Monday, May 29, 2006

workout week

After a long weekend with visitors in town and tons of eating out it is going to be a long week of two a day workouts. We hit the gym this morning even though I was feeling a bit under the weather to try and shed the extra pounds we packed on this weekend while my brother and sister in-law were in town with their kids. I haven't eaten this bad in a while so I am going to double up on exercise this week. I will walk my regular three miles with Jenny in the mornings and then do my gym workout in the afternoon. It doesn't sound fun at the moment but hopefully will be worth it after I am finished. I have never enjoyed exercising until now and I have to say I miss it when I skip a day now and then. It gets addicting, and even though some mornings I dread it, after I get started I enjoy doing it.


becki said...

How in the world do you have time to work out twice a day with 3 girls! After taking the boys for a walk to the park, swimming, doing artwork-reading-playing with my boys, and a couple of house chores, I'm lucky to find the 30 min. to read my e-mails and look on friend's blogs! (which I'm doing for the first time in 2 weeks!) I obviously need a time management class! I say I'm going to do one workout a day and it never happens! ha ha ha love-b

TX Girl said...

You are kidding right? Where do you get the energy. I have to drag myself to Yoga and that is only twice a week.

You really are a superstar!

Nana said...

Sure wish we could harness that energy somehow and share the wealth. You are amazing.