Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

UPDATE!! Here is the completed lights outside our house, that is unless I get some wild hair and add to it tomorrow. For now this is the Gordon Gang's North Pole!

After starting my decorating early, I am NOW almost completely done, with hanging all of the lights, garland, and displaying all of my knick-knacks and natvities. Whew! It takes a lot of energy, time, and creativeness to deck the halls.

I was trying to wait for Greg to come home and help with the outling of the driveway and yard, because he does it much better and faster than I do, but he never gets home early enough so I decided to go and and tackle it myself. I worked on the outling of the yard and driveway from about 1pm until he came home at 5:30 and he finished it for me. I had already done the garland and lights around the front door and garage, and the columns on the porch last week. Greg had time to put the lights on the roof before we left for Thanksgiving so it is just about complete.

If you can't tell all of our lights are red and white. The first year we lived here we just had white lights on the house. We had some neighbors that lived across the street from us that had red and white lights an dI thought it looked cool. So the next year, after they sold their house and moved into another neighborhood, I stole their idea. The third year I decided our yard neede something more so I decided to line the driveway and rocks around our shrubs in red and white too. Nana, had some angels made out of wood for the girl(two of them at the time) and we started putting those out with a spotlight on them. Greg put is handyman skills to work and made a wreath out of wire and put lights on it and it now hangs on the fence. I have always had the garland up around the doors but our 4th year I added red and white lights to the garland and bought a wooden Santa and a North Pole sign from Hobby Lobby and it now has a home in our yard. This year being our last one in this house, Greg didn't want to add anything new, BUT he knows his wife too well, and I wasn't settling for that. Having a corner lot, means we have a pretty big yard, a lot of which is down the sidewalk on the side of our house. I wanted to continue the outlining of the lights all down the sidewalk but, for fear they would get broken by the teenagers that use our yard as a soccer field, I opted to just go along the fence instead. I also put red and white lights on our back patio since you can see it from the street. I think it looks really classy and can't wait until it is completely done.

These pictures were taken before it was completely dark so it doesn't look as good but I'll update the picture later. Greg still has to hang his wreath he made on the fence but we were out of staples for our staple gun.

We love decorating for the Holidays. Our neighborhood has a contest each year and they give away girft cards to Wlamart and Home Depot gift cards. Our girls always want to win the contest and get disappointed if we don't. We have finally convinced them that the contest isn't the reason we do it. We do it because we love it and want our house to show our Holiday Spirit. Greg even commented to them, if the contest, and the $25, was the only reason we were doing it, he wouldn't keep doing it. We hope you enjoy our display of lights as much as we do.

NOTE: You will soon see great rememblance to our home and the Clouses' home. We truly have the same great taste in how things look. Check out their home here. I'm sure she will be posting apicture soon, since she has been working really hard on hers, too.

I thought I would post my Christmas decorating wounds. As you can see I have a huge ugly bruise on my leg. When I helped Jenny get her tree down out of her attic the tree came with such a big force and was pretty heavy. I couldn't hold it with my arms (I'm so weak in the arms)so I let my legs take a bit of the force and this is what I got from it. Oh well the things we do for friends, right?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Family Night

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree before Greg headed to work his moonlighting shift. I had put the tree up last week before we left for Thanksgiving but we fifn't have time to get the light and ornaments on. The girls always love asking about each ornament they hang and are determined to hang up their own from every year.
Dnn't you just love the clothes they are wearing. You gotta love shorts at the end of Novemver. Our Sunday afternoon attire usually consists of lounge clothes, and I totally forgot to put them in cuter outfirs for the pictures.

The girls made the Clouses a welcome home sign, with a little guidance from me. We ran down and taped it up jsut before dark. The girls were so excited to have their partners' in crime come home. We missed y'all and glad you had a safe and uneventful drive home.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A little of THIS and a little of THAT!

Tuesday, November 22, 2006

A picture perfect day!
When I got my van last year I wasn't looking to get a car with a moonroof(the 21st century sunroof), but it came standard on the model we wanted. Then I thougth I probably wouldn't use it much especially living in Texas but my kids love to open it and turn up the radio. Today it wasn't the girls wanting to open it, it was me. It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky, a little breeze, and a high temperature of 76 degrees.
We took advantage of the nice weather and went to La Cantera, the outdoor mall, and bought Greg a few things for his birthday even though I promised I wouldn't but him anything. He claims his truck is his birthday and Christmas gift for the next few years. I strongly disagree. He deserved to get the truck and he deserved to have gifts to open on his birthday, too.

