Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SPT-through the eyes of love

this week's challenge is interactive. a little less "self-portrait," a little more "self-love."now, go ahead and hand your camera to the person on your left. no-one there? okay, how about this: hand your camera to your little, your husband, your aunt, your best friend. have them snap your photo. ask them to share with you one thing they love about you in the picture. make sure you share their comments when you post your spt.next step: take a good long look at your new photo. think about the response you got from the photographer. did they love your eyes? did they love your goofy expression? did they love your red shirt?do you see the same things? do you love the same things they love? had you forgotten that you love your smile? or your freckles?go ahead... fall in love with yourself again! i can't wait to *see* you through new eyes on tuesday!

Another challenge for me. I was a little skeptical about what my girls would write about me. I know they know I love them and they love me. Then, there are the days that I'm not the perfect mom, that flash into my mind that I'm afraid of. Will they say I'm a fun mom? Do they like my smile and do they even see it often enough? Do they think I'm pretty? What do they really think about me?

I asked my two oldest daughters to take my picture and then give their thoughts on it. I got them to write it into a word document (without my help). I then cut and pasted it for them. I also used the same picture and asked Greg to write down his feelings about me and did the same with it(cut &paste). So this is what they think of me...

Maci posed me like this.

She loves me and plays with me to. She makes me laf.


Mackenzi's snapshot of me.

My mom looks so good in this picture. She has all of her make up on and her hair is clean and she straightened. My mom has a great tan from lying out in the sun! She is so nice. She even took us to the Movie Theater to see Nancy Drew yesterday. My mom has a great smile on every day. Thanks mom for being great and giving me awesome hugs and kisses!

Greg says,
I love Angie's eyes. Over the past years that we have been married, Angie's appearance has changed a bit. She has gone from curly to straight hair. She has become much more fit physically. She has a tan from the summer that lasts all year. She enjoys an occasional pedicure and worries about what her toe nails look like. She has changed from denim shorts to khaki capris and likes to stay up with some of the latest fashions. One thing that has never changed is her eyes, the so-called "windows to the soul". The windows have stayed the same, and so has the beautiful girl inside. I expect one day we'll be old people (beats the alternative), and I will still see the beautiful girl behind the beautiful eyes. Love ya Ang.

Greg also says this about this picture he took last week:

I like this picture because it shows a bit of the little girl that I hope never leaves. Unfortunately as parents, sometimes we forget about the kid inside. It's fun to see us when we let that kid out. It's especially fun to let that kid out to play with our kids. Thanks Ang for being a fun Mom and getting your hair wet. These are the times the girls will remember when they are our age (late 20's). Anyway, hair is not all it's cracked up to be.

I too love my eyes. I often find myself criticizing most things about me, but find I especially love the color of my eyes. They are hazel in color and are either really blue or really green depending on the color shirt I'm wearing. You see I went for the blue-eyed look in these pictures. I find in pictures my eyes stand out because of the smile on my face. I think in person I have just ordinary eyes, but if I'm caught laughing and smiling they will jump out at you. I also love when I am tan, but wonder if I should start taking better care of my skin. I have great skin(the color and ability to hold onto that color long into winter), not necessarily the great flawless type skin. I will agree with Mackenzi & Greg on the hair comments as well. I like having my hair straight even when most people think I should go "natural" occasionally. Most days when we are at the water park, I forego riding the water slides for fear my natural curls will come out of their hiding and cause me to appear looking like a drowned rat. The times I do let the little girl that is trapped inside my aging body out, I can have a fun time. It is even more fun to see the girls' faces when I'm playing with them. These moments are priceless. For me, and hope fully for them, too.

Thanks for helping out with my challenge and for allowing me to see inside myself. Great reminders of what I, as well as you, love about me.


Jenny said...

That pose is so Maci. You never take a bad photo. And you failed to mention they even drug you on the Texas Tumbler today. You are a great mom!!

donna said...

What a great spt post!!! I think that is so cute how you girls pose you :)

becca said...

So sweet...what a great post. You never take a bad picture and I agree that you have beautiful eyes!! I love the last picture and what Doug said...so true. Way too often I am "too busy" to play...but the times when I do are the times my girls are the happiest. And believe me...I know about kinky natural hair!! Very sweet post!

Angie said...

Okay Becca you are cracking me up. Everyone gets Doug and Greg confused and now the bloggers are too. I think you meant to say Greg.

michelle said...

What a sweet SPT! The love that your girls, and husband have for you really shines in their words.

Jill said...

I think you're very photogenic and always look good in pictures, I'd like to see your naturally curly hair/drowned rat picture because I just don't believe it.

Mandy said...

this was a wonderful post. It was beautiful to read all of your familys' sentiments. So touching.

Carolee said...

It is fun to get to know people from their blogs. I can tell you are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.

Kari said...

You're so beautiful!!

And I love your swimsuit! Where'd you find that?

Kelly said...

These are all beautiful photos of you, and I love what your family wrote about you! So, sweet! This was a great SPT.

Lacie said...

Fun post! I could not imagine what my little three year old would say about me-

I always love to hear what husbands say about their wives- I think it is so sweet.

Have a wonderful day!

Barb said...

That was a keeper. For sure download this one onto your computer for keeps. Print it out and put it on your fridge. You have such a wonderful loving family!

Art said...

Greg I agree hair is over rated

carlo said...

love, love, love the pics. especially the water pic-- your smile shows how much you love having fun!

sweet words from your family.