Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Officially...

Excited, Confused, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Nervous, A Run-Down Mom, Scared, Exhausted, Sad, Happy, A Seller, A Buyer, A Builder, Feeling Very Pregnant & Back to Blogging.
Before you all say it, I'll beat you to the punch-It has been way too long since I've updated my blog. I realize I have missed out on a few months of documenting happenings with our family, vacations, new job experiences, birthdays, our anniversary, our home building process, and my ever growing tummy. My number one reason for not posting and commenting on blogs has been time and priorities. I always struggle with cute, creative titles and admit my typing speed isn't what it used to be. I found myself sitting down in the morning to start a post, and having to stop several times throughout the day to finish it and sometimes not publishing my post until night. This wasn't a big deal when Greg wasn't around, but when he began private practice back in August he has spent most evenings home. Before that, he was gone several nights a weeks late and a few nights each week were spent sleeping at the hospital. This gave me more "me time" and this is when I would catch up blogging. After our long journey through school, residency, and a fellowship I've realized when he is around I would rather be chatting with him or watching one of our favorite shows, than spending our evenings home together, but seperated.

I hope all of you will bare with me as I try and catch my blog up on the happenings of us and not get bored with me and my life.

The sign out front of our house.

*We have Officially put our house on the market, and have had quite a few showings given the time of year. This has made it somewhat difficult for me. I have never been a clean or clutter freak. My home usually appears clean, but after living in our 1500 square foot house for six years, our girls continuing to grow at faster than wanted pace, we have accumulated our fair share of STUFF. I have spent the last few months decluttering, packing up clothes and toys that we probably should donate, but have chosen to keep for Maryn and our soon to be other "M". We never realized how much stuff we had until we started unloading our attic, closets, and filling a storage unit and our garage almost to their capacity.

Our front door.

Since putting our for sale sign outside, I have become somewhat neuortic about the house staying clean. I've found myself up earlier in the morning and later at night doing laundry so that we never have dirty or clean clothes out for others to see or smell. I think I've forgotten how to cook. I've cooked very few meals at home, fearing I would be in the middle of preparing something and the phone ring and have to leave in a matter of minutes so a stranger can come look at our home. I get up each morning exercise, straighten the house, turn on all of the lights, gather anything I may need for the day and hop into the car and head out. This sometimes means I leave around 8:00 am and not return until after school, and a few times not until after dance, swim , and or dinner. I have felt somewhat like a prisoner, but a bit backwards. I've always been the type to get cabin fever and need to leave home every day or I get stir crazy. This past week I found myself driving around in tears because I wanted to just go home, and plop my pregnant self on the couch and not move. We have heard back from two interested buyers so hopefully living out of my car will come to and end soon.

*We signed the contract to build our new home the 1st of February. When we did this we were told we should expect to move in, in August. With many delays, some from weather, some from foundation issues, and others from who knows what, it is now December and we still don't have an offical closing date. I knew building a home took time and patience, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should just wait until after I have the baby in January to move in. But, I may be kidding myself thinking that is even my choice. It may take them until mid-January to finish the house.

Several people, including Jenny, have been asking for photos of our home. I've been a bit shy about revealing our home, for fear of judgement and fear of strangers(not you blogger strangers, but the freaks out there) knowing where I'm building and where I will someday live. The home we chose to build has nearly three times the square footage we do now, but it didn't look GINORMOUS from the street, At least to us anyway. After choosing the floorplan and lot we then were told they had to redraw the blueprints to make the house work for the lot. Needless to say, it doesn't camoflouge how many square feet we have, and it actually looks bigger than it really is. This was the thing I didn't want to happen. I'm posting a picture of the model home we chose so when I finally get the nerve to post OUR home you can compare it.

The model home we chose. We chose different brick and stone than this one,

but the floor plan is the is essientially the same. The front elevation is a bit different on ours.

The model home kitchen.

