Friday, September 21, 2007

Five For Friday

I'm taking Jenny's and a few others' lead and compiling some of our week's happenings together for a Friday post. Jenny tagged me awhile back to do a "5 post" but I had a few pictures documenting other things so I decided to just have a random post of five things.

1. My sweet little 3 year old starting taking ballet and tap. I didn't put Maci in dance until she was 5 and have wished I would have started her earlier. Another reason I let Maryn test out the dance world is because if she hears music, a switch flips on inside her and she starts getting groovy. Watching her the last few weeks in her 45 minute class I think she has natural preschool dancer talent, even with her booda belly.

Maryn & Miss Katie

2. This is my friend Ellice that just so happens to be our Ward's Primary President. I have to brag about her a little. She is an awesome friend and has a way with the kids in primary that is truly a gift. I guess that is why her career choice before kids was an elementary teacher. She starts talking and all of the kids are drawn to her. Two weeks ago at the Mother/ Daughter she was more than gung ho about the trip. I love camping, but will often find things to complain about even if I enjoy doing them. She was more than well prepared and brought out the perfect things that made everyone's daughters ooh and aah. She brought craft beads to make necklaces, we had a water balloon toss contest, and the best hit of all was her blow up raft that she got for 7 bucks at Target. Not only did she pump the thing up by hand she loaded all of the girls into it over and over and over again and took them down the river. It was like she gave me a mini vacation while I should have been playing and swimming with my girls. Thanks Ellice for your great example. We should all be a little more like you.

Ella, Maryn, Abby, Maci, Alcott, & Ellice

3. Jenny posted about Weston being stung by a wasp twice at my house the other day. She investigated the backyard and told me their was a big nest in the top of the swingset. I waited until Greg was home, not to mention we were out of wasp spray and told him to go and tackle the beasts. Not only did he find the one at the top of the swingset(the smaller one in the pictuer) but this massivc one had found a home underneath the slide. What???? I can't believe someone else hasn't been hurt by all of the wasps that were living in this. Thank goodness for husbands that get to the real problem.

Massive wasp nests that were on our swingset

4. As most of you know from my condition post we will be bringing home our 4th baby girl in January. After having three already you would think we had enough clothes and girly things to be sufficient. NOPE! Two of the three were born in June and the other in October (still warm in Texas) so I don't have alot of winter baby things. And not just this, like any expectant mom, I have been lurking at all of the new baby things that have come out over the past three years. I am on the lookout for the latest and best double jogger stroller out there, but in the mean time I have come across quite the sales on summer items. I have picked up a few sun dresses that should fit the baby unless she is either smaller than normal or bigger than normal. I also found this cutest velour sweatsuit for her to wear, hopefully in February. I'm revealing all of this secretly. so please don't inform Greg I have been out buying MORE girl things. He thinks we have WAY too many girls' clothes already!!!

Cute baby gear I've picked up lately.

5. On the subject of our new baby, I had another doctor's appointment this past Monday. First, I'm not a fan of getting on the scale on a Monday. We tend to eat out all weekend and the worst things. Plus, Sundays are a terrible day for me. I start the day out good and I don't eat very much. We go to church from 11 to 2 and by that time I am ready and willing to eat eating thing that gets in my way. I have a hard time controlling my snacking and grazing on Sundays. There just isn't a lot more to do after I have napped, than just eat. I perched myself on the scale knowing I had gained more weight. I know I should be gaining but, with all of the others I didn't start gaining until about 24 weeks, which is still 2 weeks away. I have gained five pounds already and that makes me nervous. I put myself on a 20 pound limit and I am already a quarter of the way there and usually do most of my gaining and growing now. Some of you are probably gasping at my five pounds and think I'm crazy, but seeing how I've gained 18, 13, & 23 pounds respectively with my other pregnancies and I am afraid I may be on my way to the 30 pound range. I can't do that!! I also will confess that I have been excersizing like a mad woman, twice a day six days a week and I'm still gaining. I'm not doing full on running workouts, but just walking around 6 miles each day and then lifting a few weights. I just love junk food and veer away from veggies. Okay off of my weight saga... I was able to have another ultrasound done to get a better look at a few things they couldn't see last time. They had spotted a few things that were of some concern and they wanted to reevaluate the baby and see how she was doing. Yes, she still is a she, and to Greg's worry the "apple didn't grow a stem" over the past three weeks. Her heart looks great, kidneys look great, spine was perfect, and she was measuring just one day off from my due date and was a whopping 14 ounces. I'm excited to see our new baby grow and continue to feel her every tweak, punch, kick, and hiccup she blesses me with. She seems to be quite the acrobat, and is very limber. In this picture she has her foot up beside her head. Five cute little toesies!!

