Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Color Splash

After living in our new home for 2 years I decided we needed a little color in our life. Of course Greg was the one that suggested it and when he did I was like "really"? The next day I headed out to Sherwin Williams and chose a color all on my own and came home and got to work. Greg finished the really high parts for me and I'm really beginning to love it. Not sure if I love it just because but because I've been looking at it now for a month or so. Now I need to finish the half bath I started. I was having a hard time choosing between two colors that I have painted on one wall. Stay tuned for more color splash at the Gordons.

I put this longhorn bucket here to compare the colors.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meg's Milestone

As most of you know I didn't keep up with my blog in 2008. Just eight short days after the ringing in the new year, we were blessed with our fourth daughter. What a joy she brought to our family that day. Having had an interesting pregnancy, there were speculations amongst doctors and us that our baby may have complications. I remember how special the births of all our girls were, but this one will be etched into my mind and heart in a different way. As it came time to see our baby for the first time, I remember whispering one last prayer that everything would be perfect with our sweet baby. I also prayed that if she had problems, difficulties, or abnormalities we would be able to handle those and love her just as we love all of her sisters. I closed my eyes as she was being born, not only because it is hard to push with your eyes open, but because I was nervous to look at her. I squeezed Greg's hand, probably harder with this one, not because I needed to for pain, but I needed his reassurrance and that seemed to give me some. He, the doctor, and my mom, all saw the baby before I did, and with the gentle squeeze I felt Greg give my hand I knew she was perfect. I quickly said, "Is she okay"? My doctor counted out loud her fingers and toes, predicted her weight, and said she's great!

I held her for the first time, and fell in love. I cried tears of gratitude that she was here and she was healthy. I cried tears of happiness for having another beautiful daughter. I dreamed of having girls when I was younger. I cried tears of sadness knowing I probably wouldn't experience pregnancy, labor, and holding a newborn again. I looked into her eyes as moms do and whispered to her how much Iloved her and how much fun we were going to have together.

Me and Meg leaving the hospital Jan. 2008.

Meg 2 months old.

We have experienced many milestones during 2008. All of which were not blogged about. I jotted things in her baby book, taken hundreds of pictures, but didn't seem to get to blogging about our precious Meg. This makes me sad, but realize I can't dwell on the past. So with that being said...

Meg wanted nothing to do with her mini cake. She gagged on it when the girls put icing on her tongue.

Megan Ashley Gordon celebrates being 1 years old today. Meg has been the perfect baby. Greg and I hae both said how much we have enjoyed having her in our family. It may be that she is the fourth child and has to adjust to going with the flow, but hopefully this is her personality and she will always keep it. She smiles, laughs, babbles, crawls, pulls up, eats, drinks, claps, waves bye-bye, smiles a big smile when she sees a camera, plays peek a boo, loves her sisters, sqeals and kicks her legs when Daddy comes home. I could go on and on and on.

I don't care too much for the fact that time seems to be speeding up. I feel like 2008 and my baby came and went. I know, she is still a baby, but there is something about her turning one that makes me weep. I did just that several times today. I caught myself holding Meg and then tears would just stream down my face. After I gave her a bath, we were just having our normal Mommy and Meg time in her room when I began to sob. Greg couldn't believe I was so upset. I think when he walked in he must have thought something bad had happened. Our baby is growing way too fast. He chuckled and his quick response was she isn't 12! (which we will be experiencing with Mackenzi in 2009!) What is it with men, don't they feel a little tug on the heart strings when babies grow up? I know she is still our baby, but there is something with having her grow up that pulls at my heart strings. I understand she is the baby and will always be, (unless someone sees otherwise) so I shouldn't be upset when she reaches milestones. All babies grow up and I guess mine have to, too. I'm just not sure I'm ready, just yet!!