A jump start! No not a dead battery.
I wanted to get our Chirstmas lights up before we went back home for Thanksgiving, so when Greg got home jsut before dark he hopped on the ladder and got as much of it done as he could. I had already done the stuff I usually do but he is in charge of the ligts on the house and along the driveway. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering why we were in such a ruch to get it done but hey you have to do it when your help is around and I knew we would be getting home toolate on Saturday and Greg wouldn't be home Monday to do any of it.

Thurs. Nov. 23rd

Thanksgiving Southeast Texas Style!!
My parents have been going camping during Thankgiving for the last several years and when we are able we try and tag along, for at least part of it. Several families, some of which are cousins, soend the week of Thanksging roughing it, well if you think sleeping in a camper roughing it. On Thanksgiving day everyone brings out their favorite dish and we have a huge potluck lunch. We have a fun time and are always stuffed from all of the good grub. Even though it isn't the normal Thanksgiving we enjoy it especially when all of our family is together.

We had brought Maryn's tricycle, but she was NICE enough to share it with a few other kids at the camp, so when Baileigh wasn't ridign her bike Maryn decided she wanted to test it out. Fuuny thing is we have the exact same bike inour garage and have just assumed she wastoo little to ride it. Boy, were we wrong. She got on it, and after jsut a few push starts she was riding on her own. WHAT? She is only 2 1/2, isn't she too little to know how to ride a bike?

Greg's birhtday pumpkin cheesecake! Cheesecake is Greg's absolute favorite dessert so I picked this up at Costco before we left for home. I was pretty sneaky since he had bo clue I had brought it along until I pulled it ou twhen we startd singing happy birhtday.

All of us together for Thanksgiving.

Friday Nov. 24th

Black Friday!

My alarm woke me up at 2:56 am on Friday. After a quick shower and a little makeup I left my parents house headed for Circuit City which was my assigned destination.
Jessica went to Best Buy and Allson went to Target. After waiting in terrible lines at Circuit City adn Best Buy, Jess & I met up with Allison at Target. We shopped for a little while there and then decided to make our way to the mall to get some energy boost at Chick filA. You gotta love those chicken minis. After breaksfast we waled around the mall but all admitted we were already getting pooped. By 11 am we had shopped til we dropped and decided to get a quick lunch before heading back to the lake where the others were camping.
We had fun shopping, and didn't mind the crowds, but allwished we would have gone to bed a little earlier. 3 hours of sleep just doesn't get it.

My watch said 3:35 am when I was on the road to finding after balck friday deals. It was a little difficult driving and taking picture of my arm at the same time.

Sat, Nov 25th

Greg having his favorite Super Nachos at Casa Ole' before we headed out. We even had them sing happy birthday to him and the kids al split the dessert ole'.

Thank goodness for modern day electronics!

How did we travel as kids? We didn't even have a decent radio when ever I was growing up and traveling. Now look how my kids get to travel. This totally makes going anywhere with kids a lot easier and keeps us all happy.

Playing Catch Up

Happy 6th Birthday Madison!

Our niece Maddie clebrated her 6th birthday last Sunday, Nov, 19th. Sorry Maddie that this is a late but things have been a bit crazy around here lately. We hope you had a fun filled day with lots of laughs, smiles, and great memories. We love you.

Maci had her Thanksgiving feast at school last week, but haven't had a chance to blog about it. They made indian vests and headbands and made turkeys out of fruit. They were able to go to the cafeteria with the other 5 kindergaerten classes to eat the turkey dinner they were serving in the cafeteria that day. It was a bit funny to see that most of the kids chose the OTHER entree that was being served instead of the turkey. Guess what that meant over half of the kindergartners ate for their Thanksgiving feast? None other than a HOT DOG!! Sounds real yummy, right?

Mackenzi still has been swimming four nights a week and is loving it. We haven't decided if we should continue to pursue the official swim team or not. It is a lot to deal with and long nights, with school kids isn't all fun and games. She does wo well and enjoys it so much I feel guilty not to continue to let her do something she likes. I'll keep you posted on what we decide.

We met up with Jenny & Doug on Sat urday night to have an early birhtday dinner for Greg. Jenny's mom had flown in to drive home with her so they were free from their kids. We got a girl from church to come over and we met up with them at Salt Grass when Greg got home from work. We had a fun time laughing, telling stories, and stuffing ourselves. Theres' nothing better than great food & great friends! Thanks guys for a fun night.

This is part of my CTR 5-6 year old class at church. I promised them the week before I would bring them a treat for doing so well on their parts and songs in the primary program. Knwoing all to well of the messes they can make I opted to take them outside to eat the brownies, BUT as soon as we got out bees swarmed us. We ended up having our treat right inside the doorway. I love my class and and so blessed to feel og their sweet spirits each week. They teach me so much.
Note- Jared and Chyna were not at church so I will need to take another picture when they are all together.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Half way to 70!