Foot next to head at 21 weeks and a few days.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Tuesday/Thursday Shoes

Loving wear cuter shoes. I tend to wear my flip flops EVERDAY since it that makes it easier carrying someone around your hip.

When school started a few weeks ago I didn't realize that tow days of the week I would feel as if I were walking around in someone else's shoes. I haven't experienced the mom days that I am experiencing since I started having children. I've always had at least one of the girls with me all of the time, that is unless I have a sitter or great friend to ease my errand pain and keep them for me.

I am taking advantage of the next four months that I have Tuesday and Thursdays kid free. We all love our children, right? But, there is just something about the errands you can accomplish in half the time when you aren't lugging a toddler in and out of every store. It is rejuvinating to look back at my day and see things I've accomplished or maybe just fun I was able to have while I was free from Mommy duties.

Me leaving Maryn on her first day of school.

I meant to document about this after the first week of having my much needed break, but of course, lack of motivation and exhaustion because of pregnancy, kept me away from the computer for any length of time. So here I am almost four weeks later posting about the"new shoes" I'm sporting.

Here are some of the things that I have been doing on my Tuesdays and Thursdays...

* a pedicure
* numerous stops to HEB, Target, Sam's Club, & Costco
* chats with friends uninterupted
* lunch dates with my hubby to where else? Chuy's

* getting my hair highlighted & cut
* workouts without the guilt of leaving a crying child in the kid's room
* a couple of outings to the mall
* furniture shopping
* reading a good book
* stopping to get my car washed more than once
* finding myeslf dressing not only shoes, but clothes & jewelry I don't normally run errands in

Me all alone in my CLEAN minivan.

Even though I love my free run around time, I think I should take just one of my two days each week to stay home and get more organized. I need to still dejunk things before we can put our house up for sale. I need to go through our never ending pink girls' clothes stash and decide what to keep for the next one and what to just bid farewell to. I should allow one of my days to cleaning and laundry that might get neglected on other days. All of these sound like good things to do on my days off but, it is hard for me to think about doing them when I have been having so much fun out and about doing girl things.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Personality

I'm not so sure this totally describes me, but some of it is true. I feel a strong need to belong, but ironically I never go out of my way to make myself more likeable. I too feel I'm a good listener, but lack good advice on most occassions. so if you need someone to vent to or just a shoulder to lean on I'm your girl. I would have loved to become an interior designer. Funny thing though, I'm having a hard time deciding the style I love while shopping for new furniture, art, etc. for our new home.

I'm not so sure about being structured and completing tasks well and on time. I have a closet full of unfinished stuff! I hope no one that knows me or doesn't get me sees me as boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut.

You Are An ISFJ

The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal.

A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.

In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.

You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

In love, you express your emotions through actions.

Taking care of someone is how you love them. And you do it well!

At work, you do well in a structured environment. You complete tasks well and on time.

You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

How you see yourself: Competent, dependable, and detail oriented

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Conditon

As most of you have probably noticed on more than one occassion, I have been a not-so dedicated blogger over the past little while. I was looking back at my archives and since the beginning of this summer I have only posted 14 times. Having my blog as my way to journal my daily activities, my girls' achievements and sometimes struggles, my thoughts on issues, and my family's happenings and doings, these few random posts have made me sad. Not sad because of the things that I have shared about these days, but the things that we have done as a family, my thoughts and struggles I have experienced over the past couple of months, our family's vacation, and even the few date nights and girls' lunches that have gone undocumented.
I have struggled with blogging since day one. I rack my brain for hours upon hours trying to come up with interesting titles and topics and when I finally come up with them, the creative writing I lack, haunts me as I sit at the computer for hours typing and then backspacing over and over again. I always wanted my blog to be our family's history and never thought about impressing other bloggers but I have found it difficult to blog about my daily thoughts and happenings when so many others have such interesting, creative posts I wish I could conjour up in my mind.

Not only has my lack of creativeness steered me away from blogging but I must confess that I have a condition that has also gotten in the way of me blogging the past four months. I have been keeping my condition a secret to most everyone, including my parents and family. I have always been the type to not tell much about myself to those around me including family. No matter how big or small "things" may be, I tend to want to just hold them close to me. It is also hard to find time to blog when Greg is home. The past month, since starting his practice he has been home every night. I feel guilty to plop myself in front of the computer for any length of time. Having him around now is such a blessing. Having him gone so much over the past six years and now him being here, I can honestly say there is nothing better.

Since my birthday, back in May I have held my condition close to me, only telling Greg. We were a bit taken back by this news and even brought many tears along with it, from me more so than Greg. It was hard to comprehend at first and then once the shock and fear subsided we were more than excited. My condition has caused me great tiredness, many days of feeling under the weather, less and less energy, shorter running distances, more frequent bathroom visits, etc. This condition left me frightened on a few occassions when I had to quickly find places for my girls to go so I could drive myself to the ER. Then and only then did I reveal this condition to Jenny, so she could care for my kids.

I know most of you are on the edge of your seat and maybe even reading ahead, to find out just what may be wrong with me. I am happy to announce my condition is a happy condition. It is that not only is baby #4 on it's way, BUT baby GIRL #4 is on her way, AND I'm half way to my due date. YEP, that's right I am twenty weeks along and she will be joining our family in January. I know this may catch some of you by surprise. It may sound strange that I kept this a secret not only from all of you but also our family. I always like to spread news like this in a creative way, and thought I would wait until we were on our Disney Cruise with my entire family and then I would spill the beans. Well, I hadn't gotten up the nerve,yes the nerve, to tell my girls before we left on vacation. My oldest daughter had a hard time dealing with the news she would be getting a third baby three years ago. I was even more scared that this time she would not only cry but maybe want to divorce me as her mother. I'm not sure why she or I had feelings like this but they were there. So when my girls didn't know about another baby joining our family, and the fear of them reacting in an UNexciting way, I thought if I could hide it while we were on the cruise then I would just wait awhile longer. I was 14 weeks along, not really having morning sickness any longer, but I was beginning to show signs of carrying something extra around. I have always been on the smaller side when I am first pregnant, thanks to a uterus that is tilted back and a deeper pelvis. My boobs on the other hand are not so easy to disguise. They are the first sign, even before a postive pregnancy test that I am expecting. By the end of the first trimester they have grown at least one cup size, so shirts that hide my news are few and far between. I could find shirts that fit better up top, but then I would look suspicious because I usually don't wear shirts that are baggy. I'm sure that would have been an obvious give away. My sister in law even almost spoiled my surprise while we were on the cruise. She asked if my swimsuit had extra padding in it, and of course I lied and said yes and opted not to wear that suit the rest of the trip. Every time I ate I had to go on and on about how I was eating too much and exercising to little because I was getting a pooch. At that point of my pregnancy my stomach would look pretty normal and then the moment I ate(even the smallest of meal) I would get a pooch. I have had many backaches for the past three months trying to suck my tummy in so no one would suspect anything. I would find myself so tense and trying so hard to hide my condition that I would come home and fall on the bed in compete relaxation.

Our baby at 12 weeks

We succeeded in keeping our secret while we were on the cruise. I was then fifteen weeks along. My family was five hours away, I thought surely I could hold out another month and find out what I was having, and then have a bigger and better surprise to reveal. My sister and my parents decided to come visit us the weekend when I was seventeen weeks along. I was stressed again that my secret would be found out, in a noncreative way. I prepared myself for 48 hours of eating small amounts and standing with great posture, sucking in my tummy, and wearing black shirts to camaflouge my growing chest. My family came and went and didn't notice a thing. I had pulled it off once again, but started getting nervous that everyone wouldn't be as excited as I thought, about our surprise. I almost dreaded telling everyone.

