Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4th grader??

Lately, it seems Mackenzi, has a more than her fair share of homework. I understand she is getting older and more and more is required as you become older. I am amazed at the stuff she comes home with. I realize it has been a really long time since I was doing 4th grade work, but should I feel so dumb when it comes to her work? I am very proud of her and the ability she has in catching on quickly, paying attention in class, and keeping straight A's, while juggling extra after school activities. Things have changed in the way kids are taught now, in comparison to the way I learned to do stuff, especially math. I get so frustrated when trying to help Mackenzi and explain to her how to do something(the way I know how to do it). She also gets frustrated with me, when I don't understand what she is explaining to me. I have decided instead of the student handbook, with the rules and policies, dress code, etc, of the school district, they send home on the first day of school, they need to send home a "parent manual" for teaching. I feel I need to be taught the strategies, examples, techniques that my kids will be using throughout the year.

I'm beginning to think I have a freshman instead of a 4th grader. I realize with each passing day, week, month, and year the children are being taught more and more. I too, notice that they are being taught about responsiblity. Each day Mackenzi comes home with math work, language arts work, sometimes science, and writing. Whew!! That's alot to have to tackle in one afternoon's time.

Today is a busy day for us. The girls get home from school a few minutes after 3 and we have to leave for dance by 4:00. That means she runs in, does her homework, has a snack, changes clothes, and is prepared for swim (in case we try and get that in on Wednesdays), in about 45 minutes. Well, tonight there was no possble way we would be done with homework before we left for dance. For some reason tonight she had language arts and math homework, plus she had to write a story about the ocean,(what she has been learning in science) using ten or more of her spelling words. Writing doesn't come easy to her, (or me) and it is even more difficult when trying to use words that have nothing to do with the ocean.

Maryn joined Mackenzi at the table, and doodled for over an hour on her magna doodle, while Mackenzi wrote her story. You gotta love the rootbeer can she had while she worked. I'm sure in a few years it will be a diet coke, if she takes after me. hehehe

After dance we opted out of swim practice since the writing assignment was still awaiting our return home. Thankfully Greg was home for about an hour to help guide her in a good direction. I tend to steer her in the direction I would take and not get her ideas and then lead her in that way. She ate dinner while doing her rough draft, and then showered to give herself a break. Finally around 830 she was all done and ready for bed. She has a reading test tomorrow, which is another reason I was surprised they were given so many assignments the night before. Mackenzi tends to have test anxiety, just like ME!! so hopefully she will rest well tonight and have a good day, and do well tomorrow.

I'm nervous to think beginning next year Maci will too, have more homework and wonder if I will be able to keep up with it. What on earth will I do when they all need my help with home work and I have no idea how to help them?

What is your take on homework? Are you ever stumped by your kids work? How much is too much?

I wanted to wish my oldest friend ,Stephanie a very Happy Birthday today. I don't think she reads my blog but I wanted to wish her a great day anyway.

Angie & Stephanie at our recital when we were 7.

Stephanie and I became friends when we were 4 years old. We were in the same tap and ballet class. Stephanie helped out at my wedding reception and I was lucky enought to be a one of her bridesmaids. Although we don't talk very often, I still consider her a very good friend. Steph, I hope you have a very wonderful day full of love, laughs, and many fun memories that you will cherish forever.

Good Mail delivery from Kacey. Cute doodlebugs' notepad, Valentine napkins and a sweet note. Thanks Kacey for making me snile when I checled the mail today.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Confined to Home

Today I have been bound to my house. Maryn was still sick during the night and didn't sleep much. I can attest to that, since I was battling for space with her, in a twin bed. Jenny thankfully offered to drive the kids to school today so I wouldn't have to wake Maryn. After her being awake from 230 until about 430 she was snoozing when I would have had to leave to drop the other kids off. I had all intentions of crawling back in my bed, but I started cleaning up breakfast, doing laundry. sweeping the floors, and before I knew it my VT would be arriving in less than 15 minutes. I jumped in the shower, to freshen up a bit. I hated for them to see me in my jammies and looking so rough. I put on sweats and a little makeup so I looked a little better for them. Maryn woke up just a few minutes before they got here and seemed a bit happier than she was when I last chatted with her around 430 a.m.!!

It was a quick visit, the ones I love the most. Maryn watched a movie while I mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms, and dusted. She fell asleep way too early, so I being the mean Mom I am, decided to vacuum to see if I could stir her into conciousness. It worked. She kept sayin gshe was hungry and I couldn't find anything here they she wanted. Jenny called and saifd she was out and asked if I needed anything. I quickly said, "my daily drug", some children's motrin, a sprite, and something for Maryn to eat. She brought back my stuff and some chicken noodle soup for Maryn, from ChickfilA. Of couse by that time, Maryn wasn't into eating. She was only ASKING for a nap. I laid her down, finished cleaning up some things, and then I stretched out acroos my bed. Before I knew it I was out. I woke up a few times, making sure I wasn't sleeping through the bus.

Jenny called and asked if she could go running with me after the kids got home. I said, of course. Nothing better than a friend to chat with, moan to, and to help me get through the torture of a 3 mile run. I was a bit down after not getting to exercise this morning. I have come somewhat reliant on my daily "kick start". So when I miss, for what ever reason, I get into a slump. So this afternoon was a much needed kick start, only 8 hours late.

Against Greg's wishes, I am going to tell you what I did about thirty minutes after I got done running with Jen. First, remember I am planning on running a 4 mile race on Saturday. When I got home, Greg was here. I told him to change is clothes and to go running. It acted like he didn't want to go since he had just gotten home. I told him I would go with him and we could chat without the girls. He said your crazy. You can't go run 3 more miles. I convinced him I could do it, but he may have to run slower than he normally does. We took off and immediately I was questioning my decision. We ran. moaned, huffed, jogged, our way around our route. I couldn't believe it. I jsut ran more than I have ever ran and at somewhat of a normal pace. It took Jen & I about 25 minutes to run and Greg and I did it in about 26 minutes. Greg definitely ran my pace. He could have finished in less than 24 minutes, but he stuck with me. As you are probably thinking, I'm CRAZY!! I realize that now. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my feet hurt. YES, I'm dying!!

