Thursday, November 23, 2006

Half way to 70!


Today, on Thanksgiving, Greg is turning 35!! Wow! That makes him half way to 70. I can't believe we are getting up there in age and I am not looking forward to next May when I will join him at this milestone.
We are at my parents for Thanksgiving and didn't have access to all of my pictures. I will try and update this with a picture of Greg alone.

I am so blessed to have Greg as my husband and the father of our girls. Here are the top 35 reasons I love him HUGE!!( I could list hundreds, but I'll just name my favorites.)

1. While we were dating, he would tell me, "I love you BIG like the world!" He still does this everyday but sometimes he says HUGE instead of BIG!
2. He is very funny and has a great sense of humor.
3. He LOVES having three girls and never regrets not having boys.(I don't think. he doesn't ast like it anyway.)
4. He never meets a stranger and will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
5. Everyone who meets him can't help but like him.
6. He tells tons of stories NEVER leaving out any details!
7. He loves his job and works very hard. He helps out freinds, family members, church members, and most recently animals at night and on weekends ad doesn't complain.
8. He works long hours but is never too tired to play when he comes home.
9. He is a handyman around our house.
10. He loves to shop especially when buying for others.
11. He has become addicted to running, exercising and staying fit.
12. He is a wonderful big brother to his three younger sisters. he survived growing up the only boy and they trained him well on what to expect from a house full of females.
13. He is a wonderful son, son in-law, grandson, ..inlaw, nephew, uncle... well you get is he is just wonderful.
14. Is the KING of our grill and loves to cook.
15. He is a great listener.
16. He is full of patience and is not a complainer.
17. He is definitely a giver not a taker.
18. He has a wonderful testimony.
19. He gives great talks and lessons at church.
20. He lets me do the yard work even when guys at work and the mailman give him a hard time about his wife doing a man's job.
21. Sacrifces so much for us.
22. He loves being outdoors camping, hiking, boating, biking...
23. Never eats anything he doesn't like. This is a bad thing when we are asked suggestions on places to eat because he doesn't dislike too many places and this causes great controversy with some people.
24. Always rubs my back when I ask (lots of times I don't even have to ask) even if it is his turn to be on the receiving end of the back rub.
25. Always plays footsies with me especially right before we fall asleep.
25. His beautiful blue eyes are to die for, unless you are taking a picture of him and then he either has lazy eyes or they are closed completely.
26. He loves for me to cook and always says how good it is even if it is just something from the freezer.
27. He loves Diet Dr. Pepper about as much as I do-NO that isn't possible.
28. Loves his new truck and looks fabulous driving in it.
29. Loves to wear cowboy boots and even sports a cowboy hat if the occassion is appropriate.
30. Always kisses and tells me he loves me in the mornings even if I'm sleeping.
31. Lays on the girls beds and chats before it is "lights out".
32. Can get anything cheap and lots of times for free!
33. Always cleans up the kitchen not only at our house but at others' homes too.
34. He sends my mom flowers every year on my birthday, thanking her for having me.
35. Is my best friend, is a wonferful Dad, and an unbelievable husband.

Hope you have a terrific day. I'm so glad you were able to have your favorite meal, Thanksgiving dinner, on you birthday. Thanks for sharing your life with me and for blessing us with three beautiful daughters. I love you HUGER!!!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Grego! I hope you are enjoying your rudys turkey. If we were there we would bring you some of your favorite pumpkin cheesecake. You forgot to add about him loving going to Costco and Sam's Club. I think that is too funny. I would agree Greg is quite a guy and we are proud to be friends of his and yours for that matter. Miss you guys and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Jill said...

Wow, he sounds like a great guy! Happy Birthday Greg. (And what's up with pointing out that 35 is halfway to 70?? That's just plain mean.)

Mimi said...

As the #1 of my 15 grandchildren, he has set the bar high for all of those that followed, and they all love and respect him for that. Happy Birthday, Greg. From where I'm sitting, 35 looks pretty young to me. I can just hear your Great Grandmother,Lillian Gean, saying "Your not even out of diapers yet at 35!"

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Greg! Gosh, reason #34 is sooooooooo sweet!

michelle said...

That is some list. Hold on to that guy!

jess said...

we're glad you got to see us on your birthday . . LOL
you're looking great for half of 70.
hope you had a great day.

Kristi Brooke said...

happy birthday greg.. my daughter shares the same day!