Wednesday, May 31, 2006

award-reward day

By no means is this a brag blog but I wanted to let Mackenzi know how proud we are of her and her accomplishments.
Today was the award's assembly for third grade at Thornton for the last nine weeks of school. She was rewarded with a certificate, ribbon and pizza coupon for having perfect attendance this nine weeks of school. The only days she missed for the whole year were the days we took her out of school to go on vacation last fall. She loves school and learning and worked really hard to be there everyday. She then got an award for being on the "A" honor roll the last nine weeks. She has really made and effort to make staight a's.
Then the last AWARD-REWARD she received was for having all A's the whole year. She and one other girl in her class received this award. What an accomplishment! She got another certificate, ribbon, and coupon for a kid's meal at Chili's. She for sure takes after her Daddy in the straight A category. I had staight a's until 4th grade and then I didn't do so well.
Everything Mackenzi does makes us so proud. She is a great student, terrific friend, wonderful big sister(our little mommy), and beautiful daughter. Thank heaven for little girls! What a REWARD all three of our sweet girls are to us. We are so blessed. Mackenzi, know that we love you so much and are super proud of everything you do and all that you are.


becki said...

It's OK to brag about your children, that's one thing that is wonderful to hear about. I love to see pictures of the girls, so keep those coming! YEAH Mackenzi! We are so proud of you! Of course, we've always been proud of you. From the first steps you ever took to videoing you singing ABC's at the top of your lungs at 2 years old in the middle of our living room! You've turned into such an awesome young lady and are beautiful inside and out! We love you, Kenzi-Bug!

Jenny said...

Way to go Mackenzi!

jess said...

Great job Mackenzi we are all proud of you.

Nana said...

Love you girl. You always make me so proud. I am so happy that you are so smart and sweet too. You are our beautiful little sweetheart. Sure wish we were closer so we could spend more time watching you grow up and not miss a thing. Just remember we love you bunches and miss you even more. We were so blessed when you were born into our family. We are so happy you are our granddaughter. Help Mommy take care of the little girls. You are such a good big sister and they love you so much. Keep up the good work. We love you and will see you soon.