Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My First 100!

I've been inspired by, Jill, Jenny,and a few others to name 100 things about myself. I didn't think I would be able to do it so easily, BUT it was and I have more than enough. So I will be keeping track of other things about myself and will soon be posting ANOTHER 100 things.

This is is ME in a nutshell...

1. I am a middle child.
2. I am a native Texan.
3. I prefer Diet Coke from the fountain, but Diet Dr Pepper from a can.
4. I was a lifeguard and only had to save two people. (one child one adult)
5. I love spicy food.
6. I went to girl's camp 11 years in a row. (4 as a participant 7 as a leader/lifeguard)
7. I love M&M's.
8. I played basketball from the 7th grade through my senior year.
9. I played the clarinet & the piano.
10. I wish I could still play the piano, now I just can play my right hand.
11. I'm extremely shy.
12. I have been deer hunting.
13. I've been wearing glasses/contacts since age 7.
14. I cry very easily.
15. I was the "queen" for a little league baseball team.

Scary glasses.

16. I love to snuggle with clean lotioned babies.
17. I would rather be hot than cold.
18. I hate math.
19. BUT I can remember anything related to #'s(phone #'s, addresses, birthdays...)
20. I learned how to drive in an old Datsun stick shift pickup truck.
21. I grew up driving the tractor in my PaPa's garden.
22. I've been to the Sacred Grove.

I took this picture when I was 16 on a church historical trip.

23. I went to college in Utah.
24. Sadly never earned a degree.
25. And never lost my "y'all" while I was out West. I tried my hardest to say "you guys" but couldn't!
26. I love to go camping and hiking.
27. I want to go river rafting.
28. My name was almost Amanda Kay.
29. We had chickens and pigs growing up.
30. My Kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Mudd.

31. I had braces for 1 year 11 months and a few days.
32. I still wear my retainer every other night.
33. I had TERRIBLE acne when I was a teenager/young adult.
34. During high school I often heard "Baby got back" & "Do you need fries with that shake?" walking down the hallway.
35. I wear my emotions on my sleeve.
36. I hate to talk in front of people.
37. I don't like to make new friends. I think I am afraid of being judged.

38. I have natural curly hair, BUT straighten it EVERY day.

39. I have never had a perm and never had my hair highlighted until I was 28.
40. I once was a lot bigger. I now weigh about 50 lbs less than my heaviest.

41. I always had crushes on baseball players, but married a football guy.
42. I love to be tanned even though my skin is beginning to show it.
43. I love mowing my yard.
44. I got my first full size washer & dryer last year. (We had these apartment size ones during med school. To use the washer we hooked it up to the kitchen sink, and sadly brought those with us when we began residency. They finally gave out after 9 years.)
45. I can't make decisions. I have a hard time deciding what to get on a menu when out to eat.
46. I like to watch sports.
47. I tried out for cheerleader 3 times and never made it.

This was way before I tried out for cheerleader, but I dreamed about being one at an early age.

48. I have a very sensitive nose.
49. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and coffee.
50. I have hazel eyes. Sometimes they're green sometimes they're blue.
51. I wish I was a better writer.
52. I wish I would have been an Interior designer.
53. I've had 2 black mustangs. (the car)
54. After our trip to NYC last year I would go back once a month just to see a broadway show.

55. I like to watch the Batchelor & Survivor.
56. Greg & I want to be on the Amazing Race.
57. I go to Target at least twice a week.
58. I only eat breakfast food for dinner.
59. I love to giggle especially with friends.60. I got engaged on the Riverwalk here in San Antonio.

Right after Greg proposed.

61. I can slalom waterski.
62. I want to someday be a photographer.
63. I am great friends with my Mom.
64. I love Chick fil A's chicken bisquits.
65. I love to climb in between soft clean sheets.
66. I HATE to run, BUT do so several times a week.
67. I love to collect Texas stuff.
68. I dream of going to Hawaii.
69. I love getting pedicures. (am desperately in need of one right now)
70. I have crooked fingers.

I went to several doctors to see about getting this fixed, but they just told me I had what was called the swan neck defect.

71. I wish I always had a clean, clutter free house.
72. I never had a garbage disposal growing up. I had my first one when I got married at age 23.
73. I wish I had gone on a mission. I only wanted to go if I could choose to be a tour guide at Temple Square and then I would have been forced to get over being shy.
74. I love reading the Ensign.
75. I want to get laser hair removal on my bikini lines and armpits!!!
76. I love flip flops, epecially these.

Cobian flip flops

77. I've been toilet papering.
78. I've driven over 100 mph.
79. I love chocloate milkshakes.
80. I wear firming lotion on my thighs & butt(it doesn't work all that well, but it makes me feel better).
81. I grew up listening to country music.
82. I love to go country dancing.
83. I wish I had magical powers. Like clicking my heels or wiggling my nose and my scrapbook would be caught up, my house would be clean, dinner would be cooked...
84. I like jewelry.
85. My favorite colors are pink and chocolate brown.
86. I always wanted to have three or four children.
87. I always wanted girls, and I have been blessed with 3 of them.