Today was a bit of a lonely, day knowing I was confined to home. I am glad I got some things cleaned up that otherwise wouldn't have gotten done if I would have been running errands. Maryn seems to be feeling a bit better. I fianlly got her to eat some chicken nuggets and hopefully they will stay put.

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Wishes, Belated Birthday Wishes

I just found out I was in the doghouse, with my sister Allison, for not posting about my niece's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I didn't forget her birthday. I called and talked to her on the phone, but during all of the ice and cold weather we were having I totally spaced putting her picture on my blog on January 14. Sorry, Kindred, Allison, Max, & Kallee. I didn't mean to forget.

We hope you had a fun day with lots of hug, kisses, laughs, smiles, and love. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate your day with you. We love and miss you bunches!!


Today is our nephew, Dalles', 2nd birthday. This BIG guy belongs to Greg's sister, Tori and her husband Alan. They live in California, so we aren't able to spend birthdays with them.

HAPPY HAPPY 2ND Birthday BIG "D"!! We hope you had a fun day with lots of love, laughs, smiles, giggles, and a really long nap! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to see you and see how big you have gotten.


On another note Maryn is feeling a bit under the weather, again. Tonight while I was being the taxi driver for the girls, Maryn said she needed to throw up. WHAT?? Does she even know what it feels like to have a tummy ache. I ignored her pleas, until she actually did throw up all over herself, the car seat, and the floor of the van. Of course, she hadn't eaten much today. I pulled the car over and found it was my most favorite thing have to clean up, curdled milk! Man, does that stuff stink. I had to hold back a few dry heaves myself, while on the side of the road, trying to clean her up enough to go and get the girls from dance and swim. Hopefully it was just a one timer. She is quietly sleeping right now.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

Some thoughts on this last Sunday of January~

The power of music has been seen around our home, and in our car recently. When things get too high strung, chaotic, loud, crazy, upset, disruptive, I start turning tvs, games, etc. off and put on music instead. I just feel so much better when the house isn't screaming so many different noises all at once. No matter what CD I choose to play, whether it is one of our favorites like Grey's Anatomy, a Kid Bop, country 2-stepping songs, or church music the feeling of our home reverses. Everyone begins to smile if they were upset about something. There's always soemone that starts kicking up their heels and begins to sway to the beat. Sometimes it just gets quiet and all you here is the words and beat of the music. It has definitely been helping me stay more patient when things are getting out of hand. I just quietly turn off all movies, tv shows, video games, and turn on the tunes and it helps me to not be so quick to yell when things are out of control.

One the way to church we have been listening to the primary songs for this year and it makes my eyes well up with tears when I hear my girls singing the songs. Some of the songs are familiar to me and brings back memories of when I was in primary and learning these songs for the first time. Other songs are new and it is fun to be able to learn the songs with them, and since I am in primary I need to know them so it is fun to sing along (or try to sing along) with them. Not only are Mackenzi and Maci learning songs and singing them but our little Maryn is becoming quite the singer.

Maryn has always loved music and her temperment has often changed by hearing songs. She knows more words to Radio Disney songs than I do and sings on key, too. One of the nursery leaders came up to me the other day and said how much Maryn loves singing and dancing in nursery. She becomes so excited she giggles and rushes to get the toys cleaned up so they can have singing time. I have tried several times to get her to sing some of the songs she sings in nursery but she never will do it. Today I decided to put in her nursery songs cd in the car instead of the girls primary one. I got all emotional because my little baby is no longer a baby. She was belting out Popcorn Popping, Sunbeam, Do As I'm Doing and others like she has been singing them for years. I love the fact she is learning new things, but a little sad that she is growing up. And since she is most likely our caboose it will be the last time one of our children learns these precious songs for the first time. She seems too little to know so much but am so happy she loves to learn, sing, and dance. I just need to sit back, take it all in, and enjoy all of my girls learning to love music and the way the spirit teaches us through songs.

My February Ensign came in the mail yesterday. Greg got called in to work, so I put the girls to bed and curled up on the couch to just skim over some of the articles. Seeing the picture of the Temple on the cover made me anxious to read the quotes, thoughts, and personal stories of the Temple.

I loved this from President Hinckley-
A Sancturary of Service
"Inside the Temple...the world is left behind with its clamor and rush. In the house of the Lord there is tranquillity. Those who serve here know they are dealing with the matters of eternity. All are dressed in white. Speech is subdued. Thoughts are elevated..."

The articles about temples and their importance makes me want to attend the temple more often. When the San Antonio Temple was dedicated back in 2005 Greg & I set a goal to go regularly. We wanted to to try and go once a month but when we realized that wasn't working we changed to once a quarter. Seeing how the temple is probably only 30 minutes away we should be going more often, BUT admit we have been slacking. I would love to go once a month and may try and do this again. I love to go with Greg but since his schedule is pretty crazy I may just have to go alone if I can get a sitter sometimes during the day. I love the peace I feel while I am there and miss it.

Anther article that I enjoyed reading was written by Robert D. HAles. 10 Axioms to Guide Your Life. He said, Here are 10 axioms, distilled from my own experience of the livcing the gospel. I hope they are helpful to you in determingthe priciples that should guide your life.

The axioms are -
1. It's not the obstacle that counts, but how you over come it.
2. Pursue your goals with all your heart, might, mind, and strenghth. You are doomed to failure if you pursue them in a vacillating manner.
3. From a tiny spark can come a large fire.
4. Our greatest strengths can become our greatest weaknesses.
5. Failure is one of the greatest teachers if we ahve faith to learn from it.
6. It is not how you start the race or where are are druing the race. It is how you cross the finish line that matters.
7. "If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money; but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own afvantage."
8. You cannot learn from the Lord's will without exercising your agency and becoming acountable for your decisions.
9. The more things change, the more they can stay the same.
10. The temple to God is the greatest university.

Some great advice from Elder Hales that I needed, particulary right now.

"A Foundation for the Future in San Antonio" was another article I enjoyed reading. It talked about three families here in SA that gave all they had to the building of Zion here, just as other pioneers have, throughout the world. It is amazing to learn how the church is brought to some areas of the world, especially one where I am currently living. I will just let you read this on your own. I can't link it yet since it isn't on the website. I'll try and come back late this week and link the story here.

