Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hump Day

Seriously, can this week drag on any slower. I feel like it should be Friday already. You would think after my weekend without kids that I would be okay with having to deal with a normal, chaotic week, but I'm not doing so good. It's not like I had a ton of extra things on our schedule this week mostly just our normal routine with a few added extras but nothing major. I'm in need of a quiet night with a good fattening treat, a foot and back rub, and some good t.v.. OH Maybe that's it. t.v. for me this week as been pretty much non-existent. Monday night when I usually sit down to watch The Batchelor alone(after the girls are in bed & before Greg gets home) I flip on the t.v. to find the CMA awards on instead of my show. I love the CMA awards but not when I'm expecting to curl up and see who the batchelor is kissing this week. Then on Tuesday there wasn't much on due to the elections and all so I didn't have any vegging time sitting in front of the t.v.. Tonight won't be much better. Mackenzi has an arts & music show tonight at school, then we will probably grab a bite to eat out, for a treat for her. Greg will head to his overnight call shift (like every other Wed), then I'll bathe my two youngest and drag them all to Mackenzi's swim practice. We debated on keeping her in swim since the hours are so late. She made all A's last nine weeks and is still doing good so we hated to not let her continue when she loves it so much. After I get home and get them all tucked away, hopefully, by 930 I will just have to sit down and watch the recorded versions of my shows(if they are coming on tonight).

Greg has been frantically studying for a test on Friday. He wasn't suppose to be taking it but a week and a half ago they suggested he take it just for himself, so he would know how he stands on all the "book stuff" he needs to know. Early mornings and long days at work and then to come home and have late nights studying are getting to him. The past few mornings he has been up and gone by 445 am. Poor guy I don't know how he does it. I'm so ready for this week and this test to be done, as is he, so he can relax for a couple of days before getting back to the grind. Maybe we should have had our weekend getaway this weekend.

Two peas in a pod!

(note: I did fix Maryn's hair this morning. The slide is just full of static!)

Shorts & barefeet! What a combination in November. It's a beautiful, clear, sunny, breezy day with the high expected to be 87 degrees. WOW!! but it's not a record. The record today is 90!

I had Weston today while Jenny got her hair cut and highlighted. (maybe she will post a picture) When she dropped him off I asked if she was going to get anything different done to her hair(we both ususally just get it trimmed without any drastic changes), but she said she wanted her hair like Kelly Ripa. Sadly, I haven't even seen Kelly's hair this fall. I'm usually showering while her and Rege are on.
I left Doug a message for him to go to lunch with Jenny when he got off(he's post call so that usually means an early day). Jenny called when she was done with her hair and kept saying she would just come and get Weston. I finally convinced them to go to lunch and Weston could just take a nap here.
Maryn and Weston have had a fun time playing and fighting today. What is it with 18month olds to 3 year olds not wanting to share. After a little coaxing them from the beautiful weather outside they are both quietly slumbering(but not before about 15 minutes of screaming). I am debating on catching a few zzzz's too but feel guilty knowing I slept 2 hours longer than Greg this morning and needing a nap while he is working and studying.

Happy 84th Birthday to Nanaw!

This is my Grandmother aka Nanaw. Today is her 84th birthday so I wanted to send out birthday wishes to her. I'm not going to list 84 things we love about her but I'll hit a few of the things we love about her...

Best chicken n' dumplings maker in the world. She makes them for every special occasion and holiday we have ever had. Her specialty lemon birthday cake is a favorite in our family. She has lived right through the woods from my parents, so growing up we could truly sing ...Through the woods to grandmother's house we go... Friday night sleepovers, at her house, were a favorite for us when we were kids. She is known as Aunt Gladys to more people than just her nieces and nephews. She is absolutely TERRIFIED of snakes, real or toy, rubber ones. She is the baby of her siblings. She was a wonderful wife and has been widowed for 20 years. She and her two sisters, Hazel & Gracie, referred to themselves as the three musketeers. 100% Visiting Teacher, she never misses. One of the healthiest people her age I know. She is a very loving Mother and Grandmother.

We love you Nanaw. Hope you a have a very happy day.


Jenny said...

Okay why didn't I know that Mackenzi was still taking swim? I should have taken your girls for those 45 minutes! I am still mad that they sucked us into a PTA meeting before hand...dirty rascals!

Angie said...

No worries, we skipped swim tonight! I thought her going to dance, the fine arts showcase, and swim all in the same evening was a bit much for her and INSANE for me.

Jenny said...

P.S. Happy birthday to NaNaw. Dang I never can get all of your grandparents names straight. Is that right? Weird that my Papa and her are the same age. It doesn't seem like they should be that old.

Nana aka Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Nanaw and many, many more. That cake IS absolutely wonderful. Have a great day!!!