Friday, June 29, 2007

Mackenzi Hits Double Digits!!

Happy 1oth Birthday Kenzi Bug!!

Mackenzi 1 year old

I seriously am in shock that I'm old enough, and that it has been 10 years since our first daughter came into the world. Where oh where as the time gone? Oh yea, I know exactly where it has gone...Mackenzi is known to us, and some of our family members as our schooling and medical training yard stick. She was just six weeks old when moved from our first apartment to Houston to begin medical school. Now she is turning 10 just a few weeks before Greg finishes all of his Orthopedic and Sports Injury training. Looking back on the road we have traveled it doesn't seem all that long until I look at how our sweet little baby has grown. Then, it seems like a lifetime.

Here are some fo the things we love about our Mackenzi aka Kenzi. (she has recently shortened her name and wants to go by Kenzi). I don't know if that will stick since we named our other thwo daughters with names beginning with "M".

She is...

*our first born
*blue eyed beauty

Mackenzi's looses her first teeth with the help of the dentist at age 6 1/2

*Kenzi bug
*our princess with a beautiful smile

Mackenzi 8 years old

*med school and residency SURVIVOR(just six weeks old when we began this journey)
*daddy's girl
*mileage Mackenzi(she traveled more in a car her first
few years of life than I had in my whole childhood)
*good friend to everyone

Mackenzi and Taylor inseperable friends age 5

*mini mommy
*our screamer that turned into a very quiet and reserved little girl
*"helper" "builder" "cooker"
*softhearted and compassionate

Mackenzi 3 years old

*my shopping partner
*our booger bear

*great student (She had great grades all year. She was elected class representative for student council. She was a Safety Patrol) Talk about involved and she is only 10!

Taylor and Mackenzi 4th grade safety patrols

*star swimmer

*spiritual and always striving to choose the right

Mackenzi with a primary talk age 6

(she takes after her mommy when it comes to speaking in public she is extremely shy)

*kind and understanding
*our performer
*drama queen
*book lover
*our earliest walker & talker
*soon to be babysitter
*inquizative child
*the one that would rather hang out with the adults(she was the only kid for so long amongst our friends and family) she knew no different

Mackenzi 4 years old right after we moved to San Antonio

*our sweetheart
*our priceless treasure

We hope you have a great day. We love you and are so proud to be your parents. You are our special little girl and will always be even if you are growing up faster than we would like. You are beautiful inside and out. Always remember that. Love you tons Kenzi.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SPT-Hello, Twins?

I had planned on skipping again this week because I didn't have really anything to take a picture of myself doing. I also had planned on posting about this about two months ago but due to being blogger lazy I never did.

As most of you know Jenny and I are frequently mistaken for the same person. We, almost on a daily basis, are asked if we are sisters. To my surprise, we were once asked if we were mother and daughter. I wanted to ask the little old man which one he was referring to as the mother but was afraid the three years I am older than Jenny would all of a sudden turn into thirty. While we were getting a pedicure a couple of months ago we were given a new "label". Without knowing what the other was wearing, Jenny picked me up and we had similar brown shorts on and pink shirts. I mentioned changing but thought it wasn't worth the hassle. We arrived at the pedicure place and immediately all of the employees started their usual "whispering" in their native Vietnamese language. I always find this somewhat interesting, but mostly rude. First, how on earth can they hear one another across the building when I have a hard time hearing(not understanding) them when they are sitting right at my feet. Second, they can speak English so why do they choose to talk about people right in front of them. Finally after the girl doing my toes looked us both up and down she asked, "Twins"? Our reply, almost simultaneously, NOPE! Then she replies, sisters? Our answer again, NOPE, with an added, friends. She chuckled and said, "you dressed alike." Feeling somewhat embarrassed, but also flattered, a smile appeared on my face. Jenny's girl didn't hear any of this and as she sat down to get started on her, said a few words we couldn't understand and then looked at us and said, (yep you guessed it) Twins? No just friends, we giggled. The two pedicurist talked amongst themselves while they finished doing our feet. Then, as they normally do before they paint our toenails, they both reached down almost at the same time and found us wearing not similar, but EXACTLY the same brown Cobian flip flops. The only difference mine being two sizes larger. "Same shoes, too." Followed quickly with, "Who's the copier." I said, well I had them first, but when I love something so much I don't mind sharing where I found something. I was again amazed how people find us so similar when in all reality we are really different.