Meg & Mommy are the best of friends!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Meg. We adore you. Your sky blue eyes, smile, giggle, and uh-oh's melt our heart. Remember we love you (BIG like the world) and you will ALWAYS be our baby girl.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Warning Long Post Ahead
Never in my life would I have imagined training for and running in a long distance race. I've never considered myself a runner and until about 3 years ago, I hadn't ran, except for the few years I played basketball in jr high and high school. Even then my running wasn't much of running. I would run a few times up and down the court GASPING for air, hoping that my coach would feel the need to substitute someone in for me. I dreaded the off season days of going out to the track and running a mile or maybe two. I was always one of the few that would stop to walk, no matter what. It seems strange that over eighteen years and four kids later, my body is able to accomplish things I thought were impossible.

The past ten to twelve weeks I have been on a training schedule that I found for marathon and half marathon rookies. I did really well the first seven or so weeks, even running on my rest days (which is probably a no-no). I then was faced with sick kids, which resulted in a sick mom unable to run much. I fell short on some long training runs, even skipping a few to do family things on Saturdays. The farthest I trained in one day (split into two different runs) was a little over eight miles. What on earth was I thinking? I have four children, a husband, church callings, birthdays, holidays,...these all come before my running. I finally decided I would just run the days I was able and when it came race day, surely my body would sustain me.

I suffered through hip pain, foot pain, a HUGE plantars wart, and numerous other aches while training. I was more determined than ever to accomplish my goal. Having been someone who has set many goals only accomplishing a few 100%, I told myself I would do anything do make it across the finish line. I would take picture of the display on the treadmill and text them to someone (mostly Greg), knowing I wasn't seeking his approval, but my own. Then, the unthinkable happens. I begin to feel sluggish. I press on. Rising each morning, getting the girls off to school and the making my way to gym. I set my time on the treadmill, dreading each step from the first to the last. I run through my pain, having to slow my pace at times, but never giving up. I felt my body rejecting my attempts at running thirteen miles. I didn't feel right. Something was happening to my body, but I didn't know what. I felt jittery, but a jittery without energy. I requested a consult from my personal physician (aka Greg). He seemed confused when he would take my blood pressure and then my resting heart rate. My blood pressure always was normal even though my normal might be a tad low for others. My heart rate was concerning to him and might explain my sluggishness. Elite athletes have slow resting heart rates. For example, Lance Armstrong's is 45. Each time we took mine it was right around 40. WHAT??? I'm no elite athlete. Yes, I run either 5 or 6 days a week, but mostly only a few miles each time, gasping for air, and trudging through each stride I make. That isn't elite in my mind, mor Greg's. After several days of feeling this way he made a call to a cardiologist that he knows. He thought since I was running every day it was "normal". I wasn't buying it. Again, I'm not elite, and am still carrying around a few post-pregnancy pounds from Meg.

A week before my half marathon debut, I began to experience the worst shoulder and arm pain I have ever felt. I really thought I would die. It hurt worse than the contractions I felt with my first labor ( I was blessed to get epidurals the other three times before I was in too much pain). I curled into a fetal position and cried, begging someone to take the pain away. It took some powerful pain drugs (which I never take) to ease the pain a smidget. Two days later I felt like would survive, but Greg wanted me to have an MRI to make sure I didn't have a disk in my neck pressing on a nerve. MRI was normal, other than the radiologist saying I had arthritis in my neck. Arthritis? I'm only 36. I kept up my last week of training, which was light, even though it didn't feel that way. I mumbled the words, push through it, over and over and over. I will run this race.

