Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It hasn't reached Fall weather status here in Texas, just yet. Actually it usually stays quite warm through October and sometimes November, and then you just wake up one morning and it is cold out. Okay, maybe not cold to some of you that live out West or up North, but for a native Texan, the 40's are down right frigid.

I had no plans on doing this SPT, because I wasn't sure how to go about getting a fall-like picture when it is 90 degrees out. I also knew that I couldn't take a picture of my home decorated for Fall, because it isn't decorated. Last year after Halloween and Christmas I packed all of our holiday stuff away and moved it to a rented storage unit, thinking I wouldn't need it until after we moved. Well, since they told us our house would be done in August and it is now October, and they haven't even started the inside work yet I just may be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas without OUR decorations. Today when I took Maryn to school I saw they had put out all of their pumpkins for their pumpkin patch. I thought of taking the picture then, but thought I would spare you my workout attire and my natural beauty, and decided to snap a picture this afternoon when I picked her up. I got a few stares and tried to be as descreet as possible, taking my own picture in the pumpkins, while everyone else was sanpping cute photos of their littles.

notice my fall shoes aka flip flops

Even though Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, I do get giddy when it's time to pull out the holiday decorations. I just may need to go and buy a few necessities so I feel like fall and the holidays are fast approaching.