Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Daddy Daughter Date...


Yesterday evening I ran a few errand with my kids and brought my workout clothes along. I decided to go and work off some stress and stopped at the gym before heading home. Just as I got there Greg called and said he was done with work and would meet me at the gym. I thought he wasn't going to be coming home for another hour or so and that was one of the reasons I needed to have some stress relief.

I got on a treadmill and walked and ran my usual 2 miles. With it being "rush hour", the gym was getting pretty packed so I called Greg to see if he was near by. He said he just pulled up so I told him I would save my treadmill for him. Well, for some reason he took a while to get changed and I continued on the treadmill for another mile or so. I was relieved to see him walk up behind me and kick me off.

I lifted a few weights and decided to shower before I left. I was heading up the stairs when one of the girls from the kid's room bolted out the door. I was jamming to my MP3 player and couldn't here what she was saying to me or if she was even talking to me. I quickly turned off the tunes to hear her say, "Maci was running..." that's all she need to say and I knew she had fallen and hurt herself. I walked in to find her laying on the floor with paper towels on her head while being comforted by a guy that works at the gym and ALL of the kids. The guy was so nervous, hoping he did the right thing by laying her down. The bleeding was worse when she stood up so they laid her down. I could tell they were concerned we might would sue them or something. It wasn't their fault, she was running, what she does most gracefully, and tripped over her long feet, and fell into a book rack. I assured them that this was a long time coming with Maci and we were surprised she hadn't had stitches or brpken anything until now.

I got Greg off of the treadmill to see if she need to be stitched, and he said, "yep". Again we reassured the people in the kid room that he could just take care of her and it wasn't a problem.

before stitches

I called Jenny on my way home to see if I could drop Mackenzi and Maryn off and she said of course. Greg cam home and picked Maci and I up and we left for the ER. We decided to drive downtown to the clinic he moonlights at, instead of dealing with all of the hustle and bustle at University Hospital. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. She did great and only SCREAMED when he gave her a shot of numbing medicine. He put two stitches in and she was all ready to go.

after Dr. Daddy is done

We stopped at Mi Tierra's and got her a treat. This mexican restraunt is open 24 hours and has a ton of pastries out front, like a bakery. We loaded up on way too many of them.

Maci was living up the one on one attention she was getting. It was really fun just to have her alone with us, even though it wasn't the way we would have wished to be spending quality time with her.


Nana said...

What a beautiful little patient. I know that Daddy did a really good job on that beautiful little forehead. You better be careful sweet Miss Maci. I love you and miss you tons. See you shortly after Christmas. Merry Christmas, Sweet Gordon family.

Jill said...

That's quite the daddy/daughter date. It's rather cool that Greg could put the stitches in for her. I've never had to get stitches, but have passed out when watching my cousin get hers out. I'm a wuss.

Bridget said...

Poor Maci! I bet the people at the gym were freaking out. Tell her I think it makes her look very tough. :)

Syd said...

Yikes!! That's so crazy. It's kind of a comfort to me though to have hubby's there. I remember when Maddy got a concussion this summer, we headed up to the ER (in an ambulance) and Dave met us down in the ER. Glad to hear that she is alright. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I can't wait to open my gift!! :)

Bridget said...

Ang- What's your email address? Will you email it to me at bmahalek@yahoo.com

Jenny said...

I am glad I was around, since when you are in need I seem to not be. Not so much of a daddy/daughter. But her face was priceless when we took the girls out to the truck. She was all smiles (and maybe enjoyed the one on one just a tad). I am just waiting for the day for a bone to be fixed. Whats up with our kids always needing stitches for head traumas?