*I'm officially 32 weeks and a few days pregnant. I wish it were true, what Jenny said about me being 8 1/2 months along. I have 7 1/2 weeks to go, unless I get induced early, or our fourth little girl follows after her sisters and arrives anywhere from 10 days to 26 days early. I wouldn't mind either of these options. Unlike what everyone tells me, I'm feeling very big. I've never shown early, but when I do start showing my tummy grows considerably every day. I'm feeling good other than being uncomfortable especially after eating and while sleeping. I still have worries about our sweet baby being healthy. I've cried many tears and said many prayers asking for peace to know that everything is fine. We are getting excited to meet her and feeling the pressure to finalize our name choice. We've decided to not break tradition and name her something that starts with the letter M, like her sisters. We think we have narrowed it down to either Megan( and call her Meg) or Mallory. I wanted to name Maryn, Meg but opted to let Greg choose her name. Now that he has told me it is my decision, I'm thinking I need to see her first. What do you think?

My 32 week tummy

Here is to a new month hopefully full of better and more frequent updates from me.


Tina said...

Hey Angie. It's so good to see that you've posted and to hear about what's going on. Your home is going to be so beautiful and you should be proud. If only my 35 week tummy looked so round and cute!

Natasha said...

Glad you are back. My belly never looked so cute at 32 weeks. I got huge with both pregnancies.

I have built before too (in San Antonio also) and I know it can be frustrating with delays. You will be so excited when it's done.

I like both M names.

michelle said...

The house looks gorgeous! I'm sure it will be worth it when it's all finished. I cannot believe that is your tummy at 32 weeks. That is my tummy at 8 weeks!

Kristen said...

Great to hear from you. We all understand why you have been away, lots has been going on!

having a home for sale is so hard...keeping things clean, staying away etc. it must be especially hard during this time of year and on top of that to be pregnant. hang in there your doing great!
You look fabulous too!!!
Your home is beautiful, i LOVE the kitchen, I bet your so excited and feel like it will never be finished. Hopefully not too much longer:)
I'm happy for you!

Angela said...

Hooray, you are back! First, your shape is just lovely and your house will be beautiful, too!

Now, listen up, missy! Don't for one minute think that you have to explain yourself on that house. For one, you will have SIX people living in it--you need a ginormous house! And another thing--you and Greg deserve it after all your hard work. I know you are grateful for your blessings--now don't worry about anything or anybody else!

We miss your blogging, but I sure understand about wanting to spend time with Greg now that he is home after six long years of training. And your titles...don't fret 'em!

And I totally feel your pain with showing the house. I wanted our house to show in Nc but I also dreaded the calls and the frantic dash to vacuum, pick up the few toys I allowed out, and turn on all the lights--all pregnant, too, with two kids! I'm glad it's over! Hopefully you will get some bites with these two interested parties. You are in our prayers!!!

Jenny said...

That is a cruel photo of your "pretend" house. Yours is SO much better than the model. I say once the yard and stairs are in you need to post photos.

Okay case and point your belly looks like mine after Chuys!! :)

Is it wrong to secretly want your house to be finished after the baby?? I know it's been busy and crazy but I still like having you close. I want to have little Meg down the street from me!

Anna said...

YEAH! Welcome back...even if it is just for a second. It is a crazy time of year and then to add a new job, new house, and a new baby on top of all of it...=CRAZY LIFE! Hopefully your house sells soon so you can start living in it again. Your new house looks beautiful and much deserved. And your belly is so cute prego! Good luck with these last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Angie-Your tummy is adorable! I hope I look that cute when I am pregnant someday!:) Your house looks so nice-Congratulations on selling your other one so fast-what a relief, right?

I think I like Meg rather than Mallory, but either one is cute and goes with the others! Best of luck with everything!:)

Janice said...

Ok, you don't know me but I found your blog through someone else a while ago and I promise you, I have been really worried that you somehow lost your baby or some other major family tradegy happened that prevented you from blogging. Since you don't know me (I promise, I am very normal, Mormon stay at home mom with four kids--check my blog of you don't believe me), I didn't know if I should be freaking out about you or not. So, I am glad you are back. And glad all appears good and normal. And having built a home 4 years ago, I feel your pain.

Lucy said...

Adorable! House, tummy, M names. I'm glad you updated. I get the craziness, though, and the lack of desire to blog when hubby's around.

Good luck with your move and selling your house. So many life stresses happening at once for you!

melanie said...

Yeah, an update! I totally get the lack of motivation to blog. I'm happy you get to spend more time with Greg. It's well earned I'm sure!

