Monday, January 15, 2007

Chili Because It's Chilly!!! AND A Lemon...

Chili is always on our dinner menu when the weather is a bit chilly. Today was one of those days, and not just for us but several others, who I over heard talking about making chili tonight, too.

Not to worry our chili recipe doesn't consist of lemons, BUT my car seems to be on it's way to be labeled as the small sour fruit. I had my car worked on last week and one of the things I had them check out, did just that (for them), check out. They fixed the brakes but found nothing wrong with the sound it was making when you are going kind of slow and then turn. To me it was almost the same noise I heard back in November when they replaced the steering wheel pump. They didn't seem to find anything wrong with the sound it was making so they sent me on my way, telling me if I was ever nearby and it was making the noise to just come by and they would look at it again.

WELL, after I left the gym this morning (too cold to go for my walk) I needed to go by HEB and get a few things in case I wouldn't be able to venture out due to the weather. I was driving around the parking lot, in search of a somewhat close space, when "the noise" returned. Since I was less than five minutes from the dealership I made a mad dash, literally, there. I was so mad that I had just had it there a week ago and they didn't hear anything and now here it was making the same noise. The service guy hopped in with me and we took off and of course he heard what I seemed to hear and said they would get it in right away. CRAP!! I have no way home and I have two of my three girls with me, it's lunch time, I promised them CHick filA after our HEB run, and here we are stuck with only 2 Krispy Kreme donuts left in the service waiting area. I couldn't tell the people I would bring it back, then it would look like it wasn't that big of a deal to get it fixed. I knew Doug, Jenny, their kids, & Mackenzi were having lunch at Chuy's and all of their seats were full in their van, so I couldn't call them. I called Greg's cell phone but no answer, he had several surgeries today, so I was out of luck in the "hitch a ride" department. I waited, and waited, and waited, for what seemed like eternity and then tried to call Greg one more time. Of course a nurse or someone answered his phone and said the surgery would be done in about 20 minutes. That sounded reasonable, I could juggle my two very unhappy hungry girls for half and hour. While I was counting each second of this "20 minutes" they came to tell me my car would be ready in 30 minutes. Feeling relieved that I soon would be free to leave I realized the 20 minutes left in surgery soon turned into an hour. My cell phone rang and I informed Greg not to worry the car would be ready in a few minutes so there was no need to drive over to get me....

If you can't see where this is going I'll continue...The 30 minutes left on the car soon became 40 minutes, 45, 50... I was getting irritated by this time. It's been over 2 hours it's almost 2pm(way past lunch time)and I'm still waiting. Finally they came, AFTER Greg called back to make sure I had left there, and told me they replace the power steering pump again BUT it stll continues to make the same noise. "IT'S NORMAL", they say. They drove another Odyssey and it made the same noise. How's that possible? Mine hadn't made that noise until the pump went out the first time back in November and other one's I've ridden in have never made these noises. WHATEVER? (I am thinking to myself). I'LL BE BACK I'M SURE!!
Sorry for going off like that, but I do think I have a lemon on my hands.

After a nonproductive, miserable, freezing day, the chili was yummy and warmed me up.

I decided to not make Maci go to dance tonight, she had voiced her opinion on not going and I couldn't bear the thought of forcing her to go. I did want to take Mackenzi to swim so I wouldn't feel like I had to take her every other day this week. They have swim practice every night but she only has to go to at least three. I bathed Maryn & Maci and bundled them up and we made our way to swim only to find it dark and closed!! I assume the weather was the issue since I made sure to ask last week if they were cancelling practice due to the holiday from school today.

I'm so glad this day had come to an end BUT not ready for tomorrow. I got online to check to see if trash pickup was still scheduled for tomorrow, because of the freezing rain and possible snow, and I saw my worst nightmare when I clicked on the news website. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW FOR MY KIDS!!!! WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH THEM HOME ANOTHER DAY WITH FREEZING TEMPS? I can't even send them outside to let them wear off some energy and boredom. Why can't they just start a couple of hours late?

How do you feel about car issues?
What do you do with your kids when you are stuck inside because of weather?


Anonymous said...

Okay I am still feeling HORRIBLE you didn't call me when you SHOULD have. I had no idea you were stuck at the dealer ship and we could have double buckled. 2 hours is way too long to be at that place let alone with kids. So sorry.

I am wishing I had some chili right about now. My heater is NOT kicking in and I am looking foolish in my ski jacket at the computer. I even took a picture of my ridiculous attire.

Thanks for the heads up on school. We just finished picking up our so lovely trash you discovered. And it wasn't the recycle bind, but another POOPY diaper!!! Can you believe that. It's official I HATE catS! Sorry for the tanget. Umm I'll be pounding on your door tomorrow or you on mine with bored kiddos.

Anna said...

When you figure out what to do with bored kids who are stuck inside all day due to freezing temps...LET ME KNOW! That is my pain for 6 months of the year! I need an indoor playground in my house! Hope you survive tomorrow. Sorry about your troubles are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Car troubles ARE the worst. The darn dealership should have offered to take you home and pick you back up.

No school? You lucky dogs! We went to bed dreaming of a snow day and woke up to not a drop of moisture. Silly weather man getting our hopes up.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Not sure what we would have done, but knowing I didn't have to get up before dawn would have carried me until at least sunrise! Good luck today.

Bridget said...

Oh boy, what a day! You should have call Tracy. I'm sure she would have picked you up. I can't believe you fairly new van is giving you all that trouble. What a pain! Hope y'all survive the ice day. Try baking something with the kids. It seems to take up a good chunk of time.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a day for you. I hope you have a better day today
I am so sorry about your yucky weather. When we have days like that, I let my kids play Xbox 360, color, do crafts, play games and watch movies. We also bake! Good luck. I hope you don’t get Cabin Fever.

Anonymous said...

I just left the dealership. I had a nail in my tire. Thankgoodness they were quick. Sorry, you did not have the same experience.

I hope you are able to keep your kids entertained today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we always have Chili on our menu on chilly days too! Even when it's not sometimes because me and a few of my kids love it so much! (My husband and one of the kids not so much.)

That is terrible about your van. I would have your husband take it in. They don't seem to jerk guys around as much as women. Sounds like they were nice enough though, but you still got the run around!

Jill said...

I hate having car issues. We drove our 1992 Honda Accord for so long that in the last few years I was always fearing that each day would be its last. Luckily it never died on me, it just ended up needing more repairs than it was worth. But now I'm thankful everyday for a new car that runs well. It's a treat.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I just stumbled onto your blog when I was searching for information on Odyssey's! (We have one too and have been having some issues with it).
Hope you are able to get everything resolved. Our dealer ended up having to replace our whole transmission.
We have three little boys under the age of 5-anytime we are snowed in (we live in the Midwest) I pull out the snow day box. It's a box of toys and coloring books we keep in the storage room, that only comes out when it snows. The boys are excited to see their "long-lost" toys and books and are happy to play quietly for a few hours.:)
Hope this week has been better for you. I've enjoyed reading your blog.