland concert together.

The concert was fun, and even though I thought I only knew two of their songs I recognized more when they started playing them. The girl half, of Sugarland, had the biggest southern accent I think I have ever heard, I laughed everytime she said something, and that means her accent must be pretty twangy coming from a Texas girl.


Greg got these Daddy's Favorite shirts for the girls for Christmas.

Saturday Greg went into sports clinic, so I went running with Jenny. About an hour after I ran our 3 mile route, Greg came home and wanted to go to the gym. So off we went. I ran 2 1/2 more miles and lifted a few weights, but thought I would die, and continued to feel that way all day. We ran a few errands, and then went home to hang out before we went to our ward game night. I was a little worried that it would be lame, but it turned out really fun and I have to confess I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.


I picked up this pancake mold for the girls for our Sunday morning breakfast. Greg let me sleep in and he made the pancakes for the girls. I thought I would do this for them on Valentine's day but I'm not sure. Greg is usually the big breakfast maker. I tend to stick with the quick easy stuff.

They loved their heartcakes and gobbled them up.

Our cute red heart plates, that the hearts are hidden by the pancake.

After church, we grilled a pork loin, baked potatoes, made a salad for our early heart day dinner. Greg will be gone all week so we had to do everything early this year. I had wanted to get Greg cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for his dessert, but he asked if I would make his favorite dessert for him, aka Husband's Delight. Of course I couldn't say no so I, along with six other little hands and eyes, prepared it for him.

Husband's Delight

We ended our weekend by having FHE, watching Flicka together with the girls, while enjoying Daddy's favorite dessert. The movie was cute and of course I cried. I get so teary in these daddy daughter movies especially because I love the song Tim McGraw sings called "MY Little Girl". Click on it to listen.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tagged!! 6 Unusual Things About Me

I've been tagged by Jenny. 6 unusual things about me? Somedays I feel everything about me is unusual. or not normal. This is definitely a hard thing to come up with. I thought about this all night, last night, and all day today. So her goes nothing...

6 Unusual things about me!!

1. I ALWAYS put toilet paper back on the "dispenser" the same way. It has to unroll from the top, never the bottom.

2. I doodle on paper while on the phone. Most of the time if I don't draw flowers or hearts, I write my kids full names over and over. I even write down "future" (that we'll probably never have) babies' names that we like. I think we could have had a dozen babies (mostly girls) with all of the names we've jotted down on paper, posted notes, napkins, etc.

3. I open a diet Dr. Pepper EVERY night and take a few sips before heading off to bed. The first thing I do, after brushing my teeth every morning, is get my drink out of the fridge and have it for breakfast.

4. I don't embrace my natural curly hair. I blow dry it straight and use a chi flat iron on it EVERYDAY!!

5. I secretly had a crush on my husband while he was serving a mission for our church. I went on a crazy diet about eight months before he was to come home. I lost about 30 pounds, but that didn't convince him to date me. We went out alot on group dates, only as FRIENDS, for the next year and a half. I sent him good luck cards, birthday cards, left notes( have a great day ones) on his car while he was at school. Finally he decided to give me a chance. He kidnapped me for my 23rd birthday and made me breakfast, took me to a high school buddy's wedding, and asked me to be his wife all within 5 weeks time. I guess my persistence and flirting paid off!!

6. I hate to be alone. My attitude and personality are often controlled by being with people and/or talking to them. On days that Greg isn't going to be home I start out in a sad mood. If I don't spend time with an adult, especially on these days, I could almost label myself as being depressed. I don't sleep well when he isn't home and when he is home and sleeping next to me I run my foot across the bed until I touch his so I can know he is still there. I never wash my sheets on the days Greg won't be coming home to sleep in our bed. I have this fear that his smell will be lost from our bed if something were to happen to him. I know weird, freaky, psycho, not unusual.

I tag Anna, Mindy, & Michelle. Okay girls let's hear your unusuals!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Video Is At The Bottom!!!

Hold on to you hats and watch this amazing ride.