Today, on Thanksgiving, Greg is turning 35!! Wow! That makes him half way to 70. I can't believe we are getting up there in age and I am not looking forward to next May when I will join him at this milestone.
We are at my parents for Thanksgiving and didn't have access to all of my pictures. I will try and update this with a picture of Greg alone.

I am so blessed to have Greg as my husband and the father of our girls. Here are the top 35 reasons I love him HUGE!!( I could list hundreds, but I'll just name my favorites.)

1. While we were dating, he would tell me, "I love you BIG like the world!" He still does this everyday but sometimes he says HUGE instead of BIG!
2. He is very funny and has a great sense of humor.
3. He LOVES having three girls and never regrets not having boys.(I don't think. he doesn't ast like it anyway.)
4. He never meets a stranger and will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
5. Everyone who meets him can't help but like him.
6. He tells tons of stories NEVER leaving out any details!
7. He loves his job and works very hard. He helps out freinds, family members, church members, and most recently animals at night and on weekends ad doesn't complain.
8. He works long hours but is never too tired to play when he comes home.
9. He is a handyman around our house.
10. He loves to shop especially when buying for others.
11. He has become addicted to running, exercising and staying fit.
12. He is a wonderful big brother to his three younger sisters. he survived growing up the only boy and they trained him well on what to expect from a house full of females.
13. He is a wonderful son, son in-law, grandson, ..inlaw, nephew, uncle... well you get is he is just wonderful.
14. Is the KING of our grill and loves to cook.
15. He is a great listener.
16. He is full of patience and is not a complainer.
17. He is definitely a giver not a taker.
18. He has a wonderful testimony.
19. He gives great talks and lessons at church.
20. He lets me do the yard work even when guys at work and the mailman give him a hard time about his wife doing a man's job.
21. Sacrifces so much for us.
22. He loves being outdoors camping, hiking, boating, biking...
23. Never eats anything he doesn't like. This is a bad thing when we are asked suggestions on places to eat because he doesn't dislike too many places and this causes great controversy with some people.
24. Always rubs my back when I ask (lots of times I don't even have to ask) even if it is his turn to be on the receiving end of the back rub.
25. Always plays footsies with me especially right before we fall asleep.
25. His beautiful blue eyes are to die for, unless you are taking a picture of him and then he either has lazy eyes or they are closed completely.
26. He loves for me to cook and always says how good it is even if it is just something from the freezer.
27. He loves Diet Dr. Pepper about as much as I do-NO that isn't possible.
28. Loves his new truck and looks fabulous driving in it.
29. Loves to wear cowboy boots and even sports a cowboy hat if the occassion is appropriate.
30. Always kisses and tells me he loves me in the mornings even if I'm sleeping.
31. Lays on the girls beds and chats before it is "lights out".
32. Can get anything cheap and lots of times for free!
33. Always cleans up the kitchen not only at our house but at others' homes too.
34. He sends my mom flowers every year on my birthday, thanking her for having me.
35. Is my best friend, is a wonferful Dad, and an unbelievable husband.

Hope you have a terrific day. I'm so glad you were able to have your favorite meal, Thanksgiving dinner, on you birthday. Thanks for sharing your life with me and for blessing us with three beautiful daughters. I love you HUGER!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yearly Checkups

Mackenzi & Maci had yearly checkups at the pediatrician this week. Maryn had hers back in September and they all are growing and developing right on schedule.

I usually wouldn't take my oodler girls to get checkups since they are pretty much doing normal things for their ages. Last year when I took Mackenzi in they sent me to an eye doctor because she didn't do to well on her vision test. The eye doctor told us she will eventually need glasses but he would hold off for another year. Well, I had the nurse at school check her about a month ago and she said she was seeing fine. NOT SO TRUE! She, again, didn't do too well on her vision test at the pediatrician again. Mackenzi didn't seemed to thrilled about the idea of getting glasses and I'll quote her, "I'm going to be a four-eyed monster!!" I reassured her we would find her really cute glasses and she would look in style. I can relate, as can Greg since we both are blind as bats and have been wearing glasses or contacts since ages 7 & 8 respectively. I knew our kids did't stand a chance.

Maci too, couldn't see very well out of her left eye so she will also be going to the eye doctor to be tested more thoroughly. She, on the other hand was excited at the possibility of getting glasses and was trying frames on at Target a few hours later. I hope we can hold off on her getting glasses right now becuase I can't imagine forking out the bucks for two pair right now and not to mention I need new ones, too.

