Friday, September 21, 2007

Five For Friday

I'm taking Jenny's and a few others' lead and compiling some of our week's happenings together for a Friday post. Jenny tagged me awhile back to do a "5 post" but I had a few pictures documenting other things so I decided to just have a random post of five things.

1. My sweet little 3 year old starting taking ballet and tap. I didn't put Maci in dance until she was 5 and have wished I would have started her earlier. Another reason I let Maryn test out the dance world is because if she hears music, a switch flips on inside her and she starts getting groovy. Watching her the last few weeks in her 45 minute class I think she has natural preschool dancer talent, even with her booda belly.

Maryn & Miss Katie

2. This is my friend Ellice that just so happens to be our Ward's Primary President. I have to brag about her a little. She is an awesome friend and has a way with the kids in primary that is truly a gift. I guess that is why her career choice before kids was an elementary teacher. She starts talking and all of the kids are drawn to her. Two weeks ago at the Mother/ Daughter she was more than gung ho about the trip. I love camping, but will often find things to complain about even if I enjoy doing them. She was more than well prepared and brought out the perfect things that made everyone's daughters ooh and aah. She brought craft beads to make necklaces, we had a water balloon toss contest, and the best hit of all was her blow up raft that she got for 7 bucks at Target. Not only did she pump the thing up by hand she loaded all of the girls into it over and over and over again and took them down the river. It was like she gave me a mini vacation while I should have been playing and swimming with my girls. Thanks Ellice for your great example. We should all be a little more like you.

Ella, Maryn, Abby, Maci, Alcott, & Ellice

3. Jenny posted about Weston being stung by a wasp twice at my house the other day. She investigated the backyard and told me their was a big nest in the top of the swingset. I waited until Greg was home, not to mention we were out of wasp spray and told him to go and tackle the beasts. Not only did he find the one at the top of the swingset(the smaller one in the pictuer) but this massivc one had found a home underneath the slide. What???? I can't believe someone else hasn't been hurt by all of the wasps that were living in this. Thank goodness for husbands that get to the real problem.

Massive wasp nests that were on our swingset

4. As most of you know from my condition post we will be bringing home our 4th baby girl in January. After having three already you would think we had enough clothes and girly things to be sufficient. NOPE! Two of the three were born in June and the other in October (still warm in Texas) so I don't have alot of winter baby things. And not just this, like any expectant mom, I have been lurking at all of the new baby things that have come out over the past three years. I am on the lookout for the latest and best double jogger stroller out there, but in the mean time I have come across quite the sales on summer items. I have picked up a few sun dresses that should fit the baby unless she is either smaller than normal or bigger than normal. I also found this cutest velour sweatsuit for her to wear, hopefully in February. I'm revealing all of this secretly. so please don't inform Greg I have been out buying MORE girl things. He thinks we have WAY too many girls' clothes already!!!

Cute baby gear I've picked up lately.

5. On the subject of our new baby, I had another doctor's appointment this past Monday. First, I'm not a fan of getting on the scale on a Monday. We tend to eat out all weekend and the worst things. Plus, Sundays are a terrible day for me. I start the day out good and I don't eat very much. We go to church from 11 to 2 and by that time I am ready and willing to eat eating thing that gets in my way. I have a hard time controlling my snacking and grazing on Sundays. There just isn't a lot more to do after I have napped, than just eat. I perched myself on the scale knowing I had gained more weight. I know I should be gaining but, with all of the others I didn't start gaining until about 24 weeks, which is still 2 weeks away. I have gained five pounds already and that makes me nervous. I put myself on a 20 pound limit and I am already a quarter of the way there and usually do most of my gaining and growing now. Some of you are probably gasping at my five pounds and think I'm crazy, but seeing how I've gained 18, 13, & 23 pounds respectively with my other pregnancies and I am afraid I may be on my way to the 30 pound range. I can't do that!! I also will confess that I have been excersizing like a mad woman, twice a day six days a week and I'm still gaining. I'm not doing full on running workouts, but just walking around 6 miles each day and then lifting a few weights. I just love junk food and veer away from veggies. Okay off of my weight saga... I was able to have another ultrasound done to get a better look at a few things they couldn't see last time. They had spotted a few things that were of some concern and they wanted to reevaluate the baby and see how she was doing. Yes, she still is a she, and to Greg's worry the "apple didn't grow a stem" over the past three weeks. Her heart looks great, kidneys look great, spine was perfect, and she was measuring just one day off from my due date and was a whopping 14 ounces. I'm excited to see our new baby grow and continue to feel her every tweak, punch, kick, and hiccup she blesses me with. She seems to be quite the acrobat, and is very limber. In this picture she has her foot up beside her head. Five cute little toesies!!

Foot next to head at 21 weeks and a few days.


Kari said...

Oh those wasp nests do look so awful! I just got stung by one today while staining my fence and it STILL hurts more than 4 hours later!

Cute clothes and fun ultrasound picture!!

Natasha said...

Angie, if I had only gained that little weight with my pregnancies I'd be jumping for joy!! I think you are doing awesome and it seems that you will take it off in no time after delivery.
Aren't baby girl clothes fun to shop for?!

donna said...

Hey don't stress about your weight. You look great.
Just enjoy being pregnant.

Carolee said...

