Saturday, December 30, 2006

Homeward Bound

Greg & I decided, at the last minute to drive to Katy, a suburb of Houston, to look at a possible job. We called my parents to see if they could meet us there and get the girls Thurday night and keep them on Friday. We would just drive the rest of the way home Friday evening to spend a little time with them.

The hospital paid for us to get a hotel room so we spent the night near Houston Thursday night. It was so nice to not have kids to wake us up, BUT we decided to set the alarm and get up fairly early and workout in the hotel workout room. WE have been eating so bad the past few weeks that we definitely needed to work off some of the fattening junk we have consumed. After we worked out we quickly showered and I dropped Greg off at the hospital. I drove around parts of Katy I hadn't seen before. I drove through neighborhoods I felt we might would like to live in.

Greg called me and I picked him up, he changed clothes and then I took him to the places I had seen. We looked at some model homes and were again taken back at the realization, that in just a few months, we could be living in a home that is 2 1/2 times the size of ours now. My first thought was, as always, How am I going to keep something this big clean?, then my second thought was Are we ever really going to be able to afford something like this?

We enjoy looking at model home so much that we have been doing it for years. We first did this with our friends Robert & Becki during medical school and have loved it ever since. We sometimes go find model homes when we are out on a date,instead of going to the movie or something, we go and look at homes trying to get ideas on things for our dream home. I love to look at the decorating ideas, of course, I'll have to copy something I see, seeing how I'm no expert on it.

STILL NO DECISION ON A JOB OR PLACE TO LIVE!! OUR #1 New Year's goal is to make the RIGHT choice SOON!

It never ceases to amaze me, the weather that is. I think every time we decide to take a trip home the weather always ends up looking like this.

I dread the rain and have little desire to be out in it especially driving 80 miles and hour on a highway in it. We had to take most of the 2 hour drive fairly slow, due to high winds, thunderstorms, and crazy truckers that conitue to drive way to fast and out of control when they can't see.

We finally made it to my parents house to meet up with the girls, my brother, his wife & kids, & my sister and her tow girls/ We opend Christmas gifts and the kids ran wild through my parents house. The main living areas of the house was pretty open, since all of the furniture had to be put into bedrooms, while the ceiling and walls were being fixed. They are jsut now trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Rita did a number on their home.

We visited for a while and then it was off to dreamland. We met up with Greg's parents on Saturday for lunch, then had Christmas with them. We had a great visit and the girls were definitely spoiled again. We chatted for awhile and then decided to beign the 5 hour drive home. We asked our niece Madison to comehome with us for the week. She is out of school all week and thought it would be fun for her to come home with us to play.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness, that house is beautiful. It must be so exciting to know that's a future possibility.

Anna said...

Love the it! Who cares about the job...just get that house!! :) Katy wouldn't be too far from the Clouses.

Anonymous said...

Whose house is that at? I am anxious to see where you guys will go. I still say SA is the job!

Angela said...

Isn't it surreal??? Finally, after alllllll these years--especially for you both who have had such a long residency. Don't worry about cleaning a big house...hire a maid! You deserve it! Can't wait to see where you all will settle!