I was scheduled for my ultrasound when I was eighteen weeks and a few days along, but a few days before, I began having Braxton Hicks contractions. I would have a normal stomach and then in a matter of seconds I would look like I was six months along. I couldn't eat a normal meal without pain, I had to unbutton my pants, and lay the passenger seat back while riding in the car to lessen my pain. I didn't sleep for a few nights and Greg convinced me to go into the hospital to get checked. I spent the entire day on a Saturday in the OB triage having ultrasounds, ct scans, IVs, a cathetar, and telling my problems to med students, residents, nurses, and attending physicians. Finally, after eight hours I was sent home with a diagnosis of renal cholic. Not exactly sure what that entails, but I understood it as being dehydrated to the point that my kidneys were developing kidney stones and this was causing my contractions. I was ordered to stop working out so much, and if I did, to do things that didn't cause me to sweat to the point where I get dehydrated. I have almost drank myself sick of water, and found myself craving diet cokes often. I have had will power to limit my diet coke intake to about one a day and replaced it with lots and lots of water.
Rewind to half way through my hospital stay, I sent Greg home to be with the girls. We decided it would be a great time to tell them they would be sisters again and maybe I would get a little bit of sympathy. He told them the news and surprisingly they were excited. He then took them to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate the beginning of school and the new baby. After they ate and played to their hearts content, they stopped and boguht me flowers and then picked me up at the hospital. They were all smiles in the car and were obviously excited to see me and talk about the new baby.

We decided to make the girls more excited about me being pregnant, by taking them to the ultrasound. Greg met us there and of course we waited for a while. Finally, we were told we were not expecting the boy Greg always dreamed of but adding more pink to our family. I have always loved girls and was nervous at the possibility of having to learn about boys. It would have been fun to experience a boy, to finally use our family name we picked out ten years ago when I was pregnant the first time, and for the Gordon name to go on(Greg was the only son of an only Gordon son).

We told our girls they couldn't tell anyone until we were ready to start spreading the news. The two older ones understood this but found it difficult to not tell their friends. I was a bit concerned about our youngest understanding the "do not tell" that everytime she talked to my mom or anyone in our family I coached her on what to say. I had to tell little fibs, like Grammy's working, several times so she wouldn't call a family member. We finally came up with our creative reveal and sent a baby girl flower arrangement to my mom and Greg's mom. I came up with the idea, since our baby will be the eighth grandchild on both sides, for them to place eight roses in the arrangement along with other flowers. I also had the florist write this cheesy poem on the card:

We hope our news will
make you shout GREAT!
In a few short months you will
be Grammy/Nana to #8!!

Love, MAG(our girls' initials)

Well everything was good until the initials were turned into NAG. My mom was starting an IV when someone called her to the nurses station to see her flowers. She couldn't figure out why she would be getting flowers and immediately started reading into everything in and around the flowers. She called me and I was out of the car getting my girls' from school. She then called my sister and she obviously had no idea what my mom was talking about, so my mom knew they my sister wasn't the one expecting. Then she called my sister in law who was not available to answer the phone. She was stressed out to say the least. She then decided to call Greg, who also couldn't answer his phone. Finally Greg called her back and she was excited and nervous at the same time. Meanwhile Greg's mom received her flowers and did the call around, just like my Mom did. No one knew what was going on and finally when Greg talked to her and told her it was true, our fourth girl was well on her way to our family, she was beyond excited.

Today -20 weeks &2 days

So here I am twenty weeks along in my pregnancy announcing this to all of blogger land. I'm sure my phone will start ringing from friends that haven't heard our exciting news. We feel so blessed to add another sweet spirit to our family. Our girls all have a unique look, one not looking alot like another. I can't wait to see who she resembles and shower her with hugs, kisses, and much love. We look forward to meeting her in just twenty more weeks.