Wednesday, February 14, 2007


14 Things I LOVE about my Valentine!

1. He has beautiful blue eyes and a contagious smile.

2. He is the KING of good deals, cheap deals, and sometimes free deals.

3. He wanted to be doctor at age 7. He had a goal, dove in head first, and never looked back.

4. He never meets a stranger.

5. He sacrifices much for our family and works super hard for everything we have.

6. He loves his girls and loves taking them to do daddy/daughter things.

7. He is funny and can make me smile even if I 'm sad.

8. He is a giver and is very compassionate.

9. He always worries about others before himself.

10. He is calm, cool, and collective. More patience than anyone I know.

11. Great story teller and never leaves out a single detail! hehehe

12. He loves to exercise, play games, be outdoors, camp, hike, run, spend time with family, do handy work, watch sports, bike, eat... You name it it enjoys it.

13. He has a wonderful testimony and shares it often.

14. He is my best friend, a wonderful daddy, and awesome hubby.

I hope you know how much I love you, Babe. I can't wait to see your contagious smile and sparkly eyes. Thanks for everything you do, everything you are, and the wonderful example you are to me and others. Thanks for being my Valentine today and always!!

My 3 little valentines eating breakfast this morning. I planned on pink heart shaped pancakes, I made one, and then realized I laid in bed too long this morning. Sorry girlies. Daddy is much better at breakfast than me.

Greg left each of the girls a card, and a little something. I had gotten each of them a stuffed animal that we have way too many of, but I knew they would like it. I Mackenzi & Maci each a note and book in their lunch so hopefully that was a nice surprise at lunchtime.

All of our loot from Daddy. You spoiled us. Thanks a bunch!

This was the best thing I could have seen last night while taking Mackenzi ti swim. Jenny & I rarely eat breakfast but this is one breakfast that is way yummy and free makes it that much yummier. So, this morning after our brutally cold & windy walk we rushed to get ready to take advantage of a free valentine bisquit. Sorry Greg & Doug you missed out!

Since Greg was going to be out of town, for the Dad's breakfast at school, he took the girls to get breakfast Monday morning before school. They love it when it's just them and him. I feel like chopped liver sometimes, but have to stop and remind myself, they see me so much compared to him, so fun times with him are even that much more special. Thanks honey for being a great daddy to our girls.

We took this picture Monday, right before we dropped Greg off, for Jenny to take him to the airport. I of course was a little teary and nervous about sending him off for the week. I am so grateful that he has chances like these to go to things for work but do not like to be away from him. I'm pretty needy when it comes to needing him around. Not for the everyday things, of running the girls from place to place, or for helping out at dinnertime, bathtime, and bedtime. I just need him around for companionship. No matter if we are going on a planned date to dinner & a movie, or just running to the grocery store, I love his companionship. Just having him there makes me smile.

See you soon Honey!


Bridget said...

Free chicken biscuits! That sounds so good. Hope your day is going okay without Doug. Take care!

Angie said...


Bridget said...

Whoops!!!! Sorry! A little brain dead today!! :P

Jenny said...

Such a great list about Greg. You forgot to add his LOVE for food and how he will eat about anything you put in front of him!

I am giggling over the eyes picture. Poor Greg we should have him practice for pictures more often. Okay the chicken bisquit this morning isn't cutting it. I am officially starving. Hmmm I maybe calling later for a "love" food date. hee hee.

Donna said...

WOW! what fun day you and your kids had!!!!!!

Kari said...

What a sweet post!!! I'm so glad you got a good guy. Sorry you are alone on this Valentines day.

Also, I answered your music question on my blog. If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help ya if I can!! I'm not extremely computer literate but I know a few things and I'm happy to share what I know!!!

Crystalyn said...

sweet post angie. great list. sounds like you had a great day! your girls are so cute.

Allison said...

Great list! I feel the same way when Richard is out of town. Things just seem to run more smoothly when the whole family is together.

I am glad you still were able to have a fun day with your girls.

pam said...

You are Greg are such a cute couple, so complimentary to each other. What a sweet list about your one and only. Have a good week while he's gone and hopefully it will fly by.

Kari said...

Oh Angie, I LOVE the music!!! How'd you get it on here without the video? See your better than me at this!!

I find that I linger a little longer when there's a good song on, so I just might be leaving my computer open to your blog!! LOL

Jana said...

I love that song!

Your husband sounds like a fabulous person.

Amie said...

Your list about Greg is so sweet.

I am chopped liver at our house too. I never "win" when Jimmy is around. It's nice though, guilt free alone time when they both want to go with him (I didn't do any coercing right?).

I know from Jenny's post that your alone week is over. I hope it was better than you thought. It is nice to hear about someone else who gets teary (I all out cry) when their husband leaves. It is hard for me too. Just like you said because I want him around, not really that I need his help physically.

michelle said...

What a sweet tribute to your valentine!