Greg got called into work to see af ew patients and went home teaching this afternoon. We made fajitas for dinner and then had Family Home Evening. Mackenzi planned it all and gave a lesson on sustaining our leaders especially our bishop. She did a great job and assigned everyone a part. We played Uno Attack, which I am proud to say I won 3 of the 5 rounds we played. Yea Baby!! We talked about our week, everyone chose what they wanted for dinner each night. This helps me alot, because if I don't have dinners planned out, then it's just easy to say we will grab something out. We made snickerdoodle cookies and planned on watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition(something we do together as a family every week) but it was a rerun we had already seen so we called Grammy & Poppy instead. All the girls talked to them and expressed to them how they miss them and can't wait until they come a nd visit.

It has been a great Sunday. It was nice to have Greg with me during Sacrament meeting. Primary was chaotic as always, but my kids in my class seem to be warming up to me being their teacher. I don't know if they are really starting to like me or if my cookie and treat bribes each week are helping.

*How was your Sunday? What did you do after church?*

Thursday, January 25, 2007

They're Back

Sunshine and Shadows!

Maci, Maryn, & Mackenzi

I have been waiting all day for the girls to come home from school so I could take a picture of them for this post. I almost just took the picture of me and Maryn but I knew Mackenzi and Maci would be so disappointed if they were not included.

After, what has seemed like forever without sunshine it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today. For the past few weeks it has been cloudy, rainy, freezing, sleeting, storming, icky, yucky, depressing... here in San Antonio. So today was a welcome sight!!

Being a girl that absolutely loves the sun, I wouldn' t be too upset if it ever rained. Well, maybe it could rain once or twice a week if it only did it in the middle of the night. That would be perfect. Sunny days and rainy nights. The sunny days would keep me, for the most part, cheerful and the rainy nights would be perfect for sleeping. It would definitely be a win/win situation.

I woke up this morning with plans on not going to the gym to run. Instead, I decided I would give my legs a break from running and opt for my morning walk and chat. When I walked outside it was bitterly cold(well for Texas). I couldn't beleive I was about to torture Maryn with a 35 minute, 3 mile walk in the cold. I usually warm up after about mile 2 but the kids are freezing the entire time. I layered her clothes on like she was going out for a snowball fight and headed out. It was a nice change but still a difficult walk. Pushing a stroller, not to mention one that has nearly 30 pounds of hand weights in the basket underneath, should't be that hard after I have been running close to 4 1/2 miles for nearly two weeks. I guess the added weight of Maryn and the weights is really a workout afterall. After I got home from walking I decided to put out my Valentine's Day stuff. Of course the only things I have is a door hanger, a flag and a heart shaped container for my M&M's.

After I showered and was dressed and ready for my day I stopped and realized I really had nothing planned for the day. The only things I had to do was drop off a birthday gift to one of my primary kids(I dropped off another one yesterday), go to the post office, get a diet coke, and my car washed. Jenny came by and gave me some "boy" wrapping paper. Having all girls, it isn't too often I can find boy wrapping paper or gift bags lying around my house. We discussed our exciting day and realized they weren't very exciting. We decided on McDonald's(YUCK) for a change of scenery. The kids played while we indulged in the loviness of a double cheesburger(WE DID SHARE IT THOUGH)! As we were eating I kept saying, "Why are we doing this to ourselves." "I may need to go running this afternoon and run some of this off." Jenny quickly agreed that our foolish choice of lunch will earn us two workouts for today. I know some of you are probably thinking that is crazy to workout again just because of eating bad food, but it isn't that terrible. I am planning on running in a 4 mile race next weekend(I need the extra training run) and the weather is great for an afternoon run.

So here's to a beautiful sunny day in San Antonio, one that was very welcomed. Tomorrow it is back to clouds and a chance of rain. BLEH!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does It Ever End?

I feel like I am drowning in sickies lately.

I'll begin with sicky children...well, Maryn!
After her bout with RSV, we thoguht she was on the mend after a week of breathing treatments and oral steroids. She continued to be extra fussy, and then started complaining of her ear hurting. After a few nights of her waking up just two or three hours after putting her to bed and sleeping withus all night I decided it was time for Greg to do something. He checked out her ears and of course she hd an ear infection. Of course she had an ear infection why else would she say her ear "hut" and cry nonstop for several days. Well she practically does scream nonstop EVERYDAT but that's a whole other post. We got her some antibiotics and started treating her. For sure we were definitely on the feel better side of this mountain we had been climbing...

UNTIL her exzema seemed to be out of control on Friday.

A very happy Maryn, only because I was taking her picture!

She has had terrible exzema since she was born, practically. She has been treated with many different steroid crams, oral steroids, lotions, creams, soaps... Some days it is so bad on her feet that they bleed. It had gotten so bad on her feet that she refused to wear shoes other than flip flops until just about a month ago when the weather has been too chilly to allow her to continue wearing flip flops. On Friday the exzema made its way onto her face where it had never been before. I remember our pediatrician saying once before if gets on her face it may be a food allergy. I hope it wasn't and asked Greg to ask around at the hospital to get others' opinions. He happened to see and allergist, as a patient, and he asked him what he thought. He said usually when it makes it way to the face it is either from mountain cedar or a food allergy. Mountain cedar didn't seem to be at a very high level since the ice storm, but I hoped it was. The top three food allergy that is apparent with exzema are soy, corn, and peanuts. I don't feed her tofu so I figured the soy was not the culprit. Corn and peanuts were definitely red flags to me. Her TOTAL diet(please no judging on my being a good or bad Mom), consists of ramen noodles, hotdogs(on occassion I think she is getting burned out), chips(especially ones made form corn like doritos and funyuns), Chick fil A(she would eat this for every meal if I allowed) and they fry their stuff in PEANUT oil!! I hoped it would clear up. It has and I'm not sure what made it get better. I have been greasing her up at night, she ahsn't eaten ChickfilA since Friday, and her chip intake is down a huge amount. So hopefully it isn't a food allergy to something she SURVIVES on and something I give her so I can SURVIVE! I guess I will contiue to monitor this and it will happily work out for all of us.

