Friday, June 29, 2007

Mackenzi Hits Double Digits!!

Happy 1oth Birthday Kenzi Bug!!

Mackenzi 1 year old

I seriously am in shock that I'm old enough, and that it has been 10 years since our first daughter came into the world. Where oh where as the time gone? Oh yea, I know exactly where it has gone...Mackenzi is known to us, and some of our family members as our schooling and medical training yard stick. She was just six weeks old when moved from our first apartment to Houston to begin medical school. Now she is turning 10 just a few weeks before Greg finishes all of his Orthopedic and Sports Injury training. Looking back on the road we have traveled it doesn't seem all that long until I look at how our sweet little baby has grown. Then, it seems like a lifetime.

Here are some fo the things we love about our Mackenzi aka Kenzi. (she has recently shortened her name and wants to go by Kenzi). I don't know if that will stick since we named our other thwo daughters with names beginning with "M".

She is...

*our first born
*blue eyed beauty

Mackenzi's looses her first teeth with the help of the dentist at age 6 1/2

*Kenzi bug
*our princess with a beautiful smile

Mackenzi 8 years old

*med school and residency SURVIVOR(just six weeks old when we began this journey)
*daddy's girl
*mileage Mackenzi(she traveled more in a car her first
few years of life than I had in my whole childhood)
*good friend to everyone

Mackenzi and Taylor inseperable friends age 5

*mini mommy
*our screamer that turned into a very quiet and reserved little girl
*"helper" "builder" "cooker"
*softhearted and compassionate

Mackenzi 3 years old

*my shopping partner
*our booger bear

*great student (She had great grades all year. She was elected class representative for student council. She was a Safety Patrol) Talk about involved and she is only 10!

Taylor and Mackenzi 4th grade safety patrols

*star swimmer

*spiritual and always striving to choose the right

Mackenzi with a primary talk age 6

(she takes after her mommy when it comes to speaking in public she is extremely shy)

*kind and understanding
*our performer
*drama queen
*book lover
*our earliest walker & talker
*soon to be babysitter
*inquizative child
*the one that would rather hang out with the adults(she was the only kid for so long amongst our friends and family) she knew no different

Mackenzi 4 years old right after we moved to San Antonio

*our sweetheart
*our priceless treasure

We hope you have a great day. We love you and are so proud to be your parents. You are our special little girl and will always be even if you are growing up faster than we would like. You are beautiful inside and out. Always remember that. Love you tons Kenzi.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!! It looks like in 4 more minutes your birthday will be over. Thanks for being such a great friend to Taylor. We love you!!!

Rachel said...

Holy Birthday SEASON in your home, lately! What fu! You have such beautiful girls!

sista # 2 said...

I love every age -really -but I adore the '4' year old look! They're not a baby, but not yet in kindergarten & SO precious! She's definately the 1st child from your description. Happy happy day to Taylor the 'tween' ;) Janae

Carolee said...

This is a bit late but Happy Birthday! What a sweet daughter you have.

Art said...

Happy Birth Day Kenzi we love you

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday "Kenzi" to my first GREAT granddaughter and from "The Lake."

becca said...

What a sweet birthday post and what a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday!!

Angela said...

I can't believe she is 10! What a precious daughter to be proud of!

I remember thinking how brave you and Greg were when we met at the med school retreat to start the LONG journey with such a tiny baby. It was fun watching her grow--Clayton still calls Old Navy "Old Baby" and we both still think seeing her at the condoland picnic in goggles riding her bike is the one of the funniest things we've ever seen. And now she is just a beautiful young lady!

You and Greg are truly blessed--three times over!

Ashley said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kenzi! We love you and hope you had a wonderful day! You were born a beautiful baby, and you become more and more beautiful with time. I look forward to seeing you all. Happy Birthday! I love you!

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzi!!!!

Rodrigo said...

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Jill said...

It's interesting that she was only 6 weeks old when Greg started medical school, she really is a measuring stick for your family's journey.

It's crazy to think of having a 10 year old, Landon turns 9 next month and that seems old to me.

Lucy said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet Mackenzi. I love your description of her being your marker of time. Can you believe it? I bet when you had her, you could hardly imagine her being ten and done with everything. I know when we moved Seth for residency and I had to think of schools when he was only two, I couldn't imagine having a second grader. It kind of freaks me out how fast it goes.

I'm glad she is such a sweet daughter and obviously such a joy in your life. I've sure enjoyed seeing her little personality as I've read your blog.

I hope she had a great day!

michelle said...

It's amazing to have a child in double-digits, huh? When did that happen? She looks like a real sweetheart.