Monday, November 13, 2006

Loneliness + Goodies= Not so Lonely!

Greg has been really busy the past few months and is out of town today and tomorrow so I have been feeling a bit on the lonely side of things. Jenny has been my lifesaver on many days just by being around and enjoying the same things I do. Every morning we walk and talk about things going on with us and never do I walk away from her driveway to come home does she ever not say "What are you doing today?" I seriously would not ever know what to do without her just down the street. It is so fun and convenient. She can call me during the day and say you wanna get lunch and I always say give me 15 minutes and I'll be ready. She sometimes calls and wants me to walk down and look at her latest project, newest purchase, etc. and all I have to do is go outside and close my garage and I'm at her house in a matter of seconds, well if I jog. Thanks for saving my life and listening to my issues, and never judging me for the things I do or don't do. Thanks for always cheering me up and being there, when I am lonely. You are the best!

Jenny brought this by the other day. She knew I had been wanting some black beads and bracelet and when she saw these she said she couldn't pass themup. Thanks Jen for always thinking of me and for all of my goodies. As you know, I have been in some sort of slump too lately and to get things just for me makes me smile and forget about the not so good days. Thanks for making my day.

I went to check the mail today after not getting it on Friday and opened it to find it full. Mostly it was bills, which I could do without, junk, a few catalogs, and a package from Chicago. Who lives in Chicago was my thought, before I looked at the good mail sticker? Pam, who is a freind of Jills and doesn;t have a blog but reads others' blogs and comments occassionally. Thanks Pam for all of my goodies and for cheering up my day.

Greg gets home tomorrowt night, from his job search. I can't wait.


Jill said...

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely, that's kind of sad to read. It's fortunate you've got Jenny so closeby and good mail to open, that looks like fun stuff from both Pam and Jenny.

Jenny said...

All I have to say is I should have brought you some creamy jalapeno today---thats cheering up juice in my opinion.

Glad you got to enjoy a fun package from Pam too! I am feeling like we need another creative day to get out of our slump. Up for one soon?

Angie said...

No worries Jen, just got home from sruffin gmyself with creamy jalapeno!! Greg took an early flight so we had dinner before Mackenzi went to swim!! It was so good but have to say I'm miserable right now.

When's the creative day?

michelle said...

Having Jenny just down the street sounds heavenly. I can't imagine having my best friend within walking distance! A creative day is always a great cure for me when I'm feeling down for any reason.

Anna said...

Both you and Jenny are so lucky to have each other so close. I wish I had a "Jenny" or an "Angie" living down my would cure any residency blues that I have!