Sicky Dishwasher

I woke up the other morning to my dishwasher button lights illuminated. I just assumed my sweet husband had turned it on before coming to bed the night before. I began unloading the "clean" dishes, and half way throught they became more"unclean" than "clean". Maybe Greg hadn't ran the dishwasher that night. I then began unloading my kitchen cupboards and refilling the dishwasher. I turned it on again and walked away. After my mornign errand I returned home to the same light on the dishwasher, which I asumed was the clean light. I looked more closely this time and relaized it was a light I had never seen on before. I couldn't figure out the problem and waited until Greg came home to check things out for me. He became frustrated when Mr. Handyman had no idea what the issue was. I then became frustrated as I unloaded it again and then began handwahsing everything. Not usually a big deal but this day it was a bigger deal.

The next morning he called Sears to see if they had any suggestions on it and said it sounded like the control panel was screwed up. To get soemone out to look at it was 65 bucks just to get tem here and then for them to replace the control panel it would be soemwhere in the ball park of $170. So they were telling us our 2 1/2 year old dishwasher was onthe frits and would cost around 250 smackers to get it working again. WHAT??? We only paid 250 dollars for it brand new. Yes, it was on clearacne because it was the previous year's model but it was NEW for the same price they were saying I needed to pay to fix it.

Well, I was all about handwashing dishes since we would only be living in this house for about seven more months but then I thought, "to sell the house, we get an inspection, it wouldn't pass inspection if evry thing wasn't working". We had to get a new one either now(for me to enjoy) or wait, suffer through 7 months of handwashing every bowl, spoon, cup, pan we use and then buy the next owner a brand spankin' new one to enjoy. I'm not crazy. I decided I wanted to enjoy it before someone else gets to enjoy it. Greg went out looking and found a new one with a "little" imperfection(what I like to call two dents in the front panel) for 200 dollars. I admit I wasn't too keen on the idea of something that wasn't perfect at first, but after much persuading Greg convinced me if the next owner couldn't handle a dent or two in the dishwahser then they would probably not want our house that probably has bigger problems than that.

So now we are the proud new owners of a dishwasher we will be using for half a year.

I'm hoping and praying things will stay healthy around here for awhile because I don't know if my patience, sanity, and my own health can handle anything else.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hunchback Of...

I may be someone who is out of the ordinary when it comes to telling people, especially ones that I don't even know, things they should change or things that happen to be wrong with them. Only my closest family and friends will ever get my true opinion or find me telling them when they have a booger in their nose, their fly is open, they have a hair growing somehwere it shouldn't be...

Today I was a bit shocked, to say the least, when I was confronted by an older trainer at the gym. She definitely has to be on the "got nards" list of people I know, or somewhat know. This lady has no problem with these kinds of things. She has corrected me a few times when she sees me on one of the weight machines if she thinks I'm not exactly doing it correctly, or if she thinks I should change one thing about how I'm doing it to work a different area or something. I know she probably knows what she is talking about and I have taken her advice before but today I was a little taken back at her comments to me and didn't know whether to thank her or what. Don't get me wrong I totally agree with what she was referring to, BUT I could have never gone up to a stranger, so to speak, and given them an ear full like she did me.

First, I need to set up this scenario. I had just gotten off of the treadmill, where I had been the last 40 minutes and 4 1/2 miles. I went over to the free weight area to do the bench press and work on my abs. I needed a drink of water so I walked over to the water fountain, and got the feeling I was being watched. I got my drink and then turned to walk back to the weights when Olga (this 60 year old retired trainer) said something to me. I was jamming to my MP3 player so I couldn't here anything she was saying. I took out my headphones to hear her say, "Do you mind me asking how old you are?" Of course I don't mind! I'm thinking, she's thinking, I'm alot younger than I actually am. I replied, "No, I'm 34". She continues with, "OH YOUR STILL YOUNG"! She seemed a little caught off guard. So was she thinking I was older than I actually was or what?

She precedes to ask me if I ever work out my back. I said I sometimes have and occassionally still do but I'm more worried about a fat butt than a "toned back". She looks at me with this very concerned mother look and says "you know you need to because you have terrrible posture!" "You are way to young to be walking around looking like you look." I know I have terrible posture. It runs in my family on my mom's side. My grandmother was so hunkered over before she passed away she probably shrunk several inches in her heighth. My mom has the same slumped shoulders and I have had them most of my life. I remember as a teenager wearing this back strap thing to help me remind myself to stand up straight. It has always bothered me but I thought it wasn' t that big of a deal. I just assumed this is how I was and I would continue to be this way. Well, Olga assured me I was still young enough to strengthen my upper, middle, and lower back muscles so I would have "beautiful" posture. The only real compliment(well I almost take it as a NON-compliment since it isn't true), she gave was that I hardly have any body fat. WHOA OLGA! You haven't seen me in my birhtday suit! I do have body fat and it is quite sickening! I was glad she told me these things, but in the same way I was, upset, embarrassed, sad, and shocked that it was that obvious. I know I slump and would love to have better posture but I don't make an effort to think about it constantly.

Maybe now I'll try and take Olga's advice and work on my back muscles and not worry so much about my butt, hips, and thighs. Well, I won't go that far, now I'll just be at the gym longer working on my slump after I work on my booty! I assume I have no other choice since am now labeled as the "Hunchback of Spectrum!" and she is there practically every day! There is no escaping her!

Do you think this was too harsh? Has anyone ever walked up to you, while you were thinking "I'm about to get a compliment", when in reality you get a slap in the face?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is our yummy tortilla soup I made last night for dinner. It was so good to have something warm in my body after being cold and seeing sleet and icicles all day.

This is definitely one of the funniest things I've seen weather related. It was very windy yesterday with gusts above 25 mph most of the day. That is bone chilling in Texas. Not only did it never get above freezing but the wind chill was in the teens most of the day. As we were leaving this morning for the gym the girls started laughing and saying look, look, MOM!! Obviously at some point the wind blew the basketball net up and then it froze there. The girls loved this!

This is a very rare site at our house. I think it has been icy every year we have lived in SA but this is the longest we have had to endure it consecutively. The icicles ar on their way to being weapons they are so big.

You have to love it is cold enough in Texas to have ice everywhere. It just isn't something we experience that often. The kids are loving be out of school again today but it is on the verge of driving me CRAZY!! I just dread now that they have to make up 2 days on the only two days(other than spring break) they have off the rest of the year. I actually like the three day weekends because they have been able to go to Grammy & Poppy's on these weekends before. If, course this is fun for them to play with their cousins and fun for me because I always get things done around here and it is nice to go out on dates and not have to pay a sitter.

