Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back To The Basics

Well another summer has come and gone, with many great memories of time spent with friends, swim team competitions, a visit to see family and a cousin's baptism, trips to Fiesta Texas, and a family vacation on a Disney Cruise. It seems like our summer lasted lots longer this year, but in reality it was only a week longer. Playing in the sun is one of my favorite past times and now there isn't a lot of free time for playing in the water and sun.

Our two older girls began school on Monday. Since we are in the processing of building a new home, that was suppose to be completed in August, we registered our kids in a new school. Of course, the house isn't complete and I would say it is pushing it to say we will be in by Christmas. The builders say November but I will believe it when I see it. So this leaves me with the fun task of getting out of bed thirty minutes earlier to shuttle my kids the twenty minutes to school. I know twenty minutes doesn't seem far, but after the last six years of living five minutes from their school, twenty minutes there and twenty minutes back is FAR! twice a day. Not to mention this trip runs into my morning walk time. I've had to walk alone several times this week because I hate to have Jenny waiting around for me when she could be done walking, showering, and beginning her day before I get back home. I'm not complaining too much though. This new school is fantastic. You can feel it when you walk in the front doors. The staff and teachers are super friendly and you can tell they LOVE what they do. The parents ALL are anxious to volunteer and be involved with their childrens' education. Our school before was good, we always had good teachers (except one), the girls liked it, but there is something about going to a school where most of the people are established and this will be the school their children will start and finish. It is so good to feel like we have really found our home and a place where our girls can continue on their successful ways.

We took pictures of the girls with their teachers on welcome night since I knew the first day of class would be crazy. They both got great teachers (by no surprise). They have both made new friends and come home everyday asking if they can go to so and so's house.

**I can't get the pictures to upload of the girls and their teachers!! I give up!!**

Our youngest also started preschool this week and goes two days a week. She lucked out and got another one of our daughter's 3 year old teacher. I was a bit nervous sending my baby off to school, but her teacher is fabulous. She knew just the things to say and do to convince my little one she is a pro at going to school. She also met her teacher earlier this week and we decided to get a snapshot then instead of waiting until the first day when the teachers are swamped and tears are flowing from some of the kids.

This week has been nice, even though the driving back and forth to school in the morning and afternoon, running errands, and Parent Night TWO separate nights at the school, has left my car with only a 1/4 of a tank of gas left and 269 miles on the odometer, and me feeling that the basics are not so BASIC.

Next week will be a little different. Not only will have the to and from school routine, we will add dance for all three girls, on two different days, and swim for one of them, three or four nights a week. I realize things may get a little hectic but I'm trying to not get to worked up about it, just yet.

Now that I have updated keep checking back I may just post again soon!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Real World

I'm back from vacation and will have to update on all of our doings, outings, and going-ons later, but thought I needed to do this post today instead.

real world
real world - the practical world as opposed to the academic world; "a good consultant must have a lot of experience in the real world

Dr. Tolin, Dr. DeLee, Russell, Greg, Dr. Jacobs, & Dr. Casillas

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go to the Fellows dinner at the Argyle(a little too fancy for my liking) where they honored Greg and Russell, the other fellow. We had a good time as stories were shared of the two of them. They described them at the beginning of the year, told stories about their successes and mistakes and what the staff thought of them after spending the year with them, which by the way was all good.

Me & Greg

This extra year of training was a bit grueling in itself. Long hours during the day, call weekends, and moonlighting(so we could survive our bills) took up most of Greg's time. Lots of extra high school physicals and sporting events, with a few of our local colleges and universities thrown in the mix, filled evenings and weekends with only a couple of hours(if that) left each day to see him. The last few days of the fellowship were spent at Dallas Cowboy Camp. He loves this part of his job and it is so him. He took every opportunity to find extra sports events to help volunteer for. He covered several of the San Antonio Spurs games, Rampage hockey games, and the Stock Show and Rodeo. I think he was a bit disappointed about taking the last two days of the fellowship for vacation since this caused him to miss out on more interaction with the Cowboys.

Well, Greg has officially joined the Real World. After fourteen years of post high school education and training he headed off to private practice this morning. We often joke how it was like he started Kindergarten over and went all the way through High School graduation, before finishing his upper level education and training. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry he then completed four years of Medical School. He completed his five year residency in Orthopedic Surgery and then did a one year fellowship that specialized him in sports injuries.

Dr. Greg off to work.

On to the Real World...

Greg joined a sports practice with two other doctors and had his first clinic with his very own patients this morning. Being the new guy, and the others not retiring or leaving, his patient level will most likely be low until he gets his foot, neck, and head in the door and people find out about him.

Office door

The office had already put advertisements in our local paper, sent them to general practicitoners offices, placed his name on the office building directory, and he will have an ad in the new phone directories come November. All of this is exciting, but a little unnerving too. He has been training the past six years for this but has always had someone looking over his shoulder, or just a phone call away if he had questions or wasn't sure someting was going the way it should. I asked him this morning if he was was nervous (which he rarely is) and he said no not really. He then said, my first surgery alone, now that's another story. Over the weekend we took his office chair to the office along with a slough of his books. We still need to have all of his diplomas and certificates framed alike to hang there, as well as a few other minor things. It was so surreal to actually walk into an office where his name is hanging on the wall and door. It is so exciting but is hard to imagine we are finally here.

Greg's office

I am so proud of Greg and the extremely long journey he undertook and successfully finished. He is great at what he does and I feel he has done everything possible and gone above and beyond to prepare for his career. He has been well liked by his peers and most of the staff. The patients he has cared for thus far have been very gracious for the understanding and care he has shown them. He has great bed side manner and will sit and talk to patients much longer than expected if he feels they need a little more of his time. He has often joked about having to have "Bishops' talks" while taking care of teenagers that aren't doing the things they should. He not only has concerns for his family, but for total strangers. I am amazed at this quality in him.

Congratulations honey for a job well done. I hope your first day was everything you expected and hoped it would be. I love you HUGE and I'm so proud of you!!!