Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yearly Checkups

Mackenzi & Maci had yearly checkups at the pediatrician this week. Maryn had hers back in September and they all are growing and developing right on schedule.

I usually wouldn't take my oodler girls to get checkups since they are pretty much doing normal things for their ages. Last year when I took Mackenzi in they sent me to an eye doctor because she didn't do to well on her vision test. The eye doctor told us she will eventually need glasses but he would hold off for another year. Well, I had the nurse at school check her about a month ago and she said she was seeing fine. NOT SO TRUE! She, again, didn't do too well on her vision test at the pediatrician again. Mackenzi didn't seemed to thrilled about the idea of getting glasses and I'll quote her, "I'm going to be a four-eyed monster!!" I reassured her we would find her really cute glasses and she would look in style. I can relate, as can Greg since we both are blind as bats and have been wearing glasses or contacts since ages 7 & 8 respectively. I knew our kids did't stand a chance.

Maci too, couldn't see very well out of her left eye so she will also be going to the eye doctor to be tested more thoroughly. She, on the other hand was excited at the possibility of getting glasses and was trying frames on at Target a few hours later. I hope we can hold off on her getting glasses right now becuase I can't imagine forking out the bucks for two pair right now and not to mention I need new ones, too.

We love our girls' pediatrician and regret that we soon will be researching a new one, whenever we move. Finding a doctor you love is like finding someone to do your hair that you love. We have been so happy the past five and a half years being able to take our kids to Dr. Davis and her partners. There never is much of a wait when you are in the waiting room but if you forget to schedule your next appointment before leaving the office when you are there you could be waiting a while to get an appointment. Dr. Davis has such a spunky personality and is so good with the girls. I admit though, the first time we saw her I was a bit worried because she was in and out of our room faster than I could say supercalifradalisticexpealitdosious. After we saw her a few times we realized this was just her spunkiness and be-bopping way of doing things. She always comes in with the biggest grin on her face, talks to the girls about the things they have been doing and commenting about how they are changing. She noticed right away, this time, how Mackenzi's hair is getting darker. I love that she knows them and knows about them. She is great, even if Maryn is yet to warm up to her.

Mackenzi & Maci were measured and weighed (I needed this to document in their baby books). Mackenzi of course is still in the 75% in weight and 95% in height. Then Maci gets up their and she barely weighs more than Maryn and is still in the 15-20% for both. They all three got flu shots so we can try and stay healthy this winter and then we were on our way to get dum-dum's and stickers before heading out the door.

Do you like your pediatrician? Do they do any thing spectacular? Do you have to wait long to see them?


jess said...

i think you'll be cute in glasses mackenzi. just think of all the leaves you'll be able to see. caleb wasn't too keen on the idea at first. he has to be reminded sometimes to put them on but he knows now that he needs them.

jess :-P

michelle said...

I agree it can be so hard to find a doctor you like. We've lived here for over 8 years and I still don't have one for me!

I like our pediatrician fine. He is extremely nice, but sometimes I wonder if he is really paying attention. We usually don't have to wait long, and his office is just down the street, which is great since we are there so often!

I love the photo -- I had a pediatrician in Seattle that I still think of fondly and miss.

Ashley said...

How were the flu shots? Were they as bad as I am imagining? I think we are all going to have a dose of them here, so seeing the beautiful girls smiling, hopefully after their shots, makes me feel a little more at ease for Hunter. Don't worry Mackenzi, I think almost all of us had glasses...and we were all cool and popular. Just get some cute ones, and being able to see will be such a great incentive to wearing them. I always think of the quote,"two reasons why good kids become poor students are their eyes!" You gotta be able to see the world to fully enjoy it! Love yall, hope to see you soon!

Jill said...

I like our pediatrician, and fortunately don't have to go there very much since the kids rarely get sick.

That's pretty funny that you took a picture of the girls with their doctor, but then again she's a part of their lives right now and that's cool to document that.

Jenny said...

I am still laughing that when Mackenzi said hey Taylor I have some realllllly bad news. I need to get glasses in which I said thats not bad news! Taylor says you don't look like a glasses type girl. Kinda funny. I didn't realize you ped dr. was so young. You know how I feel about ours and can't wait to get a decent one someday.