Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twas The Eve Before Christmas Eve

We decided to take the girls to the movie, since the weather around San Antonio was a bit on the dreary side. We went to the Pallidium Theatre that opened on Friday, to see Charlotte's Web. The girls really enjoyed it and Maci even sat through it mesmorized because for her love of animals. She didn't even ask to go to the bathroom, and that is a first!

The Clouses were having Christmas Eve Eve because of Doug's schedule and they invited us over for friends & family time, food and fun. We had a fun time just hanging out, chatting, playing games, and eating.

Jenny & I were dressed in the same shade shirt and it WASN'T planned. WE both have a lk of festive things to wear and both happen to have this same green shirt.

The Asian part of our meal. Doug and Jenny made eggrolls and Thai chicken that was oh so yummy!

The Mexican side of the meal. 7 layer dip, chips, torillas & creamy jalepeno from Chuy's

Jenny drinking milk like a cat, when we played the game Would You Rather! I thought she was going to pee her pants while doing this challenge. It was fun and Mackenzi & Taylor some how have ended up being part of the adult crowd now. I'm not so sure I like that, but they seem to enjoy it and felt special.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I had to come here and check out Jenny drinking milk like a cat!! That is hilarious!!

We'll have to try out that game some time, I've never heard of it until now!!

You guys do look like the doublemint twins!! That's funny you ended up with the same shirt on!!

My girls want to see Charlotte's Web so bad...especially my 8 year old, Alyssa, because her class was supposed to go for their fieldtrip/Christmas Party on Thursday and then Denver got dumped on with snow and so school got cancelled on Wed. & Thursday and then they were out for break!

When we school is back in session, they will be in a different school because we are moving (locally) this week. So they are a little sad about that!

All that you wanted to know and more!! I'm Kari, and I live in the Denver area. I read/lurk on a few blogs as time allows. I'm a SAHM to 5. It was fun reading your blog!

Merry Christmas!

Kristi Brooke said...

Merry Pink Christmas!

Jenny said...

Doug was so mad that I deleted all those photos he took. Oh, well I look ridiculous and it was funny.

Maybe we should have been holding or chewing some gum. hee hee.

Jenny said...

p.s. Maci didn't ask to go to the bathroom at the movie the day before either. (just in case you were wondering :)

Angie said...

I'm still awake!! Just in case you were wondering!

Jill said...

You girls with your twin attire crack me up. It's bound to happen when your shop together and like the same things, but that's funny when you wear them on the same day.

That picture of Jenny is hilarious, I probably would have peed from laughing if I saw her doing that.

Anna said...

Thanks for posting this pic of Jenny...too funny. I've heard that this game is so fun...guess I'll have to try it out.
Cute green shirts!