Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our Mare Bear is 3!!

Today our sweet Maryn Allison turns three years old. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was looking at the positive pregnancy test with the biggest smile on my face while tears streamed down my face. I can remember being a young girl and getting asked the question, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" and answering very quickly, "A MOMMY!!" I feel extremely blessed to be her Mom.

Just minutes after she was born.

I recall three years ago, being a bit frustrated that I was still walking around pregnant, even though I wasn't due for another ten days. I was only frustrated because I had my mind set on delivering early, very early. You might ask why I thought I would be delivering so early. Well, Mackenzi, our oldest came almost 2 weeks early, and Maci almost 4 weeks early. So I just knew Maryn would have been early. When I finally decided I may be having real contractions I called Greg(he was on trauma call) and asked him to come pick me up. We headed to the hospital, and was told I was a three, but my doctor was still out of town. I opted to stay hoping I would labor through the night and Dr. Wen would arrive just in time to catch her. Well with an extremely good epidural and high doses of pitocin it took only three hours and then she was here. We were so excited to become parents all over again to another beautiful baby girl.

six weeks old

We had a hard time deciding on her name. We finally decided she needed a name that started with and "M" thinking if we didn't she would feel left out. I wanted to name her Meg but Greg preferred Maryn. I was even desperate at one point telling him it would be like she was named after him if we named her Meg (it rhymed with Greg). I know sounds like a desperate reason, but hey I didn't know what else to do. I lost the battle, mainly because I told him he could decide. So of course he chose Maryn and I gave her the middle name Allison, after my sister.

1 year old

Maryn, brings a smile to my face each time I look at her. I do admit at times it can be a challenge not to dislike her when she screams, shouts NO!, hits, and whines nonstop. Then with each scream, no and whine there is always a cute smile, giggle, and hug that follows. I have been a bit sad at each milestone she has mastered even when I have smiled at them first. From sitting up, to walking. From her first smile to her sweet laugh. From babbles to being our motor mouth. From her first and last wet diapers to big girl panties. From her crying when I left her with a sitter to her loving when the sitter walks in. She for sure holds a very special place in my heart.
Here are a few things that we love about Maryn.

*her beautiful sky blue eyes

*her sweet laugh

*her still loving to drink milk from a sippy cup

*her need and desire to snuggle

*her buda belly

*her little nose

*the love she shows her two older sisters

*she loves to sing in the car

*it's ALWAYS HER turn to say family prayer(I hope that never changes)

*our my daddy, my mommy game we play together


We hope you have a great day Mare Bear. We love you bunches, Mommy & Daddy.


becca said...

I am glad to see you are posting again!! It has not been the same without your posts to read! :)

Happy Birthday Maryn (I love that name by the way...but I also love Meg)!! As much as I love my girls getting bigger and independent I MISS the little babies and get a little sad with each passing birthday! Hope you have a great bday celebration!

Mandy said...

Happy birthday to Maryn! She is so cute! I hope you all had a wonderful day together.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet post. She is lucky to have such a loving mother.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maryn. The best part of Maryn is her great personality and contagious laugh. We love you!

Ellice said...

Happy Happy Birthday Maryn!!! We love you!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Tasha said...

It goes so fast, doesn't it? Evie turns 3 next month and I cannot believe that my "baby" is half as tall as I am!

Barb said...

You have such cute nicknames for your beautiful 3 year old. Three is such a great age! Happy Birthday, M.A.

andrea said...

Happy Birthday Maryn. She's adorable.

Natasha said...

Happy B'day Maryn!
Glad you are back Angie!

Bridget said...

I remember the day little miss Maryn was born. I was so happy for you but very envious since I was soooo pregnant (Alex came 5 weeks later)! I love that Maryn still loves her milk in a sippy cup. So does Alex! It works for me too since that means less spills. :) I wish the girls could have had more time together. I think they would have been great friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Maryn. She's adorable, which must come from her mommy who looked the most glam I've ever seen anyone just minutes after a baby was born! Seriously!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Maryn! Very cute pictures and fun post:)

Stephanie said...

How sweet!! I'm happy to see you are back on again. Jenny mentioned that you weren't feeling well or had been sick. So sorry. Maryn is a doll! Happy B'day!!

michelle said...

What a wonderful post! What a a cutie pie Maryn is! Happy Birthday!!!

Jill said...

This is a very sweet birthday tribute (nice to see you posting again). Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

michelle said...

Happy birthday to Maryn! My first baby came early and I was convinced they all would. My second was late and I thought I was going to go insane! She sure is a little cutie. said...

Happy birthday Maryn!