Well, back to my SPT today. Jenny and I started our day just like any other, going for our 3 mile walk. After passing a few of our usuals, we passed an older guy. I was in front(this part of our walk is all up hill and along a busy street) on the sidewalk. The guy just took a quick glance and added a "good morning". After we made it up the hill and were again walking side by side, Jenny was laughing. She asked if I heard what the guy said. I said no but I'm sure it was something on the lines of, Are you sisters? She informed me it was the twin comment. We both said, we don't look anything alike! After swim practice for the kids, we stopped at Sonic on our way to the water park. First invision two blonde girls, with the same color minivan, full of kids parked side by side. We place our orders seperately and then sat and waited. The girl brings my large Diet Coke and order of tater tots out first and didn't say anything. She then returns with Jenny's large Diet Coke, french fries and a drink for her kids and asked her if we are together. It wasn't the sister/twin question, but I'm sure it was tooling in her little mind. We then arrived at the water park. We trekked up what seems like miles, to our favorite hangout. We park our double strollers, and get our kids situated and away they scurry. A guy we have seen several times, was sitting near us and said, "You are sisters, right?" No, just friends came out of Jenny's mouth. I think he thought we were lying the way he looked at us. You look the same. Same hair. The next same was a bit unnerving. Same BODY! My oh my people. We look so different. The only thing Jenny could say, after the BOD comment was, she has girls, I have boys.

So today was definitely out of the ordinary. Getting three comments all before noon was a bit much. So with that said, I wanted you to say hello to my twin(even though you all know her). I know she posted a picture of the two of us at Chuy's, but after our comments today I saw it very fitting to post another one of our many, many pictures we have together.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Fish

Today was our girls last regular summer swim meet. Mackenzi joined year round swim and our school district's big pool, but truly enjoys our summer league we have them on. More fun, and socializing. Less strict coaches and less swimming.
She ahs truly become our little fish. I'm glad she has found her nitch and loves it.
Mackenzi and Maci are both in lane 2(from left).

Here is Mackenzi swimming her best stroke butterfly.
Go Mackenzi Go!!

Mackenzi's first place 100 meter IM

Maci swimming freestyle.

Go Maci Go!

Maci loves swimming. It sometimes it is difficult for her to make it across the pool, but today it seemed she had a little more stamina.
Way to go girls. You both did awesome.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SPT-through the eyes of love

this week's challenge is interactive. a little less "self-portrait," a little more "self-love."now, go ahead and hand your camera to the person on your left. no-one there? okay, how about this: hand your camera to your little, your husband, your aunt, your best friend. have them snap your photo. ask them to share with you one thing they love about you in the picture. make sure you share their comments when you post your step: take a good long look at your new photo. think about the response you got from the photographer. did they love your eyes? did they love your goofy expression? did they love your red shirt?do you see the same things? do you love the same things they love? had you forgotten that you love your smile? or your freckles?go ahead... fall in love with yourself again! i can't wait to *see* you through new eyes on tuesday!

Another challenge for me. I was a little skeptical about what my girls would write about me. I know they know I love them and they love me. Then, there are the days that I'm not the perfect mom, that flash into my mind that I'm afraid of. Will they say I'm a fun mom? Do they like my smile and do they even see it often enough? Do they think I'm pretty? What do they really think about me?

I asked my two oldest daughters to take my picture and then give their thoughts on it. I got them to write it into a word document (without my help). I then cut and pasted it for them. I also used the same picture and asked Greg to write down his feelings about me and did the same with it(cut &paste). So this is what they think of me...

Maci posed me like this.

She loves me and plays with me to. She makes me laf.


Mackenzi's snapshot of me.

My mom looks so good in this picture. She has all of her make up on and her hair is clean and she straightened. My mom has a great tan from lying out in the sun! She is so nice. She even took us to the Movie Theater to see Nancy Drew yesterday. My mom has a great smile on every day. Thanks mom for being great and giving me awesome hugs and kisses!