Thursday, my pain returned. Almost more painful than before. Now it felt more like chest pain. I couldn't take deep breaths, bend over, pick anything up...Every move hurt. I made my first visit, as an adult, to the ER. EKG: normal. Chest x-ray: normal. Blood work: normal. Resting heart rate: 40's. Elite athlete??? I've never had to rate my pain on the happy face/screaming face chart, other than when I had my girls. I rated my pain at an 8 when I arrived there, and after some inflammatory meds I rated it a three. I was sent on my way, with a diagnosis of costachondritis or pleurisy ( inflammation in the chest wall). The only thing I came up with that might have caused it was running in cooler temperatures. Breathing in the cool air "bruised" my lungs. My ER discharge orders were to take ibuprofen and to not run for a week or so and especially not my race. NO WAY!! Another of my attempts in life unaccomplished! I felt discouraged, sad, mad, upset, angry. I had worked so hard and was so determined. Now I wouldn't just run slower than my goal time, I wouldn't run at all.
After round the clock ibuprofen and tylenol, I finally begged for some other relief medication. I was able to get something that seemed to help, but didn't completely take away the discomfort. I was determined to give the unthinkable a shot. I may not make my goal time...heck I may not even cross the finish line, but I was going to give it all I had.
My alarm clock sounded at 4:30 a.m. and I sprang out of bed. Having not slept much due to nervousness and excitement, I wondered how I would do. I bundled myself in layers and made the trek downtown with running partners, Greg and his sister Ashley. With temperatures dipping to below freezing on our truck's thermometer, I found myself reluctant yet again. The cold air would surely aggrivate my chest pain, not to mention I consider the perfect running weather to be in the 70's.
Being a part of the Rock N' Roll marathon and half marathon, which had more than 30,000 entries, was amazing. There was a wave start due to the large number of participants, so even though the gun start time was around 7:45, I stepped across the start line sbout 8:20. I documented each mile marker I came to wanting to have proof that I was there, each and every step. I had set my goal time on my entry form a little longer than I thought it would take me. Being my first one, I didn't just want to finish , but finishing under your goal time would be great too.
As I ran each mile I was in awe at how easy it seemed. Well, maybe easy isn't the word I should use, maybe enjoyable is better. I set a pace that was comfortable, one I could maintain, and off I went. Taking in all the energy each runner and spectator possessed helped me incredibly. Also, having Greg close by was a huge comfort and boost. He would run ahead a little but never get so far ahead that I couldn't catchup. The bands were great. The cheering squads, water volunteers, spectators, they all gave me that extra push when I thought about my body being in pain.
As we appoached mile 13 we called my sister Allison and daughter Mackenzi so they could possibly get a picture of us. They were not able to be exactly at the finish line. Just before we go to the finish line they captured this shot of us.

Nearing the finish line where Mackenzi and Allison waited.

Truly an amazing day and experience. I have heard many people say that this can be addicting. I never thought I would think about doing this again; You know like checking something off of your life to do list and never thinking about it again. Well, after arriving home, showering, and slowing walking about my house, I found myself sitting at the computer wanting to register for the 2009 Rock N' Roll here in San Antonio and others. I have a few in mind, but am trying to see which ones will work out with travel, school, and weather.

I am so proud of myself. I hope that doesn't sound bad, but having suffered through years of poor self esteem, this is huge for me. I never quit. I only stopped to take a photo and to shed my pants when I got hot. I was determined to finish what I came there to do and to savor every moment. Things I have always thought impossible may not only be possible now, but enjoyable.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

36 Years Young

In honor of my friends birthday here are 36 things I love and know about Angie.....

1. Her ability to handle 4 girls. She does it like a pro!

Meg's Blessing

2. Going off of sugar for 2 weeks. (I still don't know how she did this)

3. She takes great care of her skin and applies cream every night. (I need this habit)

She had Meg 1 day after we got home!

4. Her willingness to watch my children while Doug and I left for the weekend. Did I mention she was 9 months pregnant???!

5. She has a great since of style and her girls always match and look cute.

our first MAC makeover

6. She motivates me to exercise, even though she doesn't live close anymore.

7. We have gone through 2 pregnancies each together.

I wish I looked this good!

8. She drove over to my house at 9pm so I would have furniture to sell my home.

Our new room thanks to Angie decor

9. She has a nitch for decorating (even though she says she doesn't.

10. I can count on her at anytime.

We WILL do another girls trip like this one!
Angie, Jenny, and Steph
Park City, UT

11. She has saved me more times than I can ever thank her for.

12. She treats my kids as if they were her own family. (see #4)

13. She loves to shop and finds great buys.

Angie, Jenny, and Heidi

14. If I am craving something sweet you can bet I will find it in her pantry.

15. We have been through hell and back together (aka ortho residency.)

Angie, Jenny, Bridget, and Tracey

16. I talk to her several times during the day about various things.

17. She has a great stash of shoes even though most of the time she wears flip flops.

18. She is an awesome primary teacher and has been for over 4 years.

19. She makes me laugh A LOT!

20. She enjoys making homemade milkshakes each night with Greg.

This photo still cracks me up.
Doug looks like he has two wives.

