Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tagged!! 6 Unusual Things About Me

I've been tagged by Jenny. 6 unusual things about me? Somedays I feel everything about me is unusual. or not normal. This is definitely a hard thing to come up with. I thought about this all night, last night, and all day today. So her goes nothing...

6 Unusual things about me!!

1. I ALWAYS put toilet paper back on the "dispenser" the same way. It has to unroll from the top, never the bottom.

2. I doodle on paper while on the phone. Most of the time if I don't draw flowers or hearts, I write my kids full names over and over. I even write down "future" (that we'll probably never have) babies' names that we like. I think we could have had a dozen babies (mostly girls) with all of the names we've jotted down on paper, posted notes, napkins, etc.

3. I open a diet Dr. Pepper EVERY night and take a few sips before heading off to bed. The first thing I do, after brushing my teeth every morning, is get my drink out of the fridge and have it for breakfast.

4. I don't embrace my natural curly hair. I blow dry it straight and use a chi flat iron on it EVERYDAY!!

5. I secretly had a crush on my husband while he was serving a mission for our church. I went on a crazy diet about eight months before he was to come home. I lost about 30 pounds, but that didn't convince him to date me. We went out alot on group dates, only as FRIENDS, for the next year and a half. I sent him good luck cards, birthday cards, left notes( have a great day ones) on his car while he was at school. Finally he decided to give me a chance. He kidnapped me for my 23rd birthday and made me breakfast, took me to a high school buddy's wedding, and asked me to be his wife all within 5 weeks time. I guess my persistence and flirting paid off!!

6. I hate to be alone. My attitude and personality are often controlled by being with people and/or talking to them. On days that Greg isn't going to be home I start out in a sad mood. If I don't spend time with an adult, especially on these days, I could almost label myself as being depressed. I don't sleep well when he isn't home and when he is home and sleeping next to me I run my foot across the bed until I touch his so I can know he is still there. I never wash my sheets on the days Greg won't be coming home to sleep in our bed. I have this fear that his smell will be lost from our bed if something were to happen to him. I know weird, freaky, psycho, not unusual.

I tag Anna, Mindy, & Michelle. Okay girls let's hear your unusuals!


Jenny said...

I am laughing about the toliet paper since we had a HEAVY discussion about it Friday night. And your #6 wore off on me...I guess that is why I changed the sheets tonight. When I explained it to Doug his response was, one night isn't going to leave my smell.

Jared has a game at 6:30-7:30 on Wed. so maybe we can hook up after that for our woman date night.

michelle said...

What a crackup about your campaign to win Greg over. Glad he finally came around!

I thought everyone had to have the toilet paper unrolling from the top...

Anna said...

it is amazing how revealing just 6 unusual facts can be about a person...thanks for tagging me...I'm going to have to think for a day or two on what I will reveal!

Angela said...

I'm the same way about the sheets!

Bridget said...

I love learning new things about my friends. My dad also doodles while on the phone; so cute!

I feel bad that I can sleep okay when Jim isn't home. Maybe something (something else) is wrong with me. :)

Have a good week! Make sure you and Jenny work in a Chuy's outing while Doug and Greg are gone.

Crystalyn said...

love your list! glad your hard work paid off and you got yourself a good hubby. the diet dr. pepper is hilarious!