Monday, May 15, 2006

mOmMy dAy!

What can I say?; Except, I am so glad I am a Mommy! Having a day that revolves around just you is wonderful. The only thing I would change about it is I would change it to a different month. Mother's Day is always the week of my birthday. It is great to get showered with lots of things but I would prefer to have them more than three days apart.

Greg and the girls went all out for me. With church at 9:00 we opted for no breakfast in bed this year. We are always rushed as it is to make it on time. After church we came home and just had a snack then while the girls and daddy prepared some of dinner and dessert I had a nap! It is always nice to take Sunday afternoon naps but I am always a little groggy when I get up.
We had an awesome steak dinner and oreo pie for dessert. I think I'll have to double up on walks and going to the gym this week to work off Mother's Day and Birthday meals!

Mackenzi made me a book at school. I remember making these silhouette pictures when I was a kid and love them. Maci made me several cards and then in our Primary class on Sunday(I teach her class CTR 5-6) I made up a Mommy Quiz for the kids to answer and give to their moms. It was quite amusing to hear some of the answers they came up with. Greg bought me some new tennis shoes and then is having a leather steering wheel cover put on my car. We were going to get this when we bought the car but changed our mind about it. Greg thought since I spend a lot of time being a taxi driver he would make my already nice van even nicer.

Yes, as you can see in the pictures we were all dressed alike for church. I was so afraid to do this but thought since it was my day and we all had matching things why not? We got a few comments about it. Most were good but we got alot of stares and we didn't even have to walk in late for sacrament. Thank goodness we were on time otherwise I am sure everyone would have turned to look when the Gordons walked in!

I am so grateful for Greg and for making my dreams of being a mommy come true. Thanks for letting me stay home and be with the girls 24/7. It is very tiring but rewarding at the same time. I absolutely love my job!


Jenny said...

Hey you didn't wear your shoes this morning! I always love the how our kids portray us too cute. I knew you liked jalapenos but those ones on your potatoe are huge. I hope you had a big drink to wash it down with.

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