Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Wishes, Belated Birthday Wishes

I just found out I was in the doghouse, with my sister Allison, for not posting about my niece's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I didn't forget her birthday. I called and talked to her on the phone, but during all of the ice and cold weather we were having I totally spaced putting her picture on my blog on January 14. Sorry, Kindred, Allison, Max, & Kallee. I didn't mean to forget.

We hope you had a fun day with lots of hug, kisses, laughs, smiles, and love. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate your day with you. We love and miss you bunches!!


Today is our nephew, Dalles', 2nd birthday. This BIG guy belongs to Greg's sister, Tori and her husband Alan. They live in California, so we aren't able to spend birthdays with them.

HAPPY HAPPY 2ND Birthday BIG "D"!! We hope you had a fun day with lots of love, laughs, smiles, giggles, and a really long nap! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to see you and see how big you have gotten.


On another note Maryn is feeling a bit under the weather, again. Tonight while I was being the taxi driver for the girls, Maryn said she needed to throw up. WHAT?? Does she even know what it feels like to have a tummy ache. I ignored her pleas, until she actually did throw up all over herself, the car seat, and the floor of the van. Of course, she hadn't eaten much today. I pulled the car over and found it was my most favorite thing have to clean up, curdled milk! Man, does that stuff stink. I had to hold back a few dry heaves myself, while on the side of the road, trying to clean her up enough to go and get the girls from dance and swim. Hopefully it was just a one timer. She is quietly sleeping right now.


Bridget said...

Poor Maryn! Alex says that sometimes but she has never actually done it. I'm not sure there is much worse than old milk. I have thrown out many sippy cups with spoiled milk in them rather than cleaning them out. It makes me gag.

Will you be in town for spring break? We will be in Horseshoe bay for most of it but will be spending a day in SA. Let me know if you will be home. So sad jenny will be gone.

Jenny said...

I was beyond bummed when you told me that last night. Should I be prepared??

I'm just glad I insisted on driving this morning so Maryn could sleep.

Hope she gets better fast!!

Kristi Brooke said...

angie, i am in a rush but just had to comment on your blog even though i didn't read it, to say i have been thinking about you lately and coming to the close of this chapter in your life. you have just been on my mind lately.
i hope all is well for you, when i have time i will have to read some of you lasts posts and see how you are doing.
love the new pink and brown!

Kelly A. said...

Oh man! That's the worst! You guys just need summer to come and burn away all those germs. Poor, poor mommy! Hope Maryn feels better too.