Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day!

How do you express the love and gratefulness you have for the person who brought you into the world and has been there for you through everything, both good and bad?
Thank you many times over Mom for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you tons and tons for never giving up on me and helping me through the tough times. Thank you for who you are. I am so blessed to have you as my Mom and am so proud to call you mine. Thanks for your many examples. Your willingness to share, comfort, work, provide, and everything else you have done for our family. Thanks for teaching me to always remember who I am and to live the gospel everyday. Thanks for being a wonderful example of a wife and mother. All I ever wanted was to be a mommy and I had the best trainer for that job, hands down! I truly hope I am half of the Mother you are to us. Thanks for all of the help and support you and Dad have given to us down this long journey we have taken. It would not have been possible without you both.

I got a new little book called "Why A Daughter Needs A Mom?" 100 Reasons. I thought I would post a few of the ones I felt were important in my life.

who is never more than a phone call away.
because no one understands girls like a mom.
to tell her that beauty never fades if you look in the right places.
to teach her to love her friends, no matter what they do.
to teach her how to cook.
to teach her how to be a lady.
because there are some things a dad just can't handle.
to read to her.
to show her how to give back to others.
to help her on her wedding day.
to catch her if she falls.
to soothe the pain of a broken heart.
to remind her, on the bad days, that she is not alone.
to protect her from strangers.
to encourage her to be whatever she wants to be.
to show her how to put a little love in everything she does.
to prepare fer for becoming a wife.
to show her how to raise a family.
to show her how to love someone with all her heart.
to encourage her to be grateful.
to teach her not to wait until tomorrow to say, "I'm sorry."
to teach her that the path taken means as much as the destination.
to teach her that her body is a temple.
to instill patience in her.
to tell her that the road to happiness is not always straight.
to teach her how to care for children.
to encourage her to laugh as often as possible.
to encourage her to be grateful.
to teach her to make thankfulness a habit.
because without her she will have less than she deserves.
Happy Mom's Day! I love you. Thanks for being YOU!

How do you say thank you to the person who made it possible for you to have the family you have today?

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for wanting to have children and for raising such a wonderful son. Without you, there would have been no Greg, and then there would have be no Greg & Angie, and there would have been no Greg, Ang, & Mackenzi, and then there would have been no Greg, Ang, Mackenzi, & Maci, and there would have been no Greg, Ang, Mackenzi, Maci, & Maryn. Thanks for making my dreams of being a mommy come true.

Thanks for being who you are and for teaching your children the gospel and teaching them to work hard. Thanks for you and Dad constantly supporting us. We have been down a long road and it has been nice to have wonderful supportive parents standing by us through it.

Thanks for being YOU! Happy Mom's Day! Know we all love you!


Jenny said...

Your mom is going to kill you! It is not a bad picture or anything, but like you I know she hates being put on the spot lite. I love the thoughts you wrote from the book. I saw that Greg picked that up for you the other day when we saw you..

Anonymous said...

Nice! Where you get this guestbook? I want the same script.. Awesome content. thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Karen said...

I don't know if you will ever go back and see my post but I want you to know that you made my Mother's Day. I really love and appreciate you Angie. I hope your Mother's Day was special too.

Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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