Thursday, May 18, 2006

Perfect Attendance Reward

Mackenzi & Maci's school offered an attendance incentive for the second semester of school. Those students who didn't miss any days of school after returning to school after Christmas break were going to be awarded a special field trip. The girls were very diligent and made sure they were there everyday. I have to confess I did send Mackenzi to school sick one day and then got a call from the nurse to come and get her. Mackenzi knows you have to be there at least until 9:00 to be counted present.
They both got to go to The Children's Museum this week for their reward. They had a fun time. I am so glad they enjoy school so much. Most likely, they wouldn't have missed any days even if the reward wasn't offered.


Jenny said...

How sad Taylor and Jared missed all due to my sisters wedding. It doesn't sound like they missed toooo much. But glad the girls could go. I am sure you are glad too otherwise you wouldn't have experienced such a wonderful bus ride!

Jenny said...

Wow from the looks of it the Gordons and the Clouses really are the minorities in school.

jess said...

hey chickie . . .we're joining the train: