Monday, November 27, 2006

Family Night

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree before Greg headed to work his moonlighting shift. I had put the tree up last week before we left for Thanksgiving but we fifn't have time to get the light and ornaments on. The girls always love asking about each ornament they hang and are determined to hang up their own from every year.
Dnn't you just love the clothes they are wearing. You gotta love shorts at the end of Novemver. Our Sunday afternoon attire usually consists of lounge clothes, and I totally forgot to put them in cuter outfirs for the pictures.

The girls made the Clouses a welcome home sign, with a little guidance from me. We ran down and taped it up jsut before dark. The girls were so excited to have their partners' in crime come home. We missed y'all and glad you had a safe and uneventful drive home.

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Jenny said...

We loved our sign!! It made us feel loved and missed (which next year we won't) I can't believe you have already decorated your tree. So ahead of me and frankly I can't move after the dumb thing I did today!