Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike

Today was just like any other Wednesday, except it was the last day of the month and my visiting teaching still hadn't been done. I had called on Monday to set up appointments, but was only able to speak with one girl (I had to leave messages for the other two girls). I made the one appointment for this morning hoping the others would be avaiable after that. Well, the other two girls had things going on this morning so I wouldn't be able to physically see them.
After my walk, I rushed to get ready for the day and headed over to my first appointment. It was a good visit, not to long not too short. I stopped off at Sam's Club for a few things. I needed some Great Harvest bread, I picked up cookies for Mackenzi to take to activity days tomorrow, and I grabbed a bouquet of flowers to divide up for the sisters I wouldn't be visiting. I ran home made a Happiness Makers magnet for each of them, and seperated the flowers. I stopped at Jenny's to check out her baby quilt she was making(it is way cute check it out here.) and we watched American Idol from last night. I seriously think the only way to watch t.v now is by recording it. We listened to the first of each guy sing and then fast forwarded to hear what the judges thought. Jenny even fed me lunch, and am so glad because otherwise I would have not eaten and would have had a terrible headache by 3 pm. I went and delivered my goodies and felt so good that I had made an real effort to reachout to my visiting teachees, even if it was last minute.

I was prepared for an afternoon run, with Jenny, when Greg called and said he was on his way home for a few minutes. I wasn't expecting to see him today. Wednesdays are crazy for him and he has a moonlighting shift every Wed. night, and to top it off he had another meeting before he went moonlighting. Obviously I was surprised to know he was on his way home. When he got home, we both burst into laughter at what he was carrying when he walked in. A Sam's Club Diet Coke, cookies, Great Harvest bread, and a bouquet of flowers. WHAT??? My immediate response was, "Why didn't you call before you went to Sam's?" Greg says, Because I wanted to surprise you." I couldn't believe we had been at the same store just a few hours apart and picked up the exact same items(not one more or less). The flowers were a different bunch so that was nice that I ended up with a few leftover from earlier and a full bunch for a big vase from him. Greg had been feeling bad(and he hasn't even read my Happy is as happy does post) because he hasn't been home any nights this week and they called him to work another shift tomorrow night so he want be coming home tomorrow either. I know he realizes how difficult it is to be home alone alot, but I too realize how hard it is for him to work such long days and nights and to be away from us. He even made the comment tonight how he can't wait to have just ONE job!! Me either Honey! Thanks for your sacrifices and surprises!

Our identical purchases!

As I was looking through my pictures on my camera I realized I hadn't posted about a few items of good mail I have gotten the last couple of weeks. Yea, I know you can call me a slacker but hey, better late than never!

Bridget sent me fun gel pens, paper, a notepad, a heart cookie cutter, stickers and yummy M&M's. Thanks B.

I got thank you cards from Allison, Jill, and the Mom of one of my little girls I teach from primary. Annie's mom thanked me for being a great teacher(I'm not so sure I would go so far as to say that) and to let me know Annie comes home each week, and with great detail tells about the lesson I taught. So nice to get some positive feedback, from what usually is mad chaos, on Sunday. Kristi sent me her cute handmade valentine, and Amanda sent the cutest magnets and notepad. My mother in law also sent me a fun card for finishing my first ever race. She of course added a 5 dollar bill, with specific instructions to treat myself to a few Diet Cokes at Sonic. Thanks everyone. Sorry it took so long for me to aknowledge your thoughtfulness. You all made me feel so special.


Kristen said...

I can't even believe that your husband bought the exact same things from Sam's Club! That is so cool! I'm amazed. How nice of him to do that.
So do you and Jenny go for walks twice a day? If so, I'm impressed!

michelle said...

That is just too funny!

Bridget said...

Love Great Harvest bread. Their honey wheat is so yummy! I think I might go buy myself so flowers today. Yours looked so bright and cheery, maybe that would help with the yucky weather we are having.

Enjoy your day!

Angie said...

Jenny and I walk 3 miles every morning, Monday through Saturday. We usually run our 3 mile route at least three afternoons if time permits. It keeps us sane and allows us to be junkier eaters(such a bad thing).
Honey wheat is my favorite. The flowers did cheer up my home. Treat yourself to some today. You deserve it.

Jenny said...

That is funny. I can't believe EVERY thing was the exact same. Yes, indeed great minds think alike :)

P.S. Just so you know I couldn't resist the bread yesterday and got me some too!

Kelly A. said...

The identical purchase were awesome! Does he know you or what? So thoughful.

Allison said...

I am so jealous that your Sams sells Great Harvest. My kids would be in heaven.

How great to have two Diet Cokes!

donna said...

WOW!!!!! the exact same things WOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a sweetheart! That is pretty cute! He is so thoughtful.

The closest way Aaron and I came to that was when we both went to Costco & I went my way & he went his (because he was buying stuff for his business) and we both ended up buying chocolate chip cookies (I bought the cookie dough and he bought the cookies-b/c they are our weakness)-we both started cracking up after we checked out.

Anyway, your packages are very nice-I am still amazed at how you all keep up with everybody! I am impressed!

Looking forward to seeing you next week:)

Jill said...

I was expecting the great minds to be yours and Jenny's so that's extra cute that it was yours and Greg's.

Crystalyn said...

that is so funny! great harvest at sam', what a treat!