21. She is shy, but I am glad she is outgoing to me.

22. She is very compassionate.

23. She managed to name all of her kids with the initials MAG.

24. We survived 2 weeks together with 7 kids and no husbands!

25. She loves the temple.

Jenny, Alberto, and Angie

26. She goes with me to Chuy's at least once a week. We are addicts together!

27. We started a girls night together. Why didn't we do this sooner?

Favorite Things Party
Dec. 2007

28. She has a great sense of direction. Half the time I need to go somewhere or get lost I call her.

29. She has a heart of gold.

30. I love that our families get along so great.

31. We drive the same car. Luckily she now has a pink flip flop sticker on hers.

32. Her home is very warm and inviting. I love hanging out over there!

The last photo before they moved out.
So sad!

33. When I met Angie 6 years ago we immediately connected.

34. Still to this day despite she has 4 girls and I have 3 boys. People mix us up or confuse our children.

35. We have gotten good at taking SP's together. So funny.

36. I secretly wish I could take her and her family to Arizona with us. I will miss her immensely!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Angie!
Love you dear friend and hope you have a great day!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Final Feat (Feet)

Our Final Feat(Feet)

After almost nine months of anticipation, worry, excitement, stress, mood swings, hormone changes, high and low energy levels, nausea, smiles, & tears our final pair of feet made their entrance into the world on Elvis' birthday, at 37 weeks.

Megan Ashley Gordon
aka "Meg"
January 8, 2008
1:33 p.m.
5 lbs. 12 oz.
18 1/4 in.

Daddy, Mommy & Meg
minutes old

Ready to go home

My first pink bow. Daddy calls it a growth.

I'll try and update more on the delivery and Meg's first week as soon as I can. Our computer has been broken and we haven't loaded all of our stuff back on so the things I can do right now are minimal. Also, my parents left yesterday, Greg didn't take much time off(he was doing surgery less than 24 hours after Meg was born and back to work full time the next day, so now it is me and the four girls, and we are trying to pack our house to move next week .

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Toes

I have been anticipating a much needed pedicure for a few weeks now. I try and go on a day Maryn is at school but with tons of errands, cleaning, packing, etc. I haven't felt it should be on my list of priorities lately. Today, since Greg wasn't working and after the Primary practice we had, I had Greg and the girls drop me off for a much needed hour of me time. Our weather has been anything but December-like (mid 80's) the last few days and the way my toes looked flip flops were not an option. My feet are becoming harder and harder to reach so changing out my polish wasn't an option.
I asked my girls and Greg to choose what to get on my toes today. It was either a french pedicure with a little bling or do Christmas red with a little bling. They all immediately chose red and all three girls wanted to join in and get theirs done. It had crossed my mind to take them along, but being a Saturday, it was too crowded for all four of us to get our toes done at the same time. I promised them another day.

Following Jenny's example I decided to post my festive toes. They aren't exactly what I had in mind, or what I explained to the guy doing my toes. The language bearier is always a factor at the nail salons so you get what you get. I think they turned out pretty cute anyway.

Do you enjoy a pedicure? If so, do you get bling-bling on your toes?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Officially...

Excited, Confused, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Nervous, A Run-Down Mom, Scared, Exhausted, Sad, Happy, A Seller, A Buyer, A Builder, Feeling Very Pregnant & Back to Blogging.
Before you all say it, I'll beat you to the punch-It has been way too long since I've updated my blog. I realize I have missed out on a few months of documenting happenings with our family, vacations, new job experiences, birthdays, our anniversary, our home building process, and my ever growing tummy. My number one reason for not posting and commenting on blogs has been time and priorities. I always struggle with cute, creative titles and admit my typing speed isn't what it used to be. I found myself sitting down in the morning to start a post, and having to stop several times throughout the day to finish it and sometimes not publishing my post until night. This wasn't a big deal when Greg wasn't around, but when he began private practice back in August he has spent most evenings home. Before that, he was gone several nights a weeks late and a few nights each week were spent sleeping at the hospital. This gave me more "me time" and this is when I would catch up blogging. After our long journey through school, residency, and a fellowship I've realized when he is around I would rather be chatting with him or watching one of our favorite shows, than spending our evenings home together, but seperated.

