Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice, Sleet, Snow?...

Last night Greg was at work and stopped at WalMart to get a couple of things and to get a tarp to put on his windshield during the night. He needed to be up around 430 am to get to work and didn't want to have to scrape the ice off. He grabbed a few more tarps to try and cover our shrubs but as you can see it didn't cover them completely. We hated to have them freeze and die just before we are to put the house up for sale. Hopefully the tarps helped some and they can make it even though they are pretty crunchy.

This is what we woke up to this morning . The weather continued to get worse last night and we were informed that schools would be closed today so I turned off Mackenzi & Maci's alarm clock, hoping they would sleep in. That didn't work they were up getting dressed for school about five minutes after the alarm should have gone off. I informed them school had been cancelled and to get back in bed. Mackenzi listened and was sound asleep in just a few minutes but Maci cuddled up with me in my bed but never really went back to sleep.

It Ain't Stoppin Me, Baby!!

Mackenzi made the comment to Taylor this morning that nothing is going to stop her mom from working out. Sad, but somewhat (not completely) true. I figured if I could get to the gym, the kid's club was open, then I would be running my legs off and quickly warming up my oh-so cold body.

I bundled up the kids and went against everyone's (the news people) advice and made my way to the gym. I have recently been accused of being obsessed with working out and admit I choose what I eat based on if I exercise or not. Very sad but oh-so true! Well, today, like yesterday was on of those days where I needed to get to the gym to get in a quick run before the weather was such that I couldn't even get there. I was scolded by my girls about this though. After having the news on nonstop this morning due to the very abnormal weather we are experiencing, the girls kept hearing the newscaster repeat over and over to just stay home unless it was an emergency. I agree my exercising isn't quite an emergency but it is not that far from our house and the roads I travel to get there are not elevated so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I am happy to say that since I mentioned to Greg that we run in the 4 mile Rodeo Stampede race, I have been able to run farther than I ever thought my body could endure. Last week I ran our walk route(a little more than three miles) in about 26 minutes. Then at the gym Saturday, yesterday, and today I went 4 1/4 miles in a little less than 38 minutes(not that it was easy. I was dying!!!). Woo-Hoo!! Maybe I can actually run in an official race.

After the gym, we stopped at Sonic to get my daily diet coke and were the only people there. I was a little nervous that they were closed when I pulled up but they happily brought out my large diet coke with EXTRA ICE!!! I know on days like today extra ice shouldn't be a request, but I sadly admit I refill my cup several times a day with cans from home if the ice lasts.

This is our slide on the swing set after we came home from the gym around noon. It started to sleet fairly hard while we were driving home and even thought it may be a light snow but it wasn't. They are dying to go out and play in it , but honestly I have no desire to have them sick so I promised if it starts to snow they can bindle up again and go out.

As soon as we arrived home I loaded up the crock pot with my tortilla soup recipe ingredients. It is beginning to smell yummy and I look forward to Greg getting home(hopefully he can make it home at a decent time) and eating warm soup and cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and good movie.


Anonymous said...

You sound like an official die hard runner now!(Go girl)- To go out in that crazy weather -but to get your diet coke on the way home,after your work out, just kills me! (it's like doctors and smoking to me, it does not mix!)heehee

Our neighbors still have bed sheets all over their yard from the freeze.
& the poor orange crops, sad! -ciao

Bridget said...

Sooo glad I am not the only one who refills my diet coke cup through the day. I have kinda become addicted to running as well. I hope I can survive that half marathon. I know I will have to walk some, but so be it. Stay warm!

Jill said...

Wow, you literally braved the elements to get to the gym, that's some serious dedication. I'm glad you guys were safe--slippery roads are frightening.

I don't care how cold it is, ice from Sonic is always a treat.

Anonymous said...

Are things any better today? I was watching CNN and it looks like not. You guys need some relief!

Anonymous said...

The weather channel said the you are getting some more bad weather today. I hope your family is safe and warm. Keep us posted on your blg!

Anonymous said...

I would have been there at the gym with you!!

It was a sad state of affairs when I tried for Sonic a second time and it was all closed up. I don't think I have ever seen that happen at 6pm!

You can totally do the race what are you talking about. You would kick my butt any day. You will do great!!