Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

UPDATE!! Here is the completed lights outside our house, that is unless I get some wild hair and add to it tomorrow. For now this is the Gordon Gang's North Pole!

After starting my decorating early, I am NOW almost completely done, with hanging all of the lights, garland, and displaying all of my knick-knacks and natvities. Whew! It takes a lot of energy, time, and creativeness to deck the halls.

I was trying to wait for Greg to come home and help with the outling of the driveway and yard, because he does it much better and faster than I do, but he never gets home early enough so I decided to go and and tackle it myself. I worked on the outling of the yard and driveway from about 1pm until he came home at 5:30 and he finished it for me. I had already done the garland and lights around the front door and garage, and the columns on the porch last week. Greg had time to put the lights on the roof before we left for Thanksgiving so it is just about complete.

If you can't tell all of our lights are red and white. The first year we lived here we just had white lights on the house. We had some neighbors that lived across the street from us that had red and white lights an dI thought it looked cool. So the next year, after they sold their house and moved into another neighborhood, I stole their idea. The third year I decided our yard neede something more so I decided to line the driveway and rocks around our shrubs in red and white too. Nana, had some angels made out of wood for the girl(two of them at the time) and we started putting those out with a spotlight on them. Greg put is handyman skills to work and made a wreath out of wire and put lights on it and it now hangs on the fence. I have always had the garland up around the doors but our 4th year I added red and white lights to the garland and bought a wooden Santa and a North Pole sign from Hobby Lobby and it now has a home in our yard. This year being our last one in this house, Greg didn't want to add anything new, BUT he knows his wife too well, and I wasn't settling for that. Having a corner lot, means we have a pretty big yard, a lot of which is down the sidewalk on the side of our house. I wanted to continue the outlining of the lights all down the sidewalk but, for fear they would get broken by the teenagers that use our yard as a soccer field, I opted to just go along the fence instead. I also put red and white lights on our back patio since you can see it from the street. I think it looks really classy and can't wait until it is completely done.

These pictures were taken before it was completely dark so it doesn't look as good but I'll update the picture later. Greg still has to hang his wreath he made on the fence but we were out of staples for our staple gun.

We love decorating for the Holidays. Our neighborhood has a contest each year and they give away girft cards to Wlamart and Home Depot gift cards. Our girls always want to win the contest and get disappointed if we don't. We have finally convinced them that the contest isn't the reason we do it. We do it because we love it and want our house to show our Holiday Spirit. Greg even commented to them, if the contest, and the $25, was the only reason we were doing it, he wouldn't keep doing it. We hope you enjoy our display of lights as much as we do.

NOTE: You will soon see great rememblance to our home and the Clouses' home. We truly have the same great taste in how things look. Check out their home here. I'm sure she will be posting apicture soon, since she has been working really hard on hers, too.

I thought I would post my Christmas decorating wounds. As you can see I have a huge ugly bruise on my leg. When I helped Jenny get her tree down out of her attic the tree came with such a big force and was pretty heavy. I couldn't hold it with my arms (I'm so weak in the arms)so I let my legs take a bit of the force and this is what I got from it. Oh well the things we do for friends, right?


michelle said...

Alternating red/white lights are my favorite! Can you buy them like that or did you have to create your own?

Angie said...

I just bought the C7 lights (tear drop shaped)clear and transparent red and then I changed out every other light and created my own. I think it may be too hard to chnage out the small indoor/outdoor ones so I just used a strand of each and intertwined them on the garland. I had found ones that were already predone at one store that I used on the columns but I can't remember which store it was.

Jenny said...

Now you are really making me feel bad that you displayed your poor leg. I was actually thinking I shouldn't call you due to your instant bruising of your body. I did appreciate your help though and your house looks great!

I kept laughing yesterday when Maci would ride her bike up to me and say umm your copying our house. I said no, we just like the same things. I love your Santa theme. It's a good thing I have snowmen so we are a little different!

Bridget said...

I started my outdoor decorations yesterday but didn't finish. I will have to wait a few days now because it is only about 20 degrees here and really windy. Yours looks great!

Angie said...

BURR!! B- 20 degrees? I'm glad I'm done too because there is a cold front blowing in tomorrow and we are going to have 40 mile an hour winds. Then on Friday lows in the 20's. That is DANG cold for Texas!
Can't wait to see your lights.

Janet said...

Wow! That makes our decorations look like nothing! Good job Angie! Very cute! You are a good friend to help my sister out too!:)

Jenny said...

I did a drive by tonight. And it looks SOO good. Like I said earlier too bad we weren't neighbors (directly) then it would really look like the North Pole.

By the way the pictures don't do justice as to how good it really looks :)

Jill said...

That is a serious bruise, you poor girl, way to take one for the team.

Your house looks great! How did you do the big light wreath?

Angie said...

Jill-Greg made it out of wire (two seperate pieces a double circle, like a donut and then the bow) and then weaved lights through it.

Jen-Too bad we can't connect to each other we for sure would win a great gift card to Wally World. It does stink how the pictures don't capture the full effect.

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Amie said...

Your house looks great. I took pictures of our tree today and I don't know why some lights show up and some don't...it's definitely better in real life.

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