Saturday, November 04, 2006

Interesting Advertisement

Last night we met Doug & Jenny at Chuy's for a late birthday dinner for Doug. The traffic was horendous and somehow I made it there first(Greg brought a seperate car to go on to his football game) and got us a table. When Greg got there a few minutes later I gave him instructions on what to order for all of us. We all pretty much get the same thing everytime we eat there so it makes it easy to order for everyone. Well back to my point... I headed to the little girls room, I had obviously drank to much and had to go really bad. As I turned around when I went into the stall, I saw the strangest thing on the stall door. NO it wasn't some sort of graffiti saying Johnny loves Suzie, it was an advertisement for losing weight. WHAT? I thought (I may have even said it out loud). Okay that is weird. Someone had made these little business cards up saying how you can lose 2-8 pounds every week along with a phone number. They were hanging on the stall door in a plastic envelope, in my favorite mexican restaraunt!

I immediately thought this is definitely blog worthy material. I ran back to get my purse and camera to get document this. Thankfully the bathroom was empty otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten a few weird looks after seeing my flash go off behind the stall door. Of course, all I was thinking about was getting it on camera and totally forgot to grab one of the cards. Oh well I have the number on the picture, since if I continue to eat at Chuy's once a week ,I may need to call about this!!

After the guys left for their football games, Jenny and I went looking for jeans, AGAIN! We struck out, but did find Jenny a shirt she couldn't pass up. I would have bought the same one but she got the last one so I opted to just try this one on and take a picture just to blog about. Did you realize everything you read on my blog isn't all true. I have this bad habit of making stuff up and can't seem to control myself. JUST KIDDING I really don't make stuff up but, Maci my 6 year old could definitely use this shirt. I hope it is just a phase she is going through, but right now I doubt most things she comes home saying. I know she doesn't realize she is lying but hey, it's hard to know when to punish her for not telling the truth.

**What is the weirdest advertisement you have seen? Have your kids gone through phases od not telling the whole truth? Any advice on finding cute jeans?**


Jenny said...

Interesting is right! Don't they realize if you are in the bathroom going potty you are PROBABLY loosing weight by going to the bathroom. hee hee.

I think you should have gotten that shirt--I am sure Maci is going through a phase. Like I told you before Jared did the same thing. Have fun in Austin. Soooo jealous---go hookem's!!

melanie said...

OH that is so good to hear, my 6 yr old daughter is the worst. I can't tell what to drop and what to get after her for. I am hoping the same as you that this is a phase!

Amie said...

I only wish the sign in the bathroom were true (I guess the 2lbs could be) but I could really use being on the 8lbs a week plan!

My sisters keep going to "jean parties" do you have those there? They love what they get but they are pricey.

Jill said...

That's a pretty interesting place to put a weight-loss advertisement, but they've got your undivided attention so it's not a bad idea. If I ever go to San Antonio I am definitely going to Chuy's, you guys blog about it weekly and it makes me hungry!

michelle said...

I love that you went back for your camera. I could use that shirt for my sister-in-law. She makes up statistics!