We love our girls' pediatrician and regret that we soon will be researching a new one, whenever we move. Finding a doctor you love is like finding someone to do your hair that you love. We have been so happy the past five and a half years being able to take our kids to Dr. Davis and her partners. There never is much of a wait when you are in the waiting room but if you forget to schedule your next appointment before leaving the office when you are there you could be waiting a while to get an appointment. Dr. Davis has such a spunky personality and is so good with the girls. I admit though, the first time we saw her I was a bit worried because she was in and out of our room faster than I could say supercalifradalisticexpealitdosious. After we saw her a few times we realized this was just her spunkiness and be-bopping way of doing things. She always comes in with the biggest grin on her face, talks to the girls about the things they have been doing and commenting about how they are changing. She noticed right away, this time, how Mackenzi's hair is getting darker. I love that she knows them and knows about them. She is great, even if Maryn is yet to warm up to her.

Mackenzi & Maci were measured and weighed (I needed this to document in their baby books). Mackenzi of course is still in the 75% in weight and 95% in height. Then Maci gets up their and she barely weighs more than Maryn and is still in the 15-20% for both. They all three got flu shots so we can try and stay healthy this winter and then we were on our way to get dum-dum's and stickers before heading out the door.

Do you like your pediatrician? Do they do any thing spectacular? Do you have to wait long to see them?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Windy Wednesday Walk

Mornings like this morning are ones I do not look forward to. Besides the usual chaos in trying to get the girls up, dressed, fed, and hair done all in about 20 minutes Maryn has been a bit on the "edgy side" lately. She has definitely left the sweet baby stage and is WELL into the terrible toddler times. Today is one of those days where I just wanted someone to take her, or maybe me away for the day.

It was pretty chilly this morning, well around 50 degrees, but the wind was gusting to 40 miles per hour. We decided to go full speed ahead with our morning walk which wasn't the most pleasant. Our walking route isn; tthat difficult even though some mornings it seems like this one particular part of it seems like we're climbing Mt. Timpenogous. Of course today with the wind so vigilent the entire walk was a bit harder and "Mt. Timp" was extremely hard because we were walking into the fierce wind. The kids were okay but let it be known they were not particularly fond of the cooler than normal circumstances. They buried themselves, heads and all, underneath their blankets.

*What's your advice on a grumpy toddler with a mind of her own? How can I get her to stop shouting the two words she uses most often?- NO & STOP!!!*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006



I, like a whole lot of people, anxiously await this day all year long. But, then there are some, my mom being one of those, that would be fine with the day never happening. The day after Thanksgiving is, as all of you know, the biggest shopping day of the year. In the last couple of years I realized that this particular Friday is known as Black Friday, not sure why, but it is. I LOVE to shop and do so on far too many other Fridays, Thursdays, Mondays...well you get the point I love to shop on ANY day!!

On Thanksgiving, if we have gone home, my sister Allison, sister in law Jessica, & myself get the sale ads from the newspaper and plan our day. We all usually split up so we can go to different stores in search of the best deals. I have been going out on the day after Thanksgiving for the last five or so years shopping and even though it is craziness I have a great time. I wake up around 330 or 4am and go and stand in lines outside Target, Toys R US, Best Buy...which ever is my assigned place. I have been back home, in Southeast Texas, 4 of the 5 times I have done this, so it is very interesting to hear people talk & see how they dress. Growing up there I didn't ever realize how "country" we were. Greg and all of his friends growing up, always called the people in our ward hicks and now after not living there for 9 1/2 years I can see how he could have thought that. The people there are definitely not city people. I usually run into several people I went to high school with and it is always interesting and fun. Jessica, Alli, & I usually meet up for lunch and then go back out shopping together after all of the early bird sales are over. It makes for a very long and exciting day. The one Balck Friday I was in San Antonio was fun and I had alot more options on what stores to go to since I have 4 Targets within minutes of my house and back in Beaumont there is one! That particular day was a bit lonely though not having anyone to tag team shop with is a bit boring.

Make sure you check out the deals for the day after Thankgiving sale. You can do it here (they posted them on this past SUnday) early and/or wait until the sales advertisements come out Thansgiving Day. I always check the website early but then get the paper so I can get more of a visual on somethings. Happy Shopping!!

*Do you like to go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving? Do you wake early?
Do you complete your shopping lists all on this crazy day?*

Monday, November 13, 2006

Loneliness + Goodies= Not so Lonely!

Greg has been really busy the past few months and is out of town today and tomorrow so I have been feeling a bit on the lonely side of things. Jenny has been my lifesaver on many days just by being around and enjoying the same things I do. Every morning we walk and talk about things going on with us and never do I walk away from her driveway to come home does she ever not say "What are you doing today?" I seriously would not ever know what to do without her just down the street. It is so fun and convenient. She can call me during the day and say you wanna get lunch and I always say give me 15 minutes and I'll be ready. She sometimes calls and wants me to walk down and look at her latest project, newest purchase, etc. and all I have to do is go outside and close my garage and I'm at her house in a matter of seconds, well if I jog. Thanks for saving my life and listening to my issues, and never judging me for the things I do or don't do. Thanks for always cheering me up and being there, when I am lonely. You are the best!