88. I feel sorry for Greg gowing up with only three sisters and now only having three daughters.
89. I love going to the movies, eating buttery popcorn and movie pickles.
90. I'm fascinated with glue dots, folex, magic erasers, & Biz.
91. I chased Greg for over a year before he officially asked me out.
92. I love quotes.
93. I have always wanted to write a children's book and greeting cards.
94. I love to travel, but always love arriving home.
95. I bruise easily.
96. I graduated form EARLY(6 am) morning seminary.
97. I never wore much makeup until the last five years.
98. I survive most days just eating wheat thins & candy.
99. I'm addicted to Chuy's and I could eat there several times a week.
100. I'll be 35 this year. yikes!!


Anonymous said...

101. and.... you are beautiful

probably inside, as well as out
nice read

Anonymous said...

I loved reading that Angie! I realized that Macy looks just like you did as a kid:) Very cute! I might have to write 100 things about myself as well!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say I knew all but the interior designer. Didn't know you would have became that. You would definitely be great at it too!

Okay I am totally laughing at your "Texas" vest of you and Greg's engagement. Those pictures are freaking me out they look EXACTLY like Maci.

Jill said...

This is such a fun list. I'm totally laughing at the picture of you and Greg right after he proposed, the fashion is so funny (I remember it all so well).

Of course, I didn't know a lot of these things about you, but here are some that stuck out to me.
--11 years of girl's camp!
--Naturally curly hair (do you ever let it be curly?)
--You and Greg want to be on The Amazing Race. Wow, you're brave.

Jessica said...

okay, so i'm one of those people who read your blog but never comment, but i loved reading your list so much i just had to let you know! and seriously, what is you and jenny's secret for losing weight and keeping it off? i never would have guessed you were ever any other size! said...

I LOVED your list! And the pictures!! Great job Angie!

Anna said...

Great list and I have to agree...that Maci totally looks like you when you were younger. I think you did a great job with finding the perfect pics to post.

Anonymous said...

Great that someone was there to take that engagement photo! Fun memory.
Love movie popcorn.
Love quotes,all my blog titles are appropriate quotes.
I forgot to list on mine- want to serve a mission with my hubs.So, it's not too late for ya to go!
fun list to read!-ciao

Anonymous said...

That was a great list. I'm Jenny's friend, btw. I've been searching out these 100 lists because they are so fun.

I was a lifeguard too but never had to save anyone. I pretty much just yelled, "get off the rope!". And jay and I would LOVe to be on the Amazing Race. I think we could take you!

michelle said...

I am totally shocked that you have naturally curly hair. How do you manage to do such a great job with the straightening? Give me the straight scoop, girl!

I am also shocked that you used to be heavier. Please share how you managed to get so thin. (I sincerely hope that running is not your secret!)

Anonymous said...

What a great list. So fun to get to know more about you. I love your family photos also. Very cute!

Syd said...

Angie, that was really fun. I would never have guessed you have curly hair!! I also watch the batchelor and My Hubby and his brothers and dad sent in an application for the Amazing Race when they were doing the family one!! I will also be 35 this year, which is hard for me to believe!! :)

Kristi Brooke said...

102. you are a great writer. Angie this is one of my favorites. i didn't want it to end. it is amazing.
i want Mrs. Mudd's dress and that flower how cute is that!

That photo of you is awesome.
I loved reading this and hope you do it again next year to see how you have changed. seriously angie it is great.
you better take off that not being a good writer!
sorry to hear your house is sick.

pam said...

I loved your 100 list, what fun things to learn about you. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

pam said...

I forgot to say that I would never have guessed that your hair was naturally curly. How do you keep it frizz free and live in such a humid state. Products are my friend to keep my curls in perfect ringlets.

Anonymous said...

Great List! It was fun to get to know you better.

Bridget said...

Geez, did Greg ever have hair? That could be number one on his list.

Anonymous said...

I keep coming across these 100 lists and they are so much fun to read!! I enjoyed reading your list!!

Dana said...

I loved the visuals with your list Angie! What a super fun read this was! :)

Bridget said...

I had no idea your hair was curly. This is why I love these lists!

Krista said...

I linked here from Kari's blog. I am LDS too and we have a lot in common. I did 100 things too, it was fun. At first I didn't think I would have that much, but now I think I could do another 100!

Anonymous said...

angie we have a lot in common! i'm turning 35 this year too (i have to admit i'm struggling with it a little). i tear up easily, go to Target at least twice a week and have a hard time making decisions (i feel like i'm always the last to order at a restaurant). thanks for sharing your list! i liked getting to know you better.

Amberly said...

I'm just perusing your blog and I love your 100 list! I think you're facinating- I wish we could meet, however this way we can be friends considering you probably wouldn't want to meet anyone new... I'm catching onto your shy issue! thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Just checking out your blog. This was a fun list to read. And you are beautiful!