Tuesday, May 30, 2006

whew! busy day!

I am so glad this day is coming to an end. I feel like I have gone non-stop all day.
My day started by getting kids up and ready for school, then it's my week to drive everyone to school, so I did that. Then when I got home I put a load of laundry on and headed out for my walk. I came home showered picked up a little around the house then waited for the bus to come and get Maci. After she left I was off to Target to, of course return something and was so proud of myself when I didn't spend any more money while I was there. Target is a big weakness for me. I met Jenny for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings but didn't eat much just hung out and chatted. Then Greg called and wanted to meet me for lunch so I met him at Chick fil A and watched him eat since I wasn't really hungry. I came home and put Maryn down for a nap and just vegged a while and looked for flights to Salt Lake on the internet. Jenny and I are going to have a girls weekend this summer. We are both in desperate need of a break.
It wasn't long before Mackenzi and Maci were getting off the bus and so I went throught their backpacks and then got ready for my afternoon taxi run. I dumped Maci at dance at 430, then it was off to gymnastics for Mackenzi at 445, stopped at Sam's Club then was back to pick Maci up at 515. We picked Mackenzi up at 545 then the girls changed into their swimsuits in the car. We then raced off to swim team to take pictures. It seemed like it took forever for the photographer to get everyone organized but, finally he did. After about an hour of chasing Maryn around the pool we were back in the car(the girls changed again). Now we were about to make our last stop for the day. One of our friends, Tracy, was hosting a barbque for Bridget who was visiting from Nebraska. Her husband Jim was an Ortho resident here a couple of years ago. The kids played while the adults tried to eat and chat, which was almost impossible with 15 kiddos in need of food, comfort, and attention. We said our goodbyes to Bridget and her kids and rushed home to take baths and bedtime, which was about an hour late.
As you can see I had a busy day, most of which I did single handedly since Greg is working tonight to make some extra money so we can pay our bills. Now I'm at the computer blogging and about to try and finish my teacher gifts so I can give them out tomorrow. Hopefully soon I can relax and read my book in bed. WHEW what a day! I am exhausted!


Jenny said...

Hope you get some rest, as you can see I am still up doing stuff!

Angie said...

Well so much for rest. I am still up too. Just finished the teacher flip flops and need to put laundry in the dryer then I think I'm goin' to bed.

becki said...

Every woman needs girl time - don't give up on that trip! You deserve it! love you-b

TX Girl said...

I am exhaused just reading about your day. Isn't it fun when friends come to town. I love having visitors. We always see everything in town that we usually neglect.

Bridget said...

So wonderful to see all of you. Thanks for taking the time to come over. I wish we could have seen more of you all.