Tuesday, January 02, 2007

SO LONG 2006 - HOWDY 2007

So Long to 2006

Hand in hand we survived 2006! Our family has been handed a few setbacks this year, but we FINALLY have come to realize they were for the best. Along with setbacks and trials comes blessings and beautiul memories that will have forever changed us as individuals and strengthened our little family.

So long to crying babies.

So long to being an underpaid physician, aka resident.

So long to tears shed because of loniliness.

So long to running the kids around alone.

So long to trips to the ER.

So long to starting our last year at Thornton.

So long to 9 am church and being late 3 out of every 4 Sundays.

So long to being pack rats.

So long to clutter and unorganized chaos.

So long to grumpiness.

So long to just sliding by spiritually & physically.

So long to being negative.

So long to disappointments.

So long to successful swim meets.

So long to our first real dance recital.

So long to trick or treating in Lincoln Park.

So long to Christmas decorations on our first home.

So long to trauma call.

So long to a wonderful 2006.

HOWDY to 2007

Howdy to crying toddlers, 6 year olds, & 9 year olds. hehehe

Howdy to our last New Year's spent in this home.

Howdy to finding the perfect job and place to live.

Howdy to Fiesta Texas season passes, one more time.

Howdy to another San Antonio summer.

Howdy to the end of Orthopedic training.

Howdy to Greg getting a REAL paycheck for all of his hard work.

Howdy to a bigger house.

Howdy to being the new kids on the block.( I dread this)

Howdy to being more patient.

Howdy to weekly FHE's, even if I'm alone with the girls.

Howdy to being more spritual.

Howdy to 11 am church and being on time!

Howdy to being happier.

Howdy to being healthier.

Howdy to more exercise.

Howdy to more date nights.

Howdy to more one on one time with the girls.

Howdy to being more positive.

Howdy to getting organized.

Howdy to leaving friends. (BOO-HOO!!)

Howdy to making new friends. (I hate the thought of this)

Howdy to leaving the only school our girls have known.

Howdy to starting a new school.

Howdy to more homecooked meals. (hopefully)

Howdy to being more in love...with myself, Greg, & the girls.

Howdy to many changes our family will face.

Howdy to many great memories for our family.

Howdy to a wonderful 2007!

I tried to come up with a list of goals for 2007, but decided my main goal is to be more patient. I defdinitely lack this wonderful quality so many have naturally. I figured if I strengthened my patience, everything else I want to do and everything I want to be will come by much easier. I can't be a better wife without patience. I can't be a better mom without patience. I can't be a better friend without patience. I can't be a better person without patience. I can't become more spiritual without patieince. I can't finish unfinished projects without patience. I can't become oranized without patience. I can't overcome mistakes without patience. Well you get the picture... to accomplish all of my goals I first need to learn to be more patient in all I do.

"Patience is the greatest of all virutes. "

I just had to add these pictures of our Southern traditional New Year's Day meal. If you are not from the south and never lived in the south you may not know about the traditional meal we eat.

Some time long, long ago someone decided that you were supposed to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage for New Year's Day. The blackeyed peas are to bring you good luck in the new year and cabbage is suppose to give you wealth. I am not a fan of cabbage and never eat it, maybe this is why I continue to not have much money.hehehe! Both of our families have this meal every year, so we try and continue this tradition. Even though it is not my most favorite food, and I would have loved to go to Chuy's (i haven't eaten there in over a week!!), I went along with our plans to have our usual lunch. Greg made most of the lunch for us, my only contribution was au gratin potatoes. Mackenzi helped him, as did Taylor while she was here playing.

ham & potatoes

black eyed-peas & cabbage

Happy 2007!


Anonymous said...

I love your so long and howdy. Very clever and cute. The hardest part for me to read was so long to living in your house and you living so close. Everything else I am so excited for you guys!!

Greg cracks me up on his southern traditions. Cabbage sounds so nasty. Hopefully it will bring in more green and more luck right?

Anonymous said...

I would blow up those 2 pix to 8x10 and frame them!! Oh my honus they're too cute!

My in laws are from TX and came over last night for dinner- New years is mom in law's bday. We dined in with Outback takeout!

They walked in with none other than a can of BLACK EYED PEAS!! I never knew the southern tradition of eating them for good luck!! I ate one!! Does that count?? -ciao

Anonymous said...

Those are cute family pictures!!
Oh, and my dh and I love looking at model homes (well, me much moreso than him!)!!

Happy New Year, it sounds like you have a big one ahead of you with moving and changing jobs and all!!

kacey@doodlebugspaper.com said...

Angie those pictures are amazing! So cute! Your girls are adorable!

Jill said...

This is going to be a big year for you guys. I'm sure it's exciting and frightening at the same time. I'm sure it's going to be great!

pam said...

I loved your so long and howdy lists, what fun. I don't know that I could get on board with the cabbage or the black eyed peas, but traditions are fun, my family always made clam chowder and I had a campbells variety (split pea or beans with bacon).

Those are such cute pictures of your family.

Dana said...

I LOVE the house you took a picture of!
I also have a friend in Katy, Texas. Let me know if you ever want her number to show you around if you end up there. :)

Amy S. said...

I don't know you, but I LOVE your family pics...so cute. And great hello's & goodbye's.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, love, love the family photo of you guys walking hand in hand! I am so going to copy that! LOVE it! Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead! Gotta love livin' in San Antonio though! I miss much from that area!