Friday, May 19, 2006

The Lion King

We took Mackenzi and Maci to see the Broadway Musical The Lion King at the Majestic Theatre downtown. The girls really enjoyed it and so did we. Our seats were on the second row and near the aisle where all of the animals march down at the beginning of the show. It felt as if we were part of the show being so close. You could see all of the characters facial expressions which I have never had the chance to do. We have always sat in the mezzanine level when we have seen a play so that was one reason I haven't seen alot of the details and not to mention my terrible vision. Even with contacts I feel I don't see perfectly. It was nice to be able to see and experience it up close with the girls. Maci however, didn't make it through all of the second act. It was a bit late for her. We are so lucky to be in a place where we can experience different kinds of events.

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Jenny said...

Glad you had a great time and glad we could watch Maryn for you guys!