Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4th grader??

Lately, it seems Mackenzi, has a more than her fair share of homework. I understand she is getting older and more and more is required as you become older. I am amazed at the stuff she comes home with. I realize it has been a really long time since I was doing 4th grade work, but should I feel so dumb when it comes to her work? I am very proud of her and the ability she has in catching on quickly, paying attention in class, and keeping straight A's, while juggling extra after school activities. Things have changed in the way kids are taught now, in comparison to the way I learned to do stuff, especially math. I get so frustrated when trying to help Mackenzi and explain to her how to do something(the way I know how to do it). She also gets frustrated with me, when I don't understand what she is explaining to me. I have decided instead of the student handbook, with the rules and policies, dress code, etc, of the school district, they send home on the first day of school, they need to send home a "parent manual" for teaching. I feel I need to be taught the strategies, examples, techniques that my kids will be using throughout the year.

I'm beginning to think I have a freshman instead of a 4th grader. I realize with each passing day, week, month, and year the children are being taught more and more. I too, notice that they are being taught about responsiblity. Each day Mackenzi comes home with math work, language arts work, sometimes science, and writing. Whew!! That's alot to have to tackle in one afternoon's time.

Today is a busy day for us. The girls get home from school a few minutes after 3 and we have to leave for dance by 4:00. That means she runs in, does her homework, has a snack, changes clothes, and is prepared for swim (in case we try and get that in on Wednesdays), in about 45 minutes. Well, tonight there was no possble way we would be done with homework before we left for dance. For some reason tonight she had language arts and math homework, plus she had to write a story about the ocean,(what she has been learning in science) using ten or more of her spelling words. Writing doesn't come easy to her, (or me) and it is even more difficult when trying to use words that have nothing to do with the ocean.

Maryn joined Mackenzi at the table, and doodled for over an hour on her magna doodle, while Mackenzi wrote her story. You gotta love the rootbeer can she had while she worked. I'm sure in a few years it will be a diet coke, if she takes after me. hehehe

After dance we opted out of swim practice since the writing assignment was still awaiting our return home. Thankfully Greg was home for about an hour to help guide her in a good direction. I tend to steer her in the direction I would take and not get her ideas and then lead her in that way. She ate dinner while doing her rough draft, and then showered to give herself a break. Finally around 830 she was all done and ready for bed. She has a reading test tomorrow, which is another reason I was surprised they were given so many assignments the night before. Mackenzi tends to have test anxiety, just like ME!! so hopefully she will rest well tonight and have a good day, and do well tomorrow.

I'm nervous to think beginning next year Maci will too, have more homework and wonder if I will be able to keep up with it. What on earth will I do when they all need my help with home work and I have no idea how to help them?

What is your take on homework? Are you ever stumped by your kids work? How much is too much?

I wanted to wish my oldest friend ,Stephanie a very Happy Birthday today. I don't think she reads my blog but I wanted to wish her a great day anyway.

Angie & Stephanie at our recital when we were 7.

Stephanie and I became friends when we were 4 years old. We were in the same tap and ballet class. Stephanie helped out at my wedding reception and I was lucky enought to be a one of her bridesmaids. Although we don't talk very often, I still consider her a very good friend. Steph, I hope you have a very wonderful day full of love, laughs, and many fun memories that you will cherish forever.

Good Mail delivery from Kacey. Cute doodlebugs' notepad, Valentine napkins and a sweet note. Thanks Kacey for making me snile when I checled the mail today.


Kelly A. said...

I hear you on the homework! I have to leave math and science homework for my husband to deal with. I have even scanned the homework and emailed it to him when he is working late then they work it over the phone.

I love doing the stories or poems using spelling words! I have a hard time not writing the stuff for them! If you ever have to do a poem using your spelling words I love

We had a busy afterschool yesterday too, but got stuck in a wicked traffic jam so opted to skip all activities and wait rush hour out doing the grocery shop.

Hang in there, it's almost Friday!

Christi said...

Our boys are in kindergarten and have 3 pages of homework a week! Thankfully, we put them in the same class, so it's the same homework, but it's still a little overwhelming. Especially when they have a lesson and verses to learn for the AWANAs program at church, basketball practice, and playdates. I definitely feel your pain! I'm also a little worried about how it will all get done as they get older and have more homework...I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

I was a bit surprised they had so much with a HUGE test today too. I probably should have looked over Taylor's story, but she really didn't want me to. I have been trying to respect her wishes as of late.

Today will be another busy afternoon. Thanks so much for taking the girls to dance and being my grocery shopper! I owe you big. I hope they don't have homework tonight.

Donna said...

My 3 grader gets homework package every Monday. It is due on Thursday. . It has some math, spelling and language arts. My daughter Emily is in 6 grades and in middle school, she has a lot more homework. It takes her about an hour at night to get it all done. I try to limit their after school activities. In the summer that can do a lot more activities.