Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Gift & Christmas Gift

"Ring, Ring, Ring"

Every year growing up on Christmas Eve, my PaPa would call everyone, really early in the morning, he knew and when ever they picked up the phone he would shout out,"Christmas Eve Gift"! Whoever was on the other end of the phone call, especially those who were expecting his call, would not even answer the phone with a "hello", instead you would just pick up the phone and try and beat him saying Christmas Eve gift (minfd you this was looooonnnnggggg befoe caller ID!

He also did this same thing on Christmas day, but it was "Christmas Gift" that he shouted out whenever calling. I don't know if he ever really explained to us why he did it, but I think I remember people saying that it was his "gift" to others to "wish" them Merry Christmas first, BEFORE most people were even awake. After he passed away(when I was 13, we continued to carry on his tradition for awhile. I hadn't ever really shared this with Greg or the girls, but on the way to church,on Chritmas Eve I thought about it, and told them the story. So while we were driving we called my Nanaw, my parents, & one of my cousins and left messages yelling "Christams Eve gift" to them. The girls loved it and thought it was neat to hear stories about a man they had never met.

These pictures were I attempt to have a family picture taken with our tripod. We didn't realize until after the girls had stripped their clothes off, that we didn't press the auto focus before w ehit the timer button. UUURRRRGGGHHH!!!

Church was really good today, other than the fact that I sat in the pew with my heart racing the entire Sacrament meeting, expecting to get the dreaded "Sister Gordon will you please come and bear your testimony". Why do I say dreaded, sacrament, and testimony, all in the same sentence, you might ask? I absolutely have a terrible fear of speaking in front of people, to the point where I can almost have an anxiety attack. I guess I should back up a bit. On Saturday while we were at the movies, our Bishop called and left a message for me just to give him a call. Well...I kind of didn't return his call so when we arrived at church he started naming people that were going to share their testimonies, and then said if we have any time left I'll be calling on a few more people that I would like to hear from. GULP!! I had to swallow my heart! I didn't end up having to go up BUT, I did bear my testimony silently over, and over, and over, the full hour, trying to get it to sound just right. I apologized to Jenny after the meeting, seeing how she was one of the ones he called on, probably due to me not returning the phonecall to the bishop. Greg's comment was "maybe Bishop R. got you and Jenny confused and thought he was asking you when he was really asking Jenny". There are a few people at chirch that get us confused but surely the bishop knows who we are?

Cute girls in their matching jammies they opened on Christmas Eve.

After I heard Santa and the reindeer fly away I snuck into the family room to snap a quick picture of the tree and gifts.

Santa definitely spoiled the girls once again, getting them way too much. They had a fun time unwrapping and playing with their new stuff.

It was a quiet day just having the five of us here. After eating pigs in a blanket, for breakfast, we hung out most of the day. We made our lunch, which consoted of Rudy's turkey, cream corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, anr rolls. It was very good but after all of the preparation it took us less than 15 minutes to eat.

We talked to all of our family throughout the day and wished them all Merry Christmas. It is so weird to not be at home, or have someone spending the holidays here with us, but it is also fun to be making memories with the girls.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

My very cute Pink Christmas gift from DeDe. She wrote me a very sweet letter telling how she tried to make me a scarf and hat but, she said it didn't turn out. I bet it was cute, but she said she didn't want to send it to me. She ended up buying me a pink scarf and matching hat,some yummy lip gloss, bath confetti, and lotion that you could eat. She also gave me some of my favorite treats M&M's, twix, junior mints. All of this cute stuff was packaged in an even cuter pink and brown Gap bag. I love it all DeDe and am so glad you sent it all to me. Thanks for being so thoughtful and sending me some of your favorites. Now whenever I use them I will think of you.

We went for our traditional Christmas light tour and I had to capture this house that is just down the street that resmbles the Griswalls. This guy just put out all of this stuff two day before Christmas. What is he thinking?


sista # 2 said...

Love the phone story! A memory of my(& anna's) grandpa is his answering machine message at the end -"Be of Good Cheer"! in his sweet voice!

Cute scarf and hat.Cute jamms.Cute family!

I was asked to bear my testimony in Stake Conf. once -I was like 15! But they ran out of time for the rest of us!heehee - I know the feeling! -ciao

Jill said...

That story about your Grandpa is so cute, I've never heard of anyone doing anything like that before.

The pictures of you guys all dressed up are very cute. I've done the same thing with the self-timer and it's very frustrating, but the good thing is after you've done it once you rarely ever do it again.

The girls look so cute in their matching jammies.

I would be stressing about having to get up for an impromptu testimony bearing as well. I think it would be better not to know that it was a possibility. It's rather great that you spent the entire hour bearing your testimony over and over again in your mind. Now you're prepared! Perhaps you should get up on your own during the next testimony meeting and get it off your chest! It would be a great way to start the new year.

Anna said...

Loved the pics of your family. Cute girls. Bishop R is great! I once had a bishop that would do the same people up to give talks/testimonies, but he would also call people up to sing a song...totally unprepared. I was called up on a couple of occassions to sing...and I don't sing! Seriously! I thought after the 1st time he would realize that I don't have a voice. Oh well. They are inspired for one reason or another. But the poor members of the congregation had to endure my singing! :)

Jenny said...

What a neat ancestor story to share with your family. I keep meaning to sit down with my grandparents and learn of older traditions to share with my kids and Doug.

Funny you said that about the testimony meeting. Doug said that maybe since he couldn't get you he had to get the next best look alike to come up. hee hee. I was glad I got to do it since I NEVER share my testimony with my kids or Doug.

Cute scarf, hat and LOVE the bag. You never can enough bags right?

Mimi said...

A P.S. to your Christmas story: We all loved having you, Greg, and the girls come out to the lake on Christmas Eve night for the family party at Jennifer's new home. It was a regular mob scene (Greg's family is VERY large) but so much fun with everyone there. The kids all had a blast. And the table was beautiful and laden with all kinds of party snacks. Everyone had such a good time opening their one Christmas Eve gift. I hope the pictures you took that night came out good and are "blog-worthy." (I don't do testimonies either. I know how you feel.)

Anonymous said...

I love the christmas pics of you and your girls. You all look so cute in your coordinating outfits. I always dress my girls the same but I've never matched them. It looks REALLY good.

Anonymous said...

Testing my new profile

Kristi Brooke said...

Happy New Year!

Angela said...

I so love how all your outfits coordinate...maybe that will be one of my new year's resolutions.