The girls are not happy they will be returning to school tomorrow. Me on the other and am a bit on the giddy side that our 5 day weekend is coming to an end. I had fun with them home but good things must come to and end, RIGHT?

I had to document myself out in the cold and as you can see I am wearing a sweat suit. This actually means it must be pretty dreary and chilly because I HATE myself in clothes like this. I know they are the most comfortable clothes you can wear but I don't feel very cute and comfortable in this. I have to admit I for went my usual opinion of myself and dressed like this yesterday and today. I think I was okay with it because I really didn;t have to go anywhere and it felt good to be cozy and warm. I'm so glad this CRAZY weather seems to be coming to and end. It finally got up to 34 degrees today!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice, Sleet, Snow?...

Last night Greg was at work and stopped at WalMart to get a couple of things and to get a tarp to put on his windshield during the night. He needed to be up around 430 am to get to work and didn't want to have to scrape the ice off. He grabbed a few more tarps to try and cover our shrubs but as you can see it didn't cover them completely. We hated to have them freeze and die just before we are to put the house up for sale. Hopefully the tarps helped some and they can make it even though they are pretty crunchy.

This is what we woke up to this morning . The weather continued to get worse last night and we were informed that schools would be closed today so I turned off Mackenzi & Maci's alarm clock, hoping they would sleep in. That didn't work they were up getting dressed for school about five minutes after the alarm should have gone off. I informed them school had been cancelled and to get back in bed. Mackenzi listened and was sound asleep in just a few minutes but Maci cuddled up with me in my bed but never really went back to sleep.

It Ain't Stoppin Me, Baby!!

Mackenzi made the comment to Taylor this morning that nothing is going to stop her mom from working out. Sad, but somewhat (not completely) true. I figured if I could get to the gym, the kid's club was open, then I would be running my legs off and quickly warming up my oh-so cold body.

I bundled up the kids and went against everyone's (the news people) advice and made my way to the gym. I have recently been accused of being obsessed with working out and admit I choose what I eat based on if I exercise or not. Very sad but oh-so true! Well, today, like yesterday was on of those days where I needed to get to the gym to get in a quick run before the weather was such that I couldn't even get there. I was scolded by my girls about this though. After having the news on nonstop this morning due to the very abnormal weather we are experiencing, the girls kept hearing the newscaster repeat over and over to just stay home unless it was an emergency. I agree my exercising isn't quite an emergency but it is not that far from our house and the roads I travel to get there are not elevated so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I am happy to say that since I mentioned to Greg that we run in the 4 mile Rodeo Stampede race, I have been able to run farther than I ever thought my body could endure. Last week I ran our walk route(a little more than three miles) in about 26 minutes. Then at the gym Saturday, yesterday, and today I went 4 1/4 miles in a little less than 38 minutes(not that it was easy. I was dying!!!). Woo-Hoo!! Maybe I can actually run in an official race.

After the gym, we stopped at Sonic to get my daily diet coke and were the only people there. I was a little nervous that they were closed when I pulled up but they happily brought out my large diet coke with EXTRA ICE!!! I know on days like today extra ice shouldn't be a request, but I sadly admit I refill my cup several times a day with cans from home if the ice lasts.

This is our slide on the swing set after we came home from the gym around noon. It started to sleet fairly hard while we were driving home and even thought it may be a light snow but it wasn't. They are dying to go out and play in it , but honestly I have no desire to have them sick so I promised if it starts to snow they can bindle up again and go out.

As soon as we arrived home I loaded up the crock pot with my tortilla soup recipe ingredients. It is beginning to smell yummy and I look forward to Greg getting home(hopefully he can make it home at a decent time) and eating warm soup and cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and good movie.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Chili Because It's Chilly!!! AND A Lemon...

Chili is always on our dinner menu when the weather is a bit chilly. Today was one of those days, and not just for us but several others, who I over heard talking about making chili tonight, too.

Not to worry our chili recipe doesn't consist of lemons, BUT my car seems to be on it's way to be labeled as the small sour fruit. I had my car worked on last week and one of the things I had them check out, did just that (for them), check out. They fixed the brakes but found nothing wrong with the sound it was making when you are going kind of slow and then turn. To me it was almost the same noise I heard back in November when they replaced the steering wheel pump. They didn't seem to find anything wrong with the sound it was making so they sent me on my way, telling me if I was ever nearby and it was making the noise to just come by and they would look at it again.

WELL, after I left the gym this morning (too cold to go for my walk) I needed to go by HEB and get a few things in case I wouldn't be able to venture out due to the weather. I was driving around the parking lot, in search of a somewhat close space, when "the noise" returned. Since I was less than five minutes from the dealership I made a mad dash, literally, there. I was so mad that I had just had it there a week ago and they didn't hear anything and now here it was making the same noise. The service guy hopped in with me and we took off and of course he heard what I seemed to hear and said they would get it in right away. CRAP!! I have no way home and I have two of my three girls with me, it's lunch time, I promised them CHick filA after our HEB run, and here we are stuck with only 2 Krispy Kreme donuts left in the service waiting area. I couldn't tell the people I would bring it back, then it would look like it wasn't that big of a deal to get it fixed. I knew Doug, Jenny, their kids, & Mackenzi were having lunch at Chuy's and all of their seats were full in their van, so I couldn't call them. I called Greg's cell phone but no answer, he had several surgeries today, so I was out of luck in the "hitch a ride" department. I waited, and waited, and waited, for what seemed like eternity and then tried to call Greg one more time. Of course a nurse or someone answered his phone and said the surgery would be done in about 20 minutes. That sounded reasonable, I could juggle my two very unhappy hungry girls for half and hour. While I was counting each second of this "20 minutes" they came to tell me my car would be ready in 30 minutes. Feeling relieved that I soon would be free to leave I realized the 20 minutes left in surgery soon turned into an hour. My cell phone rang and I informed Greg not to worry the car would be ready in a few minutes so there was no need to drive over to get me....