Love both M names. If this baby would have been a girl, I was gunning for Mallory.

Sorry about the house woes. I would not want to be away from home that much. I hope it's sooner than later!

Kari said...

So glad to see you post! Your tummy is growing!! I'm so excited for you, what a special time for your family!!

I loved the "new house" pictures! The model kitchen has nearly the same cabinets as my house, only we have the arch at the top instead of it being straight acrossed.

I hope your current house sells quickly! I can relate on what a pain it is to have your house on the market and have to show it all the time. It's especially bad when pregnant!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry you have to be out of your home so much and having to leave it immaculate also. I am in that need to lay on the couch stage of pregnancy also. I hope it sells soon and you get a little break.

andrea said...

Welcome back. I loved seeing your pregnant pictures and your new house. You must be so busy with everything happening at once. Keep posting.

Ellice said...

You're back!!! Hooray!!! Did you get those invites I left on your front porch?? I keep meaning to program your cell number into mine. And since you haven't been home much... I forgot to tell you that I put them there on tuesday night.

Glad to see you're blogging again :)

Melissa said...

It was great to read your update. I'm glad everything is coming along with your house and pregnancy. The model home looks beautiful. I can't wait to see your house when it's done.

Claudissima said...

wow my tummy looks like that right now...hehehhehe...fabulous house...but a lot of emotions and things going on for sure...just take a step back and breath it all

Kelly said...

I'm happy to see you back!

I can really sympathize with the house for sale madness. Ours was for sale for 7 months, and it was a torturous process. I hope it ends soon for you ... and that your new house gets finished quickly. Been there on that one, too. The model home is beautiful -- I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

I'm excited for you that Baby M is doing well, and on her way soon. I'm glad you've been enjoying your newly out of school phase.

Jill said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your actual house, I'm sure it's amazing.

I don't know how 32 weeks of pregnancy are fitting in your tiny belly, wow. I like both names.

Welcome back to blogging!

Christina said...

Welcome back to blogging!
The house looks amazing! You will definitely need the space with the new little one. Glad to see you're back in the blogging world I've always enjoyed your posts.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh your tummy is so tiny! You look great girl! The house looks gorgeous - what fun to pick new things out - I bet you are so excited.

I vote for Maryn - I like it, but I really like Mallory and Meg too - what a choice!

Great to see you updated - hope all is well!

michelle said...

It's good to see you back, and blogging! I am sure you have to be SO excited to move into your new home. It looks gorgeous! You have so many blessings coming your, home, etc.! :)

Price Cream Parlor said...

You have been missed! I thought about emailing you to make sure that you were ok. I can't wait to see your REAL home - you know - everything is bigger and better in Tx! I miss my Texas home everyday! The keeping the house clean while you are still trying to live - is crazy! Hopefully, something will happen soon on both ends (building and selling!)
Love both your M names! You look just as darling preg as you do when you are not.

Heidi P said...

I am so excited for you guys! The house is beautiful and I am excited for that baby to come. We need to get there to visit. You have such a great family!

becca said...

I am so glad you are blogging again! I have missed hearing about your life!

Your new home looks beautiful! I can't imagine having to be out and about all day long while being pregnant! I hope you get a buyer soon so you can just relax!!

I love both your M names...Mallory has always been a favorite girl name of mine!

lelly said...

what a great catch-up! sounds like things are hectic, but GOOD! hang in there.

donna said...

Wow you look so cute.
I am so excited for you girl.
Oh i so know what you mean about selling a house. IN May we put our old house up for sell. It was hard to keep everything nice and clean ( all the time) I am so glad we sold it in a week!!!!!

Don't stress girl.You have so many great friends AKA Jenny!!! to help you out.

You house is so nice :)

Andie said...

Welcome "back". Good luck selling your house. Can't wait to see the new one. And cute toes too!

carlo said...

oh seriously, i love the belly shot. you are too cute, ms gordon!

the house is lovely! how exciting for your family.

given my (lack of) patience with small remodeling jobs, i think my head with explode if we tried to build a house. it will be fun to go through it with you!

carlo said...

oh and both names are so sweet!

seeing her little face with help, no?