Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas to ALL

I know Jenny already documented the trash guys, but I couldn't not talk about them too.
I was so glad when I came home from running errands and my trash was still sitting on the curb. I had tried to catch them on Friday, but I left and they came while I was out, so I was excited to give them their "tip".

The girls came home from school and we waited for them to come around the corner. Mackenzi & Maci ran their envelopes out to them and they were so grateful. Full on smiles appeared even though it was raining and they obviously had a rough day. The driver even got out of the truck to come around and waved to me. What a trio a guys! Disgusting work they do for all of us. My little tip wasn't all that much but I just wanted them to know we appreciate them.

*Do you give Christmas gifts to "ALL"?*


Jill said...

How much did you give them each? I have no idea how many guys pick up our garbage because I've never seen them get out of the truck. I think it would be fun to give them something though. I wonder if I can even catch them. Hmmm.

Amie said...

This is such a good idea. Our trash guy(s) are so speedy, I am not sure if we could catch them. That is really nice to think of them, I am sure they really appreciated the tip.

Nana said...

GREAT idea...I know the girls enjoyed it too. The trash guys and their big truck that squashes our stuff is always so facinating to children. Thanks for teaching our sweet little girls to appreciate everyone. Good Mommy and Daddy at that sweet home. Love you all!!! Merry Christmas!!

Jenny said...

I think that was a great idea to have your girls run out. Maybe I should have done that .......so they could see we need to do things for others.