I hope all of you will bare with me as I try and catch my blog up on the happenings of us and not get bored with me and my life.

The sign out front of our house.

*We have Officially put our house on the market, and have had quite a few showings given the time of year. This has made it somewhat difficult for me. I have never been a clean or clutter freak. My home usually appears clean, but after living in our 1500 square foot house for six years, our girls continuing to grow at faster than wanted pace, we have accumulated our fair share of STUFF. I have spent the last few months decluttering, packing up clothes and toys that we probably should donate, but have chosen to keep for Maryn and our soon to be other "M". We never realized how much stuff we had until we started unloading our attic, closets, and filling a storage unit and our garage almost to their capacity.

Our front door.

Since putting our for sale sign outside, I have become somewhat neuortic about the house staying clean. I've found myself up earlier in the morning and later at night doing laundry so that we never have dirty or clean clothes out for others to see or smell. I think I've forgotten how to cook. I've cooked very few meals at home, fearing I would be in the middle of preparing something and the phone ring and have to leave in a matter of minutes so a stranger can come look at our home. I get up each morning exercise, straighten the house, turn on all of the lights, gather anything I may need for the day and hop into the car and head out. This sometimes means I leave around 8:00 am and not return until after school, and a few times not until after dance, swim , and or dinner. I have felt somewhat like a prisoner, but a bit backwards. I've always been the type to get cabin fever and need to leave home every day or I get stir crazy. This past week I found myself driving around in tears because I wanted to just go home, and plop my pregnant self on the couch and not move. We have heard back from two interested buyers so hopefully living out of my car will come to and end soon.

*We signed the contract to build our new home the 1st of February. When we did this we were told we should expect to move in, in August. With many delays, some from weather, some from foundation issues, and others from who knows what, it is now December and we still don't have an offical closing date. I knew building a home took time and patience, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should just wait until after I have the baby in January to move in. But, I may be kidding myself thinking that is even my choice. It may take them until mid-January to finish the house.

Several people, including Jenny, have been asking for photos of our home. I've been a bit shy about revealing our home, for fear of judgement and fear of strangers(not you blogger strangers, but the freaks out there) knowing where I'm building and where I will someday live. The home we chose to build has nearly three times the square footage we do now, but it didn't look GINORMOUS from the street, At least to us anyway. After choosing the floorplan and lot we then were told they had to redraw the blueprints to make the house work for the lot. Needless to say, it doesn't camoflouge how many square feet we have, and it actually looks bigger than it really is. This was the thing I didn't want to happen. I'm posting a picture of the model home we chose so when I finally get the nerve to post OUR home you can compare it.

The model home we chose. We chose different brick and stone than this one,

but the floor plan is the is essientially the same. The front elevation is a bit different on ours.

The model home kitchen.

*I'm officially 32 weeks and a few days pregnant. I wish it were true, what Jenny said about me being 8 1/2 months along. I have 7 1/2 weeks to go, unless I get induced early, or our fourth little girl follows after her sisters and arrives anywhere from 10 days to 26 days early. I wouldn't mind either of these options. Unlike what everyone tells me, I'm feeling very big. I've never shown early, but when I do start showing my tummy grows considerably every day. I'm feeling good other than being uncomfortable especially after eating and while sleeping. I still have worries about our sweet baby being healthy. I've cried many tears and said many prayers asking for peace to know that everything is fine. We are getting excited to meet her and feeling the pressure to finalize our name choice. We've decided to not break tradition and name her something that starts with the letter M, like her sisters. We think we have narrowed it down to either Megan( and call her Meg) or Mallory. I wanted to name Maryn, Meg but opted to let Greg choose her name. Now that he has told me it is my decision, I'm thinking I need to see her first. What do you think?

My 32 week tummy

Here is to a new month hopefully full of better and more frequent updates from me.