Rodeo Fun

Greg has been volunteering at the rodeo, and have to admit I have been a little sad to think we might not make it there as a family this year. This is something we have done every year here, and we even went the four years we lived in Houston. Greg had asked the doctor in charge at the rodeo if he had any extra tickets for the Aly & Aj show for last night. He thougth his son would be using the tickets he had but he sid he could see what he could do. Well, last minute the guy called and said four tickets would be at will call i fwe wanted them. Of course, we would pay for them but they were ours if we wanted. We knew Mackenzi & Maci would love seeing them sing after the rodeo, but thougth we would just get a sitter for Maryn. Well, guilt set in with both of us and we decided to take Maryn along.

We had a fun time. The rodeo was better than I had ever seen before. They had some of the best rodeo animals there this year, and last night was no exception to that. I have never seen such fiesty, bucking, horses in all the rodeos we have been to. It was amazing, but scary alla t the same time. There was a cowboy that was riding bareback that had one crazy ride. WHile the horse was bucking, he fell over but the cowboy held on and the horse jumped back up and he finished his 8 second ride. After the horn blew signaling he completed his ride, the cowboy prepared to "dismount" and at the same time the horse gave one last buck and threw the cowboy into a back flip. He came right down on his head. I gasped and looked at Greg and said he just broke his neck! I felt sick, but the cowboy stood up immediately and the as fast as he got up he dropped back to his knees. The medical team rushed out and talked with the guy for a minute or so and then helped him WALK out of the arena. I couldn't believe this guy was able to walk after what looked like a life altering crash.

The other events were realy good, too. Great times were set for steer wrestling, team roping, and barrel racing. The calf scramble was a hoot as always. I love it when more teenage girls catch more than the guys.

Bull riding is always a crowd favorite and last night that was evident. I get tense, sweaty, and feel like I could scream(sometimes I do) when things get a little hairy with these monsterous beasts. All of the bulls were extremely mean, but their were a few cowboys that held on for their full 8 seconds. There was one Australian cowboy that had a little toomuch contact with his beast and was knocked out cold. Check the video out.

After the bullriding they set up the stage in the middle of the arena for the concert. Usually the stage rotates in a circle but it wasn't working so Aly & Aj just had to switch back and forth so entire crowd could see them. Mackenzi and Maci had a fun time. Maryn slept through most of the concert and Maci got sleepy and grumpy half way through it. We finally made it home about 1130 last night which could cause our morning to be a rough one. Jenny called and offered to drive the kids to school since Maryn was still sleeping so that was a bonus.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Stock Show Stampede Survivors!!

We woke early this morning for our first official race. THe race was to begin at 8 a.m, but knowing we had to drive downtown we thought it be best to get up early so we wouldn't chance being late.

Nerves accompanied me on our drive downtown. I had no idea I would be nervous about running in a race that I volunteerily signed up to do all in fun. I think I was worried about beign able to finish because of the weather. I hadn't been running in cold weather and didn't prepare myself for a morning of freezing temperatures. I had gone out on Friday, and found some yoga pants at Old Navy, in hope these would keep a bit warmer than my shorts, but not be too confining. We bundled up, in our gloves, hats, jackets, and our long pants and warmed ourselves up in the truck on the way down to the race.

We decided to walk around to warm our legs up. Most people were already jogging around. I didn't dare run around. I knew I could finish the 4 miles but to run or jog around for 15 minutes before we add more distance to my already difficult run. The horn blew promptly at 8 o'clock, and we began the run. I thought when we started the weather wouldn't be too bad. After mile one, the next mile was mostly off-road. This part of the race, well sucked. It definitley slowed us down and probably slowed most of the runners. We ran around a lake in grass, rocks, and with tree roots covering the path. I stumbled a couple of times but held it together and finished the second mile. My body was warming up by this point so I shed my hat. Just a little bit farther downthe route, my gloves needed to come off. I was feeling a little fatigued, but kept pushing through it. I had been telling Greg he didn;t need to stay with me. I could tell he could run a faster pace than I was setting but he insisted on running with me. He said he wasn't running to get a great time, he jsut wanted us to run it together. The last mile seemed to take forever. It seemed to just wind back and forth through the rodeo fairgrounds and not knowing where the finish line was made it seem longer. Finally we rounded a corner and could see the finish line. What a great feeling? One to be done, and then the sense of accomplishment. Never in a million years did I think I could do something like this. I was so happy I had done something out of the ordinary. I too, was grateful that Greg and I were able to start together and finish together.