Greg says,
I love Angie's eyes. Over the past years that we have been married, Angie's appearance has changed a bit. She has gone from curly to straight hair. She has become much more fit physically. She has a tan from the summer that lasts all year. She enjoys an occasional pedicure and worries about what her toe nails look like. She has changed from denim shorts to khaki capris and likes to stay up with some of the latest fashions. One thing that has never changed is her eyes, the so-called "windows to the soul". The windows have stayed the same, and so has the beautiful girl inside. I expect one day we'll be old people (beats the alternative), and I will still see the beautiful girl behind the beautiful eyes. Love ya Ang.

Greg also says this about this picture he took last week:

I like this picture because it shows a bit of the little girl that I hope never leaves. Unfortunately as parents, sometimes we forget about the kid inside. It's fun to see us when we let that kid out. It's especially fun to let that kid out to play with our kids. Thanks Ang for being a fun Mom and getting your hair wet. These are the times the girls will remember when they are our age (late 20's). Anyway, hair is not all it's cracked up to be.

I too love my eyes. I often find myself criticizing most things about me, but find I especially love the color of my eyes. They are hazel in color and are either really blue or really green depending on the color shirt I'm wearing. You see I went for the blue-eyed look in these pictures. I find in pictures my eyes stand out because of the smile on my face. I think in person I have just ordinary eyes, but if I'm caught laughing and smiling they will jump out at you. I also love when I am tan, but wonder if I should start taking better care of my skin. I have great skin(the color and ability to hold onto that color long into winter), not necessarily the great flawless type skin. I will agree with Mackenzi & Greg on the hair comments as well. I like having my hair straight even when most people think I should go "natural" occasionally. Most days when we are at the water park, I forego riding the water slides for fear my natural curls will come out of their hiding and cause me to appear looking like a drowned rat. The times I do let the little girl that is trapped inside my aging body out, I can have a fun time. It is even more fun to see the girls' faces when I'm playing with them. These moments are priceless. For me, and hope fully for them, too.

Thanks for helping out with my challenge and for allowing me to see inside myself. Great reminders of what I, as well as you, love about me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

"A father can do no greater thing for his children than to let them feel that he loves their mother." David O. McKay

I have been blessed with great men in my life. My dad will always be my daddy, and hope that he knows what a wonderful example he has been to me. Growing up I saw things in him that I knew I wanted my husband and the father of my children to have. I didn't marry someone exactly like my dad, but somewhat similar in the way they are with their wives and children.

I am so proud of the man I call my best friend. He is like no other around. He is definitely one of a kind. I have said many times offer I never deserved someone so great, but am glad, he saw things in me, that others couldn't see. I'm glad you took the chance on the "country" girl and asked me out. I'm glad he has brought me along on his journey through school, and residency. I also, am happy he made my biggest dreams of being a mom come true. He has blessed me with the three most beautiful, precious daughters a mom could hope for. He loves me and makes it a point that they see him hugging, kissing, and caring for me. He dates me and them. He loves to take them on daddy daughter dates and sometimes seems to connect with them better than I do.

Greg & Mackenzi
Greg & Maci
Greg& Maryn

Greg is a wonderful husband and daddy. He has a way that amazes me. He means everything to me and has many, many qualities that make him who he is. Here are a few of them.

*righteous*hardworking*caring*spiritual* tender*wise*compassionate* humble* knowledgeable* understanding* loving*selfless*giving*optimistic*amazing* complimentary*leader*worthy*encouraging*productive*disciplined
happy*respectful*much integrity* studious*funny*charismatic*kind*

I found this quote and it describes Greg to a "T". Hurtful words have ever come from his mouth towards me. He always compliments us girls and says how beautiful we all are. Thanks for all you do and all you say.

"A husband should always try to treat his wife with the greatest courtesy and respect, holding her in the highest esteem. He should speak to her in a kind and a soft manner, showing his love by word and deed. As she feels this love and tenderness she will mirror it and return it tenfold."
James E. Faust

Greg thanks for all you do and all you are. I love you BIG like the world.

Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


this week's challenge is to look around your home and help us showcase the history and folklore of America! dust off your americana relics! let no wagon wheel go unturned! let no bobble head doll go un-noticed!!

I debated on skipping this challenge because as I looked around my house I only saw things that represented Texas, not America. Then I thought, Texas is part of America, but felt that would be cheating. I then realized I haven't participated in the last two challenges so I needed to join back in on the fun and I definitely am proud to be an American.

This is as Americana as is gets around the Gordon home. Sad, I know. We always fly our American flag on national holidays and you can find us all sporting our red, white, & blue attire on the 4th of July.

We also have been out shopping for things to decorate our new home (that will hopefully be started soon). I have found I am drawn to more of the ranch style things, like stars, old looking furniture,etc. I also know that I don't want my entire house to look like a "country" home so I have tried to figure out what my style is. Sadly, I have yet to figure it out. With saying that I do think I need to not buy too many more Texas style things like this star even though I love them.

I also thought that since the NBA is in the Finals Championship and since The San Antonio Spurs are one of the two teams vowing for the National Championship I could use them on my post. They are competing to be America's Basketball Team, right? So, here I can show you the huge Spurs fan I am. I love to watch them, in person and in front of my own TV. I wear my Spurs T-shirt(the jersey is Mackenzi's) on most game days when they are in the playoffs. I get nervous when the games are close and when I'm at the game in person I get sweaty palms and my heart races when the game gets exciting. My fingers are crossed that the Spurs will keep up their winning streak and become America's basketball champions once again. Go Spurs Go!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our Mare Bear is 3!!

Today our sweet Maryn Allison turns three years old. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was looking at the positive pregnancy test with the biggest smile on my face while tears streamed down my face. I can remember being a young girl and getting asked the question, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" and answering very quickly, "A MOMMY!!" I feel extremely blessed to be her Mom.

Just minutes after she was born.

I recall three years ago, being a bit frustrated that I was still walking around pregnant, even though I wasn't due for another ten days. I was only frustrated because I had my mind set on delivering early, very early. You might ask why I thought I would be delivering so early. Well, Mackenzi, our oldest came almost 2 weeks early, and Maci almost 4 weeks early. So I just knew Maryn would have been early. When I finally decided I may be having real contractions I called Greg(he was on trauma call) and asked him to come pick me up. We headed to the hospital, and was told I was a three, but my doctor was still out of town. I opted to stay hoping I would labor through the night and Dr. Wen would arrive just in time to catch her. Well with an extremely good epidural and high doses of pitocin it took only three hours and then she was here. We were so excited to become parents all over again to another beautiful baby girl.

six weeks old

We had a hard time deciding on her name. We finally decided she needed a name that started with and "M" thinking if we didn't she would feel left out. I wanted to name her Meg but Greg preferred Maryn. I was even desperate at one point telling him it would be like she was named after him if we named her Meg (it rhymed with Greg). I know sounds like a desperate reason, but hey I didn't know what else to do. I lost the battle, mainly because I told him he could decide. So of course he chose Maryn and I gave her the middle name Allison, after my sister.

1 year old

Maryn, brings a smile to my face each time I look at her. I do admit at times it can be a challenge not to dislike her when she screams, shouts NO!, hits, and whines nonstop. Then with each scream, no and whine there is always a cute smile, giggle, and hug that follows. I have been a bit sad at each milestone she has mastered even when I have smiled at them first. From sitting up, to walking. From her first smile to her sweet laugh. From babbles to being our motor mouth. From her first and last wet diapers to big girl panties. From her crying when I left her with a sitter to her loving when the sitter walks in. She for sure holds a very special place in my heart.
Here are a few things that we love about Maryn.

*her beautiful sky blue eyes

*her sweet laugh

*her still loving to drink milk from a sippy cup

*her need and desire to snuggle

*her buda belly

*her little nose

*the love she shows her two older sisters

*she loves to sing in the car

*it's ALWAYS HER turn to say family prayer(I hope that never changes)

*our my daddy, my mommy game we play together


We hope you have a great day Mare Bear. We love you bunches, Mommy & Daddy.