Jenny brought this by the other day. She knew I had been wanting some black beads and bracelet and when she saw these she said she couldn't pass themup. Thanks Jen for always thinking of me and for all of my goodies. As you know, I have been in some sort of slump too lately and to get things just for me makes me smile and forget about the not so good days. Thanks for making my day.

I went to check the mail today after not getting it on Friday and opened it to find it full. Mostly it was bills, which I could do without, junk, a few catalogs, and a package from Chicago. Who lives in Chicago was my thought, before I looked at the good mail sticker? Pam, who is a freind of Jills and doesn;t have a blog but reads others' blogs and comments occassionally. Thanks Pam for all of my goodies and for cheering up my day.

Greg gets home tomorrowt night, from his job search. I can't wait.

A Brief Look at Our Weekend

Grammy, Poppy, my sister Allison, and her two girls Kallee & Kindred came on Saturday to see us and for the primary program on Sunday. As soon as they got here everyone was hungry so we headed to ChickfilA for lunch. Nana & Papa, & Mimi met us there and then Greg came when we were about done. My dad had planned to stop at his favorite hamburger joint, Chris Madrids on the way into town but, Kallee had gotten car sick and smelled a little bad to go out in public. After lunch we went to Target to look around for a few things and ended up just mainly walking around an didn't do that much shopping. Nana wanted to let Maci & Mackenzi choose something to buy for having great grades on their last report card. Mackenzi got the new Chettah Girls Christmas CD & Maci got a stuffed puppy that came with a carrying bag and some accessories. She hasn't let that thing leave her side. They have already used the money Grammy mailed them to buy books at their school's book fair.

Sunday was the Primary program at church and the kids did a wonderful job. Of course, I was a bit teary when we were just warming up before church. I love being in Primary and feeling the spirit of the children. They haven't a worry in the world and just live life so fully and are all so happy. My favorite song was "Children Holding Hands Around the World" and they sang it beautifully. I saw many teary eyes in the congregation which made me get teary again, agian, again. Grammy & Poppy decided to leave after sacrament meeting to head back home. Needless to say the girls were a bit disappointed that they were only here one day. Greg went back to work and I stayed at church. I was feeling a bit groggy and had a terrible headache so I didn't talk to many people just my class. I have a very lively, spunky, hyper group of eight 5&6 year olds, and Maci being one of the more energetic ones.
Once Greg came home we attempted to take a nap but the girls were not allowing it. Maryn was on her second day in a row without a nap. We decided to go for a drive and look at a few neighborhoods we could possible live in if we were to stay here for a job. Nana & Papa met us and looked around with us. It is so amazing, and sad to think we will be looking, buying, and moving into a new home, in the next 8 or 9 months. I'm excited but so scared of the decisions we have yet to make.

Over all our weekend was good. It is always so nice to have visitors and for them to be both sets of grandparents makes it even better. Thanks to them for travelling to see the girls perform in the primary program.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday Tori!

We wanted to wish Tori, Greg's sister, a very happy 30th birthday today. Hope your day was full of fun, smiles, laughs, love, and many great memories. Wish you lived a little closer so we could have had a Casa Ole' Day for your birthday. Know we all love you and were thinking of you today.

Some things we love about Aunt Toe!!

*Her beautiful bright smile.
*She always has a come back line.
*She is funnier than most comedians who are being paid to be funny!
*Beautiful daughter
*Wonderful sister and sister in law
*Even more wonderful Aunt
*An even more wonderful wife and mom
*Animal lover.
*She is a Giver not a taker.
*Can strike up a conversation with anyone.(I think this runs in the fam)
*Knows how to spoil her nieces and nephew
*Country girl who loves the city
*Has tons of spunk!
*She has a beautiful heart and spirit.

We're glad you could join the thirty year old club!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


UPDATE...On the way to school this morning Mackenzi said, "This is the day I have been waiting for since I started school at Thornton." That was six years ago. Each year she has watched as the 4th graders performed for the school and then for the parents at night. She has been patiently waiting until she was big enough to be part of this special event.She finally got her chance tonight when we went to the Fine Arts Showcase at the school.
It was all good except for the begininng where they suckered us into a PTA meeting. The meeting was originally planned for 530 but I guess when noone showed, they decided to do it when all of the parents arrived for the program. Don't get me wrong PTA meetings are fine to have, but when you have little ones, your time is limited. No one knows just how long they will sit still and quiet, if at all.The six 4th grade classes all participate. Three of the classes showcased their art projects and the other three did some sort of musical number. Mr. Cuda's class did a Russian dance, but my mind went blank and I can't remember what it was called and Mackenzi is off in dreamland so I can't ask her.It was fun to see all of the performances and to see Mackenzi, Taylor, & McKenzey do their dance along with a few giggles in between each step.

