Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rodeo Fun

Greg has been volunteering at the rodeo, and have to admit I have been a little sad to think we might not make it there as a family this year. This is something we have done every year here, and we even went the four years we lived in Houston. Greg had asked the doctor in charge at the rodeo if he had any extra tickets for the Aly & Aj show for last night. He thougth his son would be using the tickets he had but he sid he could see what he could do. Well, last minute the guy called and said four tickets would be at will call i fwe wanted them. Of course, we would pay for them but they were ours if we wanted. We knew Mackenzi & Maci would love seeing them sing after the rodeo, but thougth we would just get a sitter for Maryn. Well, guilt set in with both of us and we decided to take Maryn along.

We had a fun time. The rodeo was better than I had ever seen before. They had some of the best rodeo animals there this year, and last night was no exception to that. I have never seen such fiesty, bucking, horses in all the rodeos we have been to. It was amazing, but scary alla t the same time. There was a cowboy that was riding bareback that had one crazy ride. WHile the horse was bucking, he fell over but the cowboy held on and the horse jumped back up and he finished his 8 second ride. After the horn blew signaling he completed his ride, the cowboy prepared to "dismount" and at the same time the horse gave one last buck and threw the cowboy into a back flip. He came right down on his head. I gasped and looked at Greg and said he just broke his neck! I felt sick, but the cowboy stood up immediately and the as fast as he got up he dropped back to his knees. The medical team rushed out and talked with the guy for a minute or so and then helped him WALK out of the arena. I couldn't believe this guy was able to walk after what looked like a life altering crash.

The other events were realy good, too. Great times were set for steer wrestling, team roping, and barrel racing. The calf scramble was a hoot as always. I love it when more teenage girls catch more than the guys.

Bull riding is always a crowd favorite and last night that was evident. I get tense, sweaty, and feel like I could scream(sometimes I do) when things get a little hairy with these monsterous beasts. All of the bulls were extremely mean, but their were a few cowboys that held on for their full 8 seconds. There was one Australian cowboy that had a little toomuch contact with his beast and was knocked out cold. Check the video out.

After the bullriding they set up the stage in the middle of the arena for the concert. Usually the stage rotates in a circle but it wasn't working so Aly & Aj just had to switch back and forth so entire crowd could see them. Mackenzi and Maci had a fun time. Maryn slept through most of the concert and Maci got sleepy and grumpy half way through it. We finally made it home about 1130 last night which could cause our morning to be a rough one. Jenny called and offered to drive the kids to school since Maryn was still sleeping so that was a bonus.


Kelly A. said...

It's almost rodeo time here in Houston. This makes me so excited! Sounds fun!

Bridget said...

So impressed Maryn slept through the concert. We were terrible and only went to one rodeo event the entire time we were in SA. (Jim hated to go downtown-the big baby). We went to the Brooks and Dunn concert with the Larsen's. We had a great time. Believe it or not, I was my first time to a rodeo. What a blast! Glad you all had some nice family time.

Donna said...

How fun to go to the rodeo. It looked like you all had a wonderful time. When I was younger, I would always go to the rodeo in Payson and Prescott Arizona all the time.
Aly & Aj . My daughter would have loved to see them!!!!!!

Kari said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love watching rodeo's, though I haven't been to very many.

I don't know if Bull Riding is *my* favorite, just because of how crazy it is to see them practically defy death with those bulls!!

Fun that you could take the WHOLE family this year even when you thought you might not be able to!!!

I wish I knew what to say about the video egg, but I don't!! Good Luck - ask Jenny she gets hers on there a lot!!

Jenny said...

I am glad you guys were able to go as a family. It's so rare that Greg can do that during the week. Extra bonus!
(especially since next week will be oh so loney :(

I can't believe that guy popped up and then collapsed and then refused the hospital--way a crazy guy.

Help is on the way!! I will come down and help you figure out your video.

Anna said...

Love the pink hats! Ok, so I must be out of it...or maybe it is just that I don't have any girls...but, I don't know who Aly and AJ are! Love rodeos though!

Kelly A. said...

Oh Angie! I just saw you comment at Jill's that your family is going on a cruies for your parents anniversary.

We went to Alaska for my in-law's 50th. There were 21 of us. It is the ONLY way to have a reuinion!! You will have so much fun!

Have you ever been on a cruise? If not go check out the message boards at

They give the best tips! I'd love to tell you about the little touches we did and wished we had done to make the anniversary/reunion part fun. Jenny has my email if you want unsolicited advice!

Allison said...

So fun that you were all able to go.

Hannah would have loved to have seen the concert.

Jana said...

I love to go to rodeos. It's a really fun family event. I'm glad that you all had a good time.

Syd said...

That looks like so much fun. What a great thing to do as a family. And congratulations on your race. That sounded so awesome and how cute for your hubby to want to run it with you. Way to go!! It feels good doesn't it? I loved your horseshoe award!! I hope you guys have a great week!!

pam said...

I love the rodeo. What fun, Matt hates it and always cheers for the animals.