Sunday, December 31, 2006

New, New Year's Eve Tradition

We started a new tradition this year for New Year's Eve. The weather was actually perfect for us to buid a fire in our Texas grill/firepit so we fired it up and roasted hotdogs and smore just like we do when we go camping.

When we went home this past weekend the girls were a little disappointed that it rained the entire time we were there, and so that meant no popping fireworks at Grammy & Poppy's. My dad usaally builds a big bonfire and all the grandkids come over and do fireworks, with half of them standing just inside the back door because of their fear.

We brought Madison, Greg's sister Liz's daughter home ith us for the week. She doesn't start back to school until next Monday so she is going to keep Maryn company when Mackenzi & Maci head back to class. It is fun having her here with us, but a little more added chaos to our home full of girls & "M's".

Taylor & Jared spent the day between our two houses and didn't resist the offer to join in on smores making. They seem to love them, well I think Jared liked playing in the fire more than the actual eating of smores, but all of the kids had a fun time and it was fun to be making new treaditions and memories with them.

Greg was a big trooper seeing how he was in charge of all of the kids and grilling that went on. I made plates, refilled drinks, retrieved napkins, brought out chips & dip refills... well you get the picture my job was volunteer waitress. I loved seeing them enjoy being outside "camping". They actually asked to set up the tent but we were afraid it was too chilly, and thankfully we didn't it was 32 degrees this morning. BBRR!

Great memories!

*Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?*



Anonymous said...

I love looking at houses too. We are in the house the we plan to live in for the rest of our lives but I still can't resist house shopping. Now instead of dreaming I usually realize that there's no place like home. How exciting that you are looking at jobs and houses.

Anonymous said...

That's fun! After we moved to our first home, I would take our then almost 2 year old to all the new models - popping up on every corner! I still wonder what she must have been thinking -us just opening the front door and walking through someone's gorgeous home!haha

We do smores a lot here -even in the blazing summer after swimming. We have an outdoor fireplace and the neighbor kids come over for the feast! cute pix -ciao

Jill said...

Your fire pit tradition looks like a fun one. That wouldn't work so well for us in Utah unless we were willing to freeze our nards off to make smores, but it sounds like it might be worth a try. said...

My parents have a fire pit and live around it! They always have it burning. And those smores look YUMMY!!!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my kids inviting themselves over. I was kinda worried since it was after dark and we couldn't find them. I should have guessed the back yard after no one answering the phone.

They were so excited and Jared said he ate four. I should go and get you another box of gramcrackers. Hee hee.