Hump Day

Seriously, can this week drag on any slower. I feel like it should be Friday already. You would think after my weekend without kids that I would be okay with having to deal with a normal, chaotic week, but I'm not doing so good. It's not like I had a ton of extra things on our schedule this week mostly just our normal routine with a few added extras but nothing major. I'm in need of a quiet night with a good fattening treat, a foot and back rub, and some good t.v.. OH Maybe that's it. t.v. for me this week as been pretty much non-existent. Monday night when I usually sit down to watch The Batchelor alone(after the girls are in bed & before Greg gets home) I flip on the t.v. to find the CMA awards on instead of my show. I love the CMA awards but not when I'm expecting to curl up and see who the batchelor is kissing this week. Then on Tuesday there wasn't much on due to the elections and all so I didn't have any vegging time sitting in front of the t.v.. Tonight won't be much better. Mackenzi has an arts & music show tonight at school, then we will probably grab a bite to eat out, for a treat for her. Greg will head to his overnight call shift (like every other Wed), then I'll bathe my two youngest and drag them all to Mackenzi's swim practice. We debated on keeping her in swim since the hours are so late. She made all A's last nine weeks and is still doing good so we hated to not let her continue when she loves it so much. After I get home and get them all tucked away, hopefully, by 930 I will just have to sit down and watch the recorded versions of my shows(if they are coming on tonight).

Greg has been frantically studying for a test on Friday. He wasn't suppose to be taking it but a week and a half ago they suggested he take it just for himself, so he would know how he stands on all the "book stuff" he needs to know. Early mornings and long days at work and then to come home and have late nights studying are getting to him. The past few mornings he has been up and gone by 445 am. Poor guy I don't know how he does it. I'm so ready for this week and this test to be done, as is he, so he can relax for a couple of days before getting back to the grind. Maybe we should have had our weekend getaway this weekend.

Two peas in a pod!

(note: I did fix Maryn's hair this morning. The slide is just full of static!)

Shorts & barefeet! What a combination in November. It's a beautiful, clear, sunny, breezy day with the high expected to be 87 degrees. WOW!! but it's not a record. The record today is 90!

I had Weston today while Jenny got her hair cut and highlighted. (maybe she will post a picture) When she dropped him off I asked if she was going to get anything different done to her hair(we both ususally just get it trimmed without any drastic changes), but she said she wanted her hair like Kelly Ripa. Sadly, I haven't even seen Kelly's hair this fall. I'm usually showering while her and Rege are on.
I left Doug a message for him to go to lunch with Jenny when he got off(he's post call so that usually means an early day). Jenny called when she was done with her hair and kept saying she would just come and get Weston. I finally convinced them to go to lunch and Weston could just take a nap here.
Maryn and Weston have had a fun time playing and fighting today. What is it with 18month olds to 3 year olds not wanting to share. After a little coaxing them from the beautiful weather outside they are both quietly slumbering(but not before about 15 minutes of screaming). I am debating on catching a few zzzz's too but feel guilty knowing I slept 2 hours longer than Greg this morning and needing a nap while he is working and studying.

Happy 84th Birthday to Nanaw!

This is my Grandmother aka Nanaw. Today is her 84th birthday so I wanted to send out birthday wishes to her. I'm not going to list 84 things we love about her but I'll hit a few of the things we love about her...

Best chicken n' dumplings maker in the world. She makes them for every special occasion and holiday we have ever had. Her specialty lemon birthday cake is a favorite in our family. She has lived right through the woods from my parents, so growing up we could truly sing ...Through the woods to grandmother's house we go... Friday night sleepovers, at her house, were a favorite for us when we were kids. She is known as Aunt Gladys to more people than just her nieces and nephews. She is absolutely TERRIFIED of snakes, real or toy, rubber ones. She is the baby of her siblings. She was a wonderful wife and has been widowed for 20 years. She and her two sisters, Hazel & Gracie, referred to themselves as the three musketeers. 100% Visiting Teacher, she never misses. One of the healthiest people her age I know. She is a very loving Mother and Grandmother.