Our time was 34 minutes & 23 seconds. Not our best but definitely not our worst. I was the 12th girl to finish(more guys were racing) and I actually got 3rd place in my age group. I was totally shocked. Here I was worrying about finishing and I finished at the top of the pack.

They had water gatorade, and even BEER(it is the rodeo, but at 830 in the morning!) at the finishline. They also had a cowboy breakfast waiting for us. We got a little bit to eat and decided to hang out and wait for the awards, so I could get my bronze horseshoe shaped medal!!

The first place guy finished in 21 minutes. His pace was a little more than 5 min. a mile!!! That's insane. The top girl finished in a little over 24 minutes(average 6 minute mile!) I had laughed to myself when the first runners took off sprinting. My thought was, what are they thinking? I guess they run these all of the time and they just sprint the entire way. I can't imagine.

Today I'm grateful for finishing something I've never attempted before. Finsihing higher up in the pack than I expected. I'm also grateful for doing this with Greg. I'm happy to say we are already planning our next race.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Cowboys, Groundhogs, & Tweens(NOT HARDLY)!

Every year we have been here in San Antonio, Greg has had the chance to volunteer as a doctor at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Having grown up having horses, and sisters that were in rodeos, he loves any chance he gets to be "back in the saddle" so to speak. Last night was the first night, of a two week stint, that the rodeo is here. He jumped at the chance to "work" last night seeing how it was X-Treme bull riding, without all of the other events. Bull riding is his favorite(to watch not to participate in). Me on the other hand. tend to SCREAM at the top of my lungs if anything goes wrong with the cowboy on the bull. He was able to stitch up a chin or two, check out a stomach that was gored(spelling?). When he came home he excitedly said,"I think I'm going to be on ESPN on the 11th when they broadcast it."

I love Greg for many reasons, but one of those reasons is because he enjoys doing so many different things. He is a one of a kind. He loves exercising, he's a romantic, he is funny(sometimes in his own way)he has great bed side manner as a doctor, and often get s thank you cards sent to him form patients. Another thing I have always loved about him is he is a "closet cowboy". He doesn't really walk the walk of a cowboy, but he does kind of talk the talk of one. Most people who only know him at church, or people who know him in his scrubs would never realize Greg sports a cowboy hat and boots(I think quite well) when he cares for the country boys and girls at rodeos. He is definitely a cowboy at heart minus the wranglers!! Thanks for making me proud in everything you like and everything you do. You are the greatest!!

It's Groundhog Day, and according to news reports Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow. WOO HOO!! Spring is near and we won't be enduring six more weeks of winter. After feeling the blahs for awhile(I think it has been the weather) this makes me smile. I'm so ready for capris, tshirts, shorts, and most of all my favorite flip flops. I get so down in the dumps when the weather is crappy and nothing ever seems to get me out of feeling this way, except sunshine and warmer weather. So today, I'm thankful for groundhogs without shadows.

On the other hand, it is a bit chilly here today, and thankfully the sun just came out to warm things up. Of course,it will warm up just in time for a cold front to blow through tonight surely to reek havoc on me running in the Stock Show Stampede tomorrow. I have gotten okay with running. Okay meaning I can survive it. BUT, I haven't really been training in the 30 degreee weather that we will be experiencing in the morning. What on earth will I do? I had planned on running in shorts, a tank top, and a hoodie that I could shed after I warmed up, but now I may need to wear workout pants, which I really don't own.

I attempted to buy some fitted pants like Mackenzi(yes my 9 year old daughter, Mackenzi)has, but my mommy hips were not to appealing in tween yoga -type pants. I know sad that I, along with Jenny, went shopping at Justice for Girls this morning. I didn't find anything for myself but came home with Mackenzi a shirt, the wrong size pants, and a pair of jeans for Maci, that fell to the floor because even the slim fit ones don't fit unless they have an adjustable waist. I will be returning this stuff later this afternoon. Jenny on the other hand, bought HERSELF a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

I'm a bit jealous she could fit into their pants and I looked anything but cute in them. hehehe I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a photo of her holding her Justice bag, for everyine in the blogging world to see.

Do enjoy rodeos? Do you think the groundhog really determines the weather for the next six weeks? What do you think about Spring being near? Are you ready for the weather to be warmer? What should I do about my race attire tomorrow? Should I just suck it up and be cold and run in my shorts, like I'm used to?