Friday, December 29, 2006

Girl's Outing

I promised Mackenzi & Maci I would take them to the mall, MarynLESS, so they could spend some of their gift card they got for Christmas. Taylor happened to be sleeping over, and was able to join in on our fun. We only went to Linited Too & Claire's due to our time crunch without Maryn. Greg had her there at the mall just walking around with her and then he had to go into work, he was already a bit late when we started our shopping so we had to make it quick. The girls found a few things they liked, and there were a few things they weren't willing to spend all of their money on, so they still have some to spend. Taylor brought along some $$$ she has been saving and actually bought something, then had me return it for her so she could get something better. Buyer's remorse so early, I think she has been shopping with Jenny & I a few times! I wasn't sure if she should be spending her money and didn't even know if Jenny knew she had it with her, but Doug & Jen were out on their anniversary date and I didn't want to bug.

We had a fun time and I felt really blessed to have my daughters(& freinds) to share these fun shopping trips with. I hope they will remember the memories we are building as mom & daughter as much I will. I love you girls bunches.

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Jill said...

That's a cute photo of you and the girls. You're a fun mom to take them out shopping for a girl's night out.