I know I may sound vain but really the only part of having babies I dont like, actually I hate, is gaining weight. I usually gain 10 by 20 weeks and then but on a whole bunch in the last 20. With my son I gained 40!!!! You would think Heavenly Father would bless women with a better body for each child they had so that they would want lots:)

Kristen said...

They say the "healthy" weight to gain for an average sized woman is 25-35 pounds.....I think you are worrying a little too much about the whole weight gaining thing. I think you need to eat more:)
But hey that's just my opinion!

I can't wait to find out what I'm having, it will be so fun to start shopping!!

Jenny said...

I was pretty excited when Taylor got Ms. Katy for her tap/ballet teacher this year as well.

Holy cow that was a HUGE wasp nest. I am glad they weren't stung multiple times.

I think that boat was an awesome $7 purchase. Go Ellice!

That little valore jumpsuit is darling--so cute.

Don't get me started on your weight thing--you know how I feel about it:)

carlo said...

oh the flutters and ultrasounds. these things i truly miss. loved being pregnant

have fun with it...sounds like you are

Anonymous said...

Those wasps nests gave me the chills! Ewww-I hate those things! I have never been stung but have always been terrified because my Dad is allergic!

Anyway, Angie don't be so hard on yourself! The normal weight gain is 25-35 pounds and that is if you start out regular weight. You are definitely skinnier than the average person and that baby may need a little more weight than you want to gain. I know you-it will come off so fast because of how much you exercise and especially if you breastfeed! Don't keep numbers stuck in your head-if you feel good and your baby is healthy-you may gain a little more than your plan. I am so excited for you guys! Do you have a name picked out yet?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Maryn looks adorable in her ballet attire:)

becca said...

Cute baby stuff! I have yet to buy one thing for this little boy that will be joining us soon. I need to get on the ball!!

I have a hard time feeling bad for you in the weight gaining department! I CANNOT EVEN imagine only gaining 23 lbs with a baby...and 13??? what??? I gained that by week 8! I have already gained 55 with this pregnancy (my delivery weight with my first, so sad) and am getting nervous! I am trying so hard to eat healthy and be careful, but hte pounds just pile on me. If only they "fell off" after as easily as they come on!!

Lucy said...

Angie, I love getting ultrasounds and it was awfully convenient having a radiologist resident for a husband! I'm glad baby girl is looking good!

Plenty of others have told you, but here it is from a friendly internet stranger...take care of yourself! Grow that baby!

Stephanie said...

You look great! I don't think you have anything to worry about. I will say that with my 4th baby I gained the most weight. My doctor told me something just happens with the 4th baby and being over 30 years old. He is right. You are so little you don't have anything to worry about. Just's all worth every pound. :D

I love your Tues/Thurs shoe day post. I feel the same way. I have my 3rd child in preschool two days a week but still have the baby. IT makes a big difference. I can get so much more done in half the time. It's great!! Even better the baby naps during Emily's time at preschool. Enjoy every minute. Us moms deserve a little time to ourselves during the week :D. Cute shoes by the way.

Price Cream Parlor said...

13 lbs? Is that even possible? WOW! I gained 40 lbs with each one of my boys - I tend to eat healthy and just don't mind that I am gaining weight as I am growing a baby. It's just another price we pay to have these amazing littles in our life.
CUTE, cute little girls clothes! I am loving the little velour outfit! Too fun!

Laurie said...

How fun to get new stuff for your 4th. How can you not? Every new child needs some new darling things.

The pregnancy weight gain thing is hard for me too. I am trying to psych myself up for it as I get ready for round 3. It's definitely a sacrifice, but Stephanie is right - it's worth it.

Anna said...

Hope life is going well for haven't blogged for a while. I know you are busy with building a new house, being prego, Greg's new job, etc...just wanted to check in and say hi.

Anonymous said...

I hope you really aren't so dumb that you are risking the health of your baby by acting like an idiot! Get a grip! You are so blessed to be able to have children, life is not about weight, maybe it is time to grow up.

Amie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holly said...

I love ultrasounds - it is so amazing what they can do. The clothes are darling - you can never have enough cute girl clothes, how I ache to have another girl. But it is fun just to buy for someone else!

My daughter has been dancing now since she was 2 1/2 - now she is 11 and dances 9 hours a week!!!! It's one of those catch 22's - you love to watch them dance, and they get so good, but the time.....good luck!!

Anna said...

So sad that "anonymous" has to post mean and hurtful comments...when has it ever been a good thing to put someone down and to say hurtful things? Seriously. We are all adults and women/moms...lets support each other and stop judging and putting others down...instead lets spend our time and energy helping in positive and kind ways.
Angie, I think that you are a great mom and this new little baby is so lucky to come into the Gordon family.

Anna said...

So sad that "anonymous" has to post mean and hurtful comments...when has it ever been a good thing to put someone down and to say hurtful things? Seriously. We are all adults and women/moms...lets support each other and stop judging and putting others down...instead lets spend our time and energy helping in positive and kind ways.
Angie, I think that you are a great mom and this new little baby is so lucky to come into the Gordon family.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I had to call Anna because I was in shock over the last two days that someone would write anonymously such a hurtful comment. Honestly, if you are going to be so bold to state such a comment - then have the courage to tell her who you are!
We all struggle with 'things' we don't need to flambaste others because we don't agree.
Don't let this angry person get you down!
Hang in there! Looks like you are a fantastic wife, mother and friend!