Saturday, November 25, 2006

A little of THIS and a little of THAT!

Tuesday, November 22, 2006

A picture perfect day!
When I got my van last year I wasn't looking to get a car with a moonroof(the 21st century sunroof), but it came standard on the model we wanted. Then I thougth I probably wouldn't use it much especially living in Texas but my kids love to open it and turn up the radio. Today it wasn't the girls wanting to open it, it was me. It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky, a little breeze, and a high temperature of 76 degrees.
We took advantage of the nice weather and went to La Cantera, the outdoor mall, and bought Greg a few things for his birthday even though I promised I wouldn't but him anything. He claims his truck is his birthday and Christmas gift for the next few years. I strongly disagree. He deserved to get the truck and he deserved to have gifts to open on his birthday, too.

A jump start! No not a dead battery.
I wanted to get our Chirstmas lights up before we went back home for Thanksgiving, so when Greg got home jsut before dark he hopped on the ladder and got as much of it done as he could. I had already done the stuff I usually do but he is in charge of the ligts on the house and along the driveway. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering why we were in such a ruch to get it done but hey you have to do it when your help is around and I knew we would be getting home toolate on Saturday and Greg wouldn't be home Monday to do any of it.

Thurs. Nov. 23rd

Thanksgiving Southeast Texas Style!!
My parents have been going camping during Thankgiving for the last several years and when we are able we try and tag along, for at least part of it. Several families, some of which are cousins, soend the week of Thanksging roughing it, well if you think sleeping in a camper roughing it. On Thanksgiving day everyone brings out their favorite dish and we have a huge potluck lunch. We have a fun time and are always stuffed from all of the good grub. Even though it isn't the normal Thanksgiving we enjoy it especially when all of our family is together.

We had brought Maryn's tricycle, but she was NICE enough to share it with a few other kids at the camp, so when Baileigh wasn't ridign her bike Maryn decided she wanted to test it out. Fuuny thing is we have the exact same bike inour garage and have just assumed she wastoo little to ride it. Boy, were we wrong. She got on it, and after jsut a few push starts she was riding on her own. WHAT? She is only 2 1/2, isn't she too little to know how to ride a bike?

Greg's birhtday pumpkin cheesecake! Cheesecake is Greg's absolute favorite dessert so I picked this up at Costco before we left for home. I was pretty sneaky since he had bo clue I had brought it along until I pulled it ou twhen we startd singing happy birhtday.

All of us together for Thanksgiving.

Friday Nov. 24th

Black Friday!

My alarm woke me up at 2:56 am on Friday. After a quick shower and a little makeup I left my parents house headed for Circuit City which was my assigned destination.
Jessica went to Best Buy and Allson went to Target. After waiting in terrible lines at Circuit City adn Best Buy, Jess & I met up with Allison at Target. We shopped for a little while there and then decided to make our way to the mall to get some energy boost at Chick filA. You gotta love those chicken minis. After breaksfast we waled around the mall but all admitted we were already getting pooped. By 11 am we had shopped til we dropped and decided to get a quick lunch before heading back to the lake where the others were camping.
We had fun shopping, and didn't mind the crowds, but allwished we would have gone to bed a little earlier. 3 hours of sleep just doesn't get it.

My watch said 3:35 am when I was on the road to finding after balck friday deals. It was a little difficult driving and taking picture of my arm at the same time.

Sat, Nov 25th

Greg having his favorite Super Nachos at Casa Ole' before we headed out. We even had them sing happy birthday to him and the kids al split the dessert ole'.

Thank goodness for modern day electronics!

How did we travel as kids? We didn't even have a decent radio when ever I was growing up and traveling. Now look how my kids get to travel. This totally makes going anywhere with kids a lot easier and keeps us all happy.


Jill said...

Seriously 2:56am?? You know that's crazy right?

michelle said...

Camping for Thanksgiving? I am so not a camper, I can't even imagine!

Yeah, 2:56 a.m. is crazy. What deals did you score?

Angela said...

Didn't know you all were Casa Ole fans! That was one of Ashton's faves back in Houston.

Jenny said...

I am laughing that you were able to sneak that cheesecake on board. Actually pretty impressed.

I am also so glad you guys were able to go home for Thanksgiving. Art looks great! You can totally tell he has lost a ton of weight.

I actually thought that was Maci's bike from the garage. Crazy she took off riding it!!

And yes, you are crazy getting up at that time to go shopping. But weirdly I wish I was there with ya.

jess said...

i ha a great weekend . . what a great warm up for our girls weekend.
i can't wait.

jess :-P