We love you Nanaw. Hope you a have a very happy day.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Girl Talk

Today I was able to go to Mackenzi's school to watch the "girls on broadway" video with her. I have to say I was a little caught off guard last week when they sent home the permission form to watch the "period" video. "Already", was my first thought, then "she is just a baby", then I looked at her and realized how big she is and soon she will begin to fit into the
"preteen" category. YIKES!! Didn't I just give birth to her? Time does fly and my sweet little first born daughter, is very much on her way to becoming a young woman.

The video was a bit outdated, seemed like the late 70's early 80's, but was informative. I could tell Mackenzi was a bit embarrassed and taken back by what she was seeing and hearing. I even heard her mumble once "I'm confused"! Poor thing. When she first brought home the permission form she was so excited to get to see something about "girls on broadway" and so happy the boys were not able to see it. I nonchalantely informed her it wasn't just about girls on broadway but about how girls' bodies start to change. I could tell, during the video, her mind was going a thousand miles and hour, and figured she may never bring this stuff up again.

Jenny and I decided to kidnap them from school and take them to Subway for lunch. They were begging us to bring them lunch to school but we thought it was a great opportunity to have a little "Girl Talk" with them over lunch. They weren't much into talking, just giggling between each other, and enjoying their sandwiches.

It was a weird, but a good time to spend with Mackenzi. I don't want her to grow up so soon!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Friends + Free + Football = FUN

Friends + Free babysitting + Free football tickets = Fun weekend!

Hookem' Horns!

Last week we were offered tickets to the UT vs. OSU football game, in Austin, by one of the doctors Greg is working with. I was so excited being a sports fan and everything, but then the issue of what to do with our kids flashed in my head. No babysitters means no dates especially ones that would keep us away for about 7 hours. The few babysitters we could get probably wouldn't do so well for such a long period of time. We called Greg's mom to see if she might be driving into town to see her Mom for the weekend, but she wasn't. I had come to grips that we probably wouldn't be going to the game when I realized our kids only had half day of school on Friday. I could easily drive them half way home to meet my parents and be back home about the same time Greg got home from work. SWEET!! But then I looked at the calandar and it was my mom's weekend to work, it also was the opening day of deer season, and my dad would definitely be hunting. Bummer! I called my sister to see what her plans were for Saturday and she assured me she could watch my girls while my mom was at work. I called my parents and arranged the delivery/pickup time and got swung into preparation mode. I drove only about 2 hours and my parents drove 2 1/2 and they took off to East Texas with girls and my van.

Friday night we had dinner with Jenny & Doug(previous post). Saturday morning Greg went to sports clinic, I walked with Jenny, cleaned some, packed an overnight bag, and was ready to head out when Greg got home around noon. Greg dropped me off to get my eyebrows waxed, man I should have taken a before and after picture of that, I was begining to look like a 70 year old man. He got gas in the car, got us a diet coke and away we went to Austin.

Ang & Tara

We met up with our friends Tara & Aaron( they used to live in San Antonio, until last year) at Texas Land & Cattle. I usually never order steak when we go out but I was starving since I had eaten all day. We ate and chatted for two hours and then Greg & I decided to head downtown to beat most of the chaos before the game. We went in to the Unvirsity Co Op store to see about getting me a sweatshurt to wear to the game. It wasn't really cold, just damp cold. I should have taken a picture of this store. It was shoulder to shoulder people trying to get the latest and greatest in burnt orange(UT color). I looked around trying to decide hat to get but felt I couldn't justify spending 50 dollars on a swetahirt I wouldn't wear all of the time. I had already gotten a 20 dollar one at WalMart but admit the ones at the UT store were much cuter. Sad to say I left empty handed.

We had to take this picture in front of the State Capitol.

We walked, what seemed like 5 miles to get to the stadium and found our seats. They were on the top level but actually decent seats, and hey they were free! They honored some veterans before the game which was a little tear jerking. Then they had three sisters sing the National Anthem which was beautiful. While they were singing an Airforce Bomber Jet flew over right as the women were singing ..."land of the free" which brought tears to the eyes of two older men sitting next to us, and sent chills throughout my entire body. The jet flying over was planned, but not expecting it and then hearing and feeling it(it shook the stadium) was unbeleivable.

The game was very entertaining with lots of cheering, singing "the eyes of Texas", clapping, and yelling Texas - Fight all in unison. Even though we aren't UT alumni we joined in with all of the traditional chants, hookem' horns hand sign, yells, singing... It was so fun. There were 89,036 people at the game which was amazing! As they anounced how many people were in attendance Greg said, "that's more people that live in Silsbee(where I grew up), Groves(where he grew up), and several other small towns around each of those, all put together". Wow that is team SPIRIT!

We stayed over night in the Renassaince Hotel that was very nice. It was so nice to have getaway weekend with just the two of us. We slept in and then went back to the CoOP to buy something for the girls and had lunch. We then headed to meet my parents to get the girls back.

