Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

"A father can do no greater thing for his children than to let them feel that he loves their mother." David O. McKay

I have been blessed with great men in my life. My dad will always be my daddy, and hope that he knows what a wonderful example he has been to me. Growing up I saw things in him that I knew I wanted my husband and the father of my children to have. I didn't marry someone exactly like my dad, but somewhat similar in the way they are with their wives and children.

I am so proud of the man I call my best friend. He is like no other around. He is definitely one of a kind. I have said many times offer I never deserved someone so great, but am glad, he saw things in me, that others couldn't see. I'm glad you took the chance on the "country" girl and asked me out. I'm glad he has brought me along on his journey through school, and residency. I also, am happy he made my biggest dreams of being a mom come true. He has blessed me with the three most beautiful, precious daughters a mom could hope for. He loves me and makes it a point that they see him hugging, kissing, and caring for me. He dates me and them. He loves to take them on daddy daughter dates and sometimes seems to connect with them better than I do.

Greg & Mackenzi
Greg & Maci
Greg& Maryn

Greg is a wonderful husband and daddy. He has a way that amazes me. He means everything to me and has many, many qualities that make him who he is. Here are a few of them.

*righteous*hardworking*caring*spiritual* tender*wise*compassionate* humble* knowledgeable* understanding* loving*selfless*giving*optimistic*amazing* complimentary*leader*worthy*encouraging*productive*disciplined
happy*respectful*much integrity* studious*funny*charismatic*kind*

I found this quote and it describes Greg to a "T". Hurtful words have ever come from his mouth towards me. He always compliments us girls and says how beautiful we all are. Thanks for all you do and all you say.

"A husband should always try to treat his wife with the greatest courtesy and respect, holding her in the highest esteem. He should speak to her in a kind and a soft manner, showing his love by word and deed. As she feels this love and tenderness she will mirror it and return it tenfold."
James E. Faust

Greg thanks for all you do and all you are. I love you BIG like the world.

Happy Father's Day


Kristen said...

What a sweet and wonderful post! Such great pictures!! you two are such a good lookin couple!
(enjoyed the quotes too)

Jill said...

This is a sweet Father's Day post, Greg sounds like a great husband and father.

michelle said...

What a wonderful tribute to Dads! Your husband sounds like such a great person!

sista # 2 said...

So great! It's so neat to see the 3 pix together -of 3 babies & dad.Great quotes ;)

becca said...

How sweet was this post??!!! Greg sounds like a wonderful man, such a good husband and father. I loved reading this...and all the pictures!

donna said...

Whaat a sweet father's day post .
You have such a great hubby!

Kari said...

What a great post!!
And you must have had to scan pictures in for that!! You're better than me in that, because I just haven't taken the time to pull my pictures out and scan them in!

It's so sweet to see your girls and their Daddy when they were newborns!!

Bridget said...

Love the pictures of the girls and Greg. Can't believe how tiny Maci was. Thanks for the card. I may have to order myself that pattern from Doodlebugs. The pink, green, and brown are just too cute. Hope all is well. When do you leave on your trip?

Jenny said...

I didn't realize how dark Greg's hair was just 8 years ago!! You are one lucky lady as is he. Nice tribute. ")

Greg said...

Sounds like a pretty nice guy. I'd love to meet him sometime