Thursday, January 25, 2007

They're Back

Sunshine and Shadows!

Maci, Maryn, & Mackenzi

I have been waiting all day for the girls to come home from school so I could take a picture of them for this post. I almost just took the picture of me and Maryn but I knew Mackenzi and Maci would be so disappointed if they were not included.

After, what has seemed like forever without sunshine it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today. For the past few weeks it has been cloudy, rainy, freezing, sleeting, storming, icky, yucky, depressing... here in San Antonio. So today was a welcome sight!!

Being a girl that absolutely loves the sun, I wouldn' t be too upset if it ever rained. Well, maybe it could rain once or twice a week if it only did it in the middle of the night. That would be perfect. Sunny days and rainy nights. The sunny days would keep me, for the most part, cheerful and the rainy nights would be perfect for sleeping. It would definitely be a win/win situation.

I woke up this morning with plans on not going to the gym to run. Instead, I decided I would give my legs a break from running and opt for my morning walk and chat. When I walked outside it was bitterly cold(well for Texas). I couldn't beleive I was about to torture Maryn with a 35 minute, 3 mile walk in the cold. I usually warm up after about mile 2 but the kids are freezing the entire time. I layered her clothes on like she was going out for a snowball fight and headed out. It was a nice change but still a difficult walk. Pushing a stroller, not to mention one that has nearly 30 pounds of hand weights in the basket underneath, should't be that hard after I have been running close to 4 1/2 miles for nearly two weeks. I guess the added weight of Maryn and the weights is really a workout afterall. After I got home from walking I decided to put out my Valentine's Day stuff. Of course the only things I have is a door hanger, a flag and a heart shaped container for my M&M's.

After I showered and was dressed and ready for my day I stopped and realized I really had nothing planned for the day. The only things I had to do was drop off a birthday gift to one of my primary kids(I dropped off another one yesterday), go to the post office, get a diet coke, and my car washed. Jenny came by and gave me some "boy" wrapping paper. Having all girls, it isn't too often I can find boy wrapping paper or gift bags lying around my house. We discussed our exciting day and realized they weren't very exciting. We decided on McDonald's(YUCK) for a change of scenery. The kids played while we indulged in the loviness of a double cheesburger(WE DID SHARE IT THOUGH)! As we were eating I kept saying, "Why are we doing this to ourselves." "I may need to go running this afternoon and run some of this off." Jenny quickly agreed that our foolish choice of lunch will earn us two workouts for today. I know some of you are probably thinking that is crazy to workout again just because of eating bad food, but it isn't that terrible. I am planning on running in a 4 mile race next weekend(I need the extra training run) and the weather is great for an afternoon run.

So here's to a beautiful sunny day in San Antonio, one that was very welcomed. Tomorrow it is back to clouds and a chance of rain. BLEH!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture Angie! What an awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

That is a very cute shot. I am so glad we went running when the kids got home. Even though I was paying for it last night and this morning :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture!
We have the opposite problem with wrapping paper, with 3 boys (and only nephews on both sides), girly wrap is at a premium here! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that picture!
I'm going to have to try it when some of this snow melts here!!

One thing I can say about Denver is that we get LOTS of sunshine, even if it's cold here!

Good for you guys for 2 workouts!!

Anonymous said...

What a great photo. I took some of my little guy and his shadow last week. He just discovered it.
Hope you have more sunny days!

Bridget said...

Love the picture!
You put 30 lbs. of hand weights in your stroller? Are you crazy? :) Good for you.
Can't wait to start running outside. Didn't know running could be so addictive! I am really getting into it.

Jill said...

I love the picture of the girls' shadows! That's one to frame. So cute.

It's great that you love the sunshine. Perhaps I would like it more if it didn't give me headaches so often. I enjoy sunny days after yucky days, but definitely wish we had more yucky days here (isn't that crazy?).

What's up with having 30 pounds of hand weights in the stroller? You're out of control.

Angie said...

Bridget & Jill-
I walked all last year(school year 2005-1006) with both Maci & Maryn in a regular stroller, not a jogger. I got used to pushing about 85 pounds(weight of a double stroller, Maci & Maryn. It killed me every morning to push them 3 miles. Then when Maci started Kindergarten this year I just had Maryn in the jogger. The jogger weighs significantly less than the regular double stroller so I felt I wasn't getting my full workout. I put the hand weights in the bottom and it did help but admit my walks last year were way worse than they are now. Maybe I should switch back to the other stroller so I can have a better workout!!

michelle said...

Cool photo!

Sunny days and rainy nights would be ideal for me. I love to listen to the rain when I'm in bed.

Anonymous said...

What a cool picture! I love unique pictures like that.

I love the rain, but only in the summertime. Winter rains are just plain miserable!

McDonalds' double cheeseburgers are my absolute favorite guilty pleasure. Unfortunately I eat them way too often, and I rarely exercize afterwards.

Good luck with your race! I'm a brand new runner and am training for a 10 mile race in April. I'm kind of jumping in with both feet and am a little nervous. Let us all know how the race goes!