We had a so much fun just chatting in the car with just the two of us. We talked about jobs, places to live, things we want to do as a family. We never get to talk in the car with the girls so it was fun sharing our thoughts, hopes, and dreams with each other. The girls are always wanting something, singing so loudly that we can't talk, and most of the time when we are all together the girls want to just talk to Greg about their day, because he isn't always with us. The girls were excited to see us but all said right away "We don't want to go home!!" I guess they really missed us, Right? We made it home a little past their bedtime aso it was a little challenging to get them bathed, and ready for bed quickly.

Thanks to Grammy& Poppy for letting the girls spend the weekend with you. Thanks to Allison for babysitting and enetraining, and for Art, Jess, Caleb, Baileigh, Kallee, & Kindred, for spending time with the girls and playing with them. We love you all.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Interesting Advertisement

Last night we met Doug & Jenny at Chuy's for a late birthday dinner for Doug. The traffic was horendous and somehow I made it there first(Greg brought a seperate car to go on to his football game) and got us a table. When Greg got there a few minutes later I gave him instructions on what to order for all of us. We all pretty much get the same thing everytime we eat there so it makes it easy to order for everyone. Well back to my point... I headed to the little girls room, I had obviously drank to much and had to go really bad. As I turned around when I went into the stall, I saw the strangest thing on the stall door. NO it wasn't some sort of graffiti saying Johnny loves Suzie, it was an advertisement for losing weight. WHAT? I thought (I may have even said it out loud). Okay that is weird. Someone had made these little business cards up saying how you can lose 2-8 pounds every week along with a phone number. They were hanging on the stall door in a plastic envelope, in my favorite mexican restaraunt!

I immediately thought this is definitely blog worthy material. I ran back to get my purse and camera to get document this. Thankfully the bathroom was empty otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten a few weird looks after seeing my flash go off behind the stall door. Of course, all I was thinking about was getting it on camera and totally forgot to grab one of the cards. Oh well I have the number on the picture, since if I continue to eat at Chuy's once a week ,I may need to call about this!!

After the guys left for their football games, Jenny and I went looking for jeans, AGAIN! We struck out, but did find Jenny a shirt she couldn't pass up. I would have bought the same one but she got the last one so I opted to just try this one on and take a picture just to blog about. Did you realize everything you read on my blog isn't all true. I have this bad habit of making stuff up and can't seem to control myself. JUST KIDDING I really don't make stuff up but, Maci my 6 year old could definitely use this shirt. I hope it is just a phase she is going through, but right now I doubt most things she comes home saying. I know she doesn't realize she is lying but hey, it's hard to know when to punish her for not telling the truth.

**What is the weirdest advertisement you have seen? Have your kids gone through phases od not telling the whole truth? Any advice on finding cute jeans?**

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

flip-flop & good mail


The weather is crazy lately. It seems the weather flip flops from one extreme to the other around here lately. I know this is typical for Texas, BUT seriously the girls wore shorts and flip flops to school yesterday on Halloween and the high temp was 86*! and this morning I had to find jeans for them to wear(they had both laid out shorts last night). I know to most of you, weather in the 60's, doesn't necessarily mean jeans, but for us Southern folk, today is a bit chilly. The high temperatures for the next few days are going to be in the mid 60's and drizzly. It doesn't sound fun especially since I'm not lovin' the way any of my jeans fit anymore.

Good mail to post-

My friend Anna sent me this cute scrapbook and craft stuff last week and I totally spaced posting it since I haven't been blogging much lately. Thanks Anna for thinking of me and I'm sure I will put this cute stuff to good use. Maybe this will encourage Jenny and I to have another craft day soon.

I had ordered this cute stuff from Doodle Bugs a few weeks ago and almost forgot about it. I was pleasantly surprised when it came in the mail last Saturday. Now I don't have any excuses for not sending out "thanks you's" and "just because notes".

Jill sent me a fun package yesterday with cute stcky notes, note cards, these cute "all girl" signs for cards or scrapbooking, an d a book called Take Time For Your Life. This book sounds like something I need to read. Thanks Jill for thinking about me and worrying about me not bloggin much. I hadn't been blogging much because I got a bit busy doing other things, and becuase I felt some days the things I would post were "no big deal" things and nobody ever really looked at it (at least not many people would comment). I know that sounds dumb and I know I'm doing the blog thing for a journal, but it is nice when you feel others gain from what you post. Any way I have treid to do better this week and want to thank you for noticing I was missing in action.

**How's your weather? Any fun good mail packages sent your way? Am I the only one anxiously awaiting my October Conference issue of the Ensign? Or did mine just get
lost in the mail?**