If you can't see where this is going I'll continue...The 30 minutes left on the car soon became 40 minutes, 45, 50... I was getting irritated by this time. It's been over 2 hours it's almost 2pm(way past lunch time)and I'm still waiting. Finally they came, AFTER Greg called back to make sure I had left there, and told me they replace the power steering pump again BUT it stll continues to make the same noise. "IT'S NORMAL", they say. They drove another Odyssey and it made the same noise. How's that possible? Mine hadn't made that noise until the pump went out the first time back in November and other one's I've ridden in have never made these noises. WHATEVER? (I am thinking to myself). I'LL BE BACK I'M SURE!!
Sorry for going off like that, but I do think I have a lemon on my hands.

After a nonproductive, miserable, freezing day, the chili was yummy and warmed me up.

I decided to not make Maci go to dance tonight, she had voiced her opinion on not going and I couldn't bear the thought of forcing her to go. I did want to take Mackenzi to swim so I wouldn't feel like I had to take her every other day this week. They have swim practice every night but she only has to go to at least three. I bathed Maryn & Maci and bundled them up and we made our way to swim only to find it dark and closed!! I assume the weather was the issue since I made sure to ask last week if they were cancelling practice due to the holiday from school today.

I'm so glad this day had come to an end BUT not ready for tomorrow. I got online to check to see if trash pickup was still scheduled for tomorrow, because of the freezing rain and possible snow, and I saw my worst nightmare when I clicked on the news website. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW FOR MY KIDS!!!! WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH THEM HOME ANOTHER DAY WITH FREEZING TEMPS? I can't even send them outside to let them wear off some energy and boredom. Why can't they just start a couple of hours late?

How do you feel about car issues?
What do you do with your kids when you are stuck inside because of weather?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

There's a Chill In The Air!

I know, I know, I live in Texas and we have abnormally warm weather hear most of the time. But there is an arctic front making it's way towards us that came from Canada. Most of you are already experiencing down right frigid temperatures. I looked on line to see how the weather is in Utah and was shockd to see the low today was -6 and the high is only going to be 15 degrees. I think I would die if I had to experience that.

A not so good picture of the weather we are getting. Notice my neighbors STILL have their Christmas lights on and it is JAN 14TH!!!!

Anyway, tonight we are supposed to get sleet and freezing rain and the high tomorrow is going to only be 35!! Then it is going to continue to drizzle rain. Tuesday the high is only going be 36. I have no idea what i'm going to do with myself with rain and freezing temps, my two LEAST favorite weather issues. I get way depressed when it rains, and the only time I enjoy the rain is at night when it makes me sleep better. When it is cold(anything below 45 degrees) I literally fell like I am going to break in half. I walk around shivering, my bones and joints ache, and I'm not a happy camper.

I'm not looking forward to the next few days of cold rainy weather , but suppose I will survive. I'll just cozy up in my warmest clothes and venture out as little as possible and when I do I'll be grateful it isn't in the single digits here.

On another note( a much happier one), Bridget mailed me a great package of pedicure stuff. Now that's a true friend mailing me something I absolutely love, a few days before HER birthday. Thanks B for thinkin gof me. You delicious package along with a little something else I put together will be in your hand in just a few days. I hope you have a fabulous day.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today has been a very productive day for me, thanks to no transportation and a good friend and her good deeds.

I made plans to take my car in to get some things checked out on it today, which meant I would be without a car for most of the day. If any of you know me that is pure torture!! I headed to the gym this morning(it was still too cold for Maryn to go for a walk) then dropped the car off at the dealership. Jenny was nice enough to come and get me and we stopped off to get our diet cokes for the day. She told me if I didn't have any errands to run then she would just have Maryn come and play at her house so I could get some things done around the house.

Of course, I told her it was okay she didn't need to watch Maryn, but she insisted, like always. She brought me home and I immediately got to work. I hadn't done any serious cleaning in a while so it took me longer than usual to put a dent in it. Since Christmas I have been putting off going through some stuff and finding a home for other stuff so it was nice to tackle this kid-free. It is so amazing what I got done in less than three hours without any interruptions!

I wish I would have taken a before picture, of my room especially. It always seems our bedroom is the "catch all" room. Whenever there isn't a "home" for things I just automatically take it to my room and begin stacking things in corners, on a table, etc. Finally it looks somewhat like a master bedroom, but not totally. I still have no place for all of my craft/scrapbook things so they have found a permanent residence in the corner of our room. I dream for the day I have enough space in my house so all of the clutter will be out of sight. BUT Is there ever ENOUGH space?

I plan on finishing up a few things I didn't get to today, tomorrow. BUT I am so glad I was FORCED to stay home, FORCED to not have Maryn here, and FORCED to clean up. It feels so good, and I just hope it stays clean for at least a couple of days. I may become the wicked witch of the west if my girls destroy my hard work. hehehe!

Monday, January 08, 2007

In Honor of Kristi

Jenny and I couldn't resist making our weekly trip to Chuy's today, on Elvis's Birthday. They have several entrees on their menu named after him. They are actually having Elvis live there tonight. They would be wuite interesting to see who they found to partray him and to hear them sing. We picked up a few momentos they had and we loved the idea of taking a picture with these and posting it for Kristi's Birthday.

We hope you have a fantastic day full of lots of laughter, smiles, tons of love and many. many great memories.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

One For The Record Books!

Today was one of those days that could have made it into a record book. Maybe not the Guiiness Book of World records, but definitely into Angie's Record Book.

I had mentioned back last week, that on Christmas Eve Sunday, I was probably supposed to be one of the people that was asked to bear their testimony. I hadn't returned the bishop's phonecall from the Saturday night before, because I was scared he was calling to ask me something I didn't like to do. Well Jenny ended up probably taking my place that Sunday when she was asked just before Sacrament meeting started to bear her testimony, so my heart raced the entire meeting and when time ran out I was relieved, to say the least. I had said my testimony over, and over, and over that day.

Last night Greg got called in at around 2 a.m. and never came back home. His patient was a bit difficult so he decided to just find a bed at the hospital and laid down sometime after 4. He got up at 6 to round and made it home about 930. He said he was just going to lay down while I finished getting ready and he would go to church with us. Oh yea, we changed to 11 o'clock church today!!! Well, I decided not to wake him up because he was practically dead and never moved after he fell asleep. I made it to church and I continued to think about bearing my testimony and what I would say if I did.

WELL, Maryn, or someone else, knew my plan on getting up today, and kept challenging me during sacrament. Maryn was so fussy to the point she was acting like baby not a 2 1/2 year old. I was so nervous that each time I stood up to walk to the back with Maryn my knees would almost give out on me. Finally, I just told myself I would attempt it, take Maryn up with me(she would have screamed if I would have left her with Mackenzi & Maci), and see how it went. NOT GOOD!!! I seriously have no control of my emotions and as soon as I opened my mouth I felt like a blubbering fool! I started out relaying the story of the Christmas Eve Sunday, and I said I had this strong feeling I was one of people that was going to be asked to bear their testimony. I looked over my should at our Bishop, and he was grinning and nodding his head. I said that I am TERRIFIED of getting up in front of people and I amd extremely shy and feel my words never flow like I rehearse the in my head. My knees were seriously, shaking so hard that they were almost knocking the pulpit. And of course I was wearing boots today, and the Stake President was sitting directly behind me, and I thought he was afraid he was going to have to step in if I started to faint. I blubbered my way through my testimony saying a few things about forgiveness, my family, my daughters, President Hinkley...then I said I was thankful for my husband, THAT WASN'T THERE(I heard a few chuckles) and then I said something to the affect that he was going to kill me for him missing it since I don't do it very often. Then I heard louder chuckles. I finished and when I turned around to walk away the bishop thanked me. I felt stupid for being so emotional, but also felt good that I had overcome one of my biggest fears. Several people thanked me for showing courage and for adding to the spirit of the meeting. I also got a phonecall from a sister in the ward tonight thanking me. She said she is the same way, and she was sure there are others that don't get up because o fthe same reasons and I might have helped them, too.

The funny part of this story is, after I finished, me not knowing, Doug texted paged Greg thinking he was at work, telling him he missed it. Greg woke up to the beeping of his phone and said he felt ill when he read it but was so tired he couldn't even think straight. He got another call from a patient and decided to just come on to church even though he was only going to be their for priesthood. Several people told him he missed out, including the bishop and one of his counselors. I'm a bit sad he missed it but promised him and myself I would do it again sooner than later.

Our afternoon was nice and quiet. We grilled hamburgers, had FHE, planned our meals for the week, played Disney Scene It, and watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition as a family.

*Another one for the record books. I haven't lost my patience with my kids in two days!!!*

Friday, January 05, 2007


Maryn has had a runny nose for about a month, and thanks to my morning walks and the cold temperatures, hasn't been able to shake it. Last week, I went in to tuck her in before I went to bed and found her breathing short fast breathes. It sounded like she had been running and was out of breathe. I grabbed her out of bed and decided to let her sleep with us so we would be more aware of her condition. She continued to breathe these quick breathes all night so I called the pediatrician the next morning.

Greg took her and they gave her a breathing treatment and determined she had a mild case of RSV. The reason they labeled it "mild" was because she was a little older so it made her having RSV not as bad as a baby a little bit younger. She has been given steroids and takes breathing treatments several times a day, which she HATES! and seems to be feeling better.

Hopefully she is on the mend and will soon be back to herself, not that HERSELF is all that grand these days, but at least I just have to deal with terrible two's without the grumpy sickies.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My First 100!

I've been inspired by, Jill, Jenny,and a few others to name 100 things about myself. I didn't think I would be able to do it so easily, BUT it was and I have more than enough. So I will be keeping track of other things about myself and will soon be posting ANOTHER 100 things.

This is is ME in a nutshell...

1. I am a middle child.
2. I am a native Texan.
3. I prefer Diet Coke from the fountain, but Diet Dr Pepper from a can.
4. I was a lifeguard and only had to save two people. (one child one adult)
5. I love spicy food.
6. I went to girl's camp 11 years in a row. (4 as a participant 7 as a leader/lifeguard)
7. I love M&M's.
8. I played basketball from the 7th grade through my senior year.
9. I played the clarinet & the piano.
10. I wish I could still play the piano, now I just can play my right hand.
11. I'm extremely shy.
12. I have been deer hunting.
13. I've been wearing glasses/contacts since age 7.
14. I cry very easily.
15. I was the "queen" for a little league baseball team.

Scary glasses.

16. I love to snuggle with clean lotioned babies.
17. I would rather be hot than cold.
18. I hate math.
19. BUT I can remember anything related to #'s(phone #'s, addresses, birthdays...)
20. I learned how to drive in an old Datsun stick shift pickup truck.
21. I grew up driving the tractor in my PaPa's garden.
22. I've been to the Sacred Grove.

I took this picture when I was 16 on a church historical trip.

23. I went to college in Utah.
24. Sadly never earned a degree.
25. And never lost my "y'all" while I was out West. I tried my hardest to say "you guys" but couldn't!
26. I love to go camping and hiking.
27. I want to go river rafting.
28. My name was almost Amanda Kay.
29. We had chickens and pigs growing up.
30. My Kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Mudd.

31. I had braces for 1 year 11 months and a few days.
32. I still wear my retainer every other night.
33. I had TERRIBLE acne when I was a teenager/young adult.
34. During high school I often heard "Baby got back" & "Do you need fries with that shake?" walking down the hallway.
35. I wear my emotions on my sleeve.
36. I hate to talk in front of people.
37. I don't like to make new friends. I think I am afraid of being judged.

38. I have natural curly hair, BUT straighten it EVERY day.

39. I have never had a perm and never had my hair highlighted until I was 28.
40. I once was a lot bigger. I now weigh about 50 lbs less than my heaviest.

41. I always had crushes on baseball players, but married a football guy.
42. I love to be tanned even though my skin is beginning to show it.
43. I love mowing my yard.
44. I got my first full size washer & dryer last year. (We had these apartment size ones during med school. To use the washer we hooked it up to the kitchen sink, and sadly brought those with us when we began residency. They finally gave out after 9 years.)
45. I can't make decisions. I have a hard time deciding what to get on a menu when out to eat.
46. I like to watch sports.
47. I tried out for cheerleader 3 times and never made it.

This was way before I tried out for cheerleader, but I dreamed about being one at an early age.

48. I have a very sensitive nose.
49. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and coffee.
50. I have hazel eyes. Sometimes they're green sometimes they're blue.
51. I wish I was a better writer.
52. I wish I would have been an Interior designer.
53. I've had 2 black mustangs. (the car)
54. After our trip to NYC last year I would go back once a month just to see a broadway show.

55. I like to watch the Batchelor & Survivor.
56. Greg & I want to be on the Amazing Race.
57. I go to Target at least twice a week.
58. I only eat breakfast food for dinner.
59. I love to giggle especially with friends.60. I got engaged on the Riverwalk here in San Antonio.

Right after Greg proposed.

61. I can slalom waterski.
62. I want to someday be a photographer.
63. I am great friends with my Mom.
64. I love Chick fil A's chicken bisquits.
65. I love to climb in between soft clean sheets.
66. I HATE to run, BUT do so several times a week.
67. I love to collect Texas stuff.
68. I dream of going to Hawaii.
69. I love getting pedicures. (am desperately in need of one right now)
70. I have crooked fingers.

I went to several doctors to see about getting this fixed, but they just told me I had what was called the swan neck defect.

71. I wish I always had a clean, clutter free house.
72. I never had a garbage disposal growing up. I had my first one when I got married at age 23.
73. I wish I had gone on a mission. I only wanted to go if I could choose to be a tour guide at Temple Square and then I would have been forced to get over being shy.
74. I love reading the Ensign.
75. I want to get laser hair removal on my bikini lines and armpits!!!
76. I love flip flops, epecially these.

Cobian flip flops

77. I've been toilet papering.
78. I've driven over 100 mph.
79. I love chocloate milkshakes.
80. I wear firming lotion on my thighs & butt(it doesn't work all that well, but it makes me feel better).
81. I grew up listening to country music.
82. I love to go country dancing.
83. I wish I had magical powers. Like clicking my heels or wiggling my nose and my scrapbook would be caught up, my house would be clean, dinner would be cooked...
84. I like jewelry.
85. My favorite colors are pink and chocolate brown.
86. I always wanted to have three or four children.
87. I always wanted girls, and I have been blessed with 3 of them.

88. I feel sorry for Greg gowing up with only three sisters and now only having three daughters.
89. I love going to the movies, eating buttery popcorn and movie pickles.
90. I'm fascinated with glue dots, folex, magic erasers, & Biz.
91. I chased Greg for over a year before he officially asked me out.
92. I love quotes.
93. I have always wanted to write a children's book and greeting cards.
94. I love to travel, but always love arriving home.
95. I bruise easily.
96. I graduated form EARLY(6 am) morning seminary.
97. I never wore much makeup until the last five years.
98. I survive most days just eating wheat thins & candy.
99. I'm addicted to Chuy's and I could eat there several times a week.
100. I'll be 35 this year. yikes!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

SO LONG 2006 - HOWDY 2007

So Long to 2006

Hand in hand we survived 2006! Our family has been handed a few setbacks this year, but we FINALLY have come to realize they were for the best. Along with setbacks and trials comes blessings and beautiul memories that will have forever changed us as individuals and strengthened our little family.

So long to crying babies.

So long to being an underpaid physician, aka resident.

So long to tears shed because of loniliness.

So long to running the kids around alone.

So long to trips to the ER.

So long to starting our last year at Thornton.

So long to 9 am church and being late 3 out of every 4 Sundays.

So long to being pack rats.

So long to clutter and unorganized chaos.

So long to grumpiness.

So long to just sliding by spiritually & physically.

So long to being negative.

So long to disappointments.

So long to successful swim meets.

So long to our first real dance recital.

So long to trick or treating in Lincoln Park.

So long to Christmas decorations on our first home.

So long to trauma call.

So long to a wonderful 2006.

HOWDY to 2007

Howdy to crying toddlers, 6 year olds, & 9 year olds. hehehe

Howdy to our last New Year's spent in this home.

Howdy to finding the perfect job and place to live.

Howdy to Fiesta Texas season passes, one more time.

Howdy to another San Antonio summer.

Howdy to the end of Orthopedic training.

Howdy to Greg getting a REAL paycheck for all of his hard work.

Howdy to a bigger house.

Howdy to being the new kids on the block.( I dread this)

Howdy to being more patient.

Howdy to weekly FHE's, even if I'm alone with the girls.

Howdy to being more spritual.

Howdy to 11 am church and being on time!

Howdy to being happier.

Howdy to being healthier.

Howdy to more exercise.

Howdy to more date nights.

Howdy to more one on one time with the girls.

Howdy to being more positive.

Howdy to getting organized.

Howdy to leaving friends. (BOO-HOO!!)

Howdy to making new friends. (I hate the thought of this)

Howdy to leaving the only school our girls have known.

Howdy to starting a new school.

Howdy to more homecooked meals. (hopefully)

Howdy to being more in love...with myself, Greg, & the girls.

Howdy to many changes our family will face.

Howdy to many great memories for our family.

Howdy to a wonderful 2007!

I tried to come up with a list of goals for 2007, but decided my main goal is to be more patient. I defdinitely lack this wonderful quality so many have naturally. I figured if I strengthened my patience, everything else I want to do and everything I want to be will come by much easier. I can't be a better wife without patience. I can't be a better mom without patience. I can't be a better friend without patience. I can't be a better person without patience. I can't become more spiritual without patieince. I can't finish unfinished projects without patience. I can't become oranized without patience. I can't overcome mistakes without patience. Well you get the picture... to accomplish all of my goals I first need to learn to be more patient in all I do.

"Patience is the greatest of all virutes. "

I just had to add these pictures of our Southern traditional New Year's Day meal. If you are not from the south and never lived in the south you may not know about the traditional meal we eat.

Some time long, long ago someone decided that you were supposed to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage for New Year's Day. The blackeyed peas are to bring you good luck in the new year and cabbage is suppose to give you wealth. I am not a fan of cabbage and never eat it, maybe this is why I continue to not have much money.hehehe! Both of our families have this meal every year, so we try and continue this tradition. Even though it is not my most favorite food, and I would have loved to go to Chuy's (i haven't eaten there in over a week!!), I went along with our plans to have our usual lunch. Greg made most of the lunch for us, my only contribution was au gratin potatoes. Mackenzi helped him, as did Taylor while she was here playing.

ham & potatoes

black eyed